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[P4AU] Aigis Video Thread(Updated 7/9/2014)

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[info=Notable Players]

  • Mitafu
  • Garupo
  • Secchan

[info=Tutorial and combo videos]
P4U2 Aigis basic combos
Various Aigis Combos By: Kagikou
Air Mortar Loops

[info=Match Videos]
Vs. :ballAI:
[1/8/2014]Aigis Mirror
[1/8/2014]Aigis Mirror
[1/8/2014]Aigis Mirror
[1/11/2014]802 PSR Aigis VS Secchan (Aigis)
[1/31/2014]Aigis Mirror 1
[1/31/2014]Aigis Mirror 2
[1/31/2014]Aigis Mirror 3
[1/31/2014]Aigis Mirror 4
[1/31/2014]Aigis Mirror 5
[3/29/2014]Garupo(AI) vs Secchan(AI)

Vs. :ballAK:
[11/29/2013]Mitafu(AI) vs ???(Akihiko)
[11/30/2013]Mitafu(AI) vs Sata(AK)
[11/30/2013]Mitafu(AI) vs Domi(AK)
[12/14/2013]Garupo(AI) vs Moke(AK)
[1/24/2014]Aigis VS Akihiko
[1/25/2014]Akihiko Vs Nagi(Aigis)
[1/25/2014]Nagi(Aigis) Vs Akihiko
[1/25/2014]Nagi(Aigis) VS MSR(Akihiko)
[2/9/2014]Nagi(Aigis) VS MSR(Akihiko)

Vs. :ballCHIE:
[11/29/2013]Unnamed(AI) vs STD(Chie)
[11/30/2013]Unnamed(AI) vs Chie
[12/14/2013]Garupo(AI) vs Chie
[12/14/2013]Garupo(AI) vs Ji(CH)
[1/11/2014]Chie Vs Secchan (Aigis)
[1/26/2014]Aigis Vs Chie
[3/9/2014]Chie Vs Secchan(AI)
[3/9/2014]Chie Vs Secchan(AI)
[3/29/2014]Kirisame(CH) vs Garupo(AI)

Vs. :ballEL:
[11/29/2013]???(S.AI) vs ???(Liz)
[6/28/2014] Damosu (Elizabeth) VS Rori (Aigis)
[6/28/2014] Damosu (Elizabeth) VS Secchan (Aigis)

[11/30/2013]Unnamed(AI) vs Junpei
[1/11/2014]Junpei VS Secchan (Aigis)
[2/19/2014]Aigis Vs Junpei
[5/14/2014] Pika (Aigis) vs Hina (Junpei)

Vs. :ballKA:
[11/29/2013]Mitafu(AI) vs ???(Kanji)
[11/29/2013]Mitafu(AI) vs Nikari(Kanji)
[12/1/2013]???(AI) vs Kanji
[12/1/2013]???(AI) vs Kanji
[12/13/2013]???(AI) vs Kanji
[1/8/2014]Aigis Vs Kanji
[1/19/2014]Kanji VS Minami (Aigis)
[1/26/2014]Aigis Vs Kanji
[3/29/2014]Minami(AI) vs Oboro(KA)
[3/29/2014]Minami(AI) vs Oboro(Ka)(2)
[6/21/2014] Nagi (Aigis) VS Kanji

Vs. :ballLB:
[11/30/2013]Unnamed(AI) vs Labrys
[12/14/2013]Garupo(AI) vs Labrys
[2/7/2014]Aigis Vs Labyrs

Vs. :ballMT:
[11/30/2013]Unnamed(AI) vs Mitsuru
[1/15/2014]Yamashita(Mitsuru) Vs Gurupo(Aigis)
[1/15/2014]Yamashita(Mitsuru) Vs Gurupo(Aigis)
[1/22/2014]Aigis Vs Mitsuru
[1/22/2014]Aigis Vs Mitsuru
[1/22/2014]Aigis Vs Mitsuru
[1/22/2014]Aigis Vs Mitsuru
[1/22/2014]Aigis Vs Mitsuru
[1/19/2014]Mitsuru Vs Aigis
[2/19/2014]Aigis Vs Mitsuru
[5/18/2014] Gurupo (Aigis) VS Yamashita (Mitsuru)
[5/18/2014] Gurupo (Aigis) VS Yamashita (Mitsuru)
[5/18/2014] Gurupo (Aigis) VS Yamashita (Mitsuru)

Vs. :ballNA:
[1/22/2014]Aigis Vs Naoto
[1/22/2014]Aigis Vs Naoto
[2/7/2014]Naoto Vs Aigis
[2/19/2014]Aigis Vs Naoto
[3/29/2014]Denpa(NA) vs Eight(AI)
[6/28/2014] Rori (Aigis) VS Naoto
[6/28/2014] Gurupo (Aigis) VS Naoto

Vs. :ballSLB:
[1/11/2014]Sorashido (SLabrys) VS VS Secchan (Aigis)
[2/19/2014]Aigis Vs SLab
[2/19/2014]Aigis Vs SLab
[2/19/2014]Aigis Vs SLab
[3/29/2014]SLab vs Garupo(AI)

[11/29/2013]Mitafu(AI) vs Okusan Nikuya(Sho)
[1/8/2014]Aigis Vs P.Sho
[1/11/2014]Kubo (Sho) VS Secchan (Aigis)
[1/22/2014]Aigis Vs P.Sho
[1/24/2014]P.Sho VS Aigis
[2/1/2014]Guns (Aigis) VS Shiozawa(Sho)
[2/1/2014]Gunso(Aigis) VS Shiozawa(Sho)
[2/19/2014]Aigis Vs Sho
[2/19/2014]Aigis Vs P.Sho
[3/29/2014]Mao(SHO) vs Garupo(AI)
[5/14/2014] Shita (Minazuki) Vs. Gurupo (Aigis)
[5/06/2014] Guymam (SHO) Vs. Escaflowne (Aigis)
[5/18/2014] Shita (Sho %5BTsukiyomi%5D) VS Gurupo (Aigis)
[6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 1/7
[6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 2/7
[6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 3/7
[6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 4/7
[6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 5/7 
[6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 6/7 
[6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 7/7 

Vs. :ballTD:
[1/11/2014]Aigis VS Teddie
[1/11/2014]Teddie Vs Aigis
[1/11/2014]Teddie Vs Aigis
[1/11/2014]Teddie Vs Secchan (Aigis)
[1/19/2014]Teddie Vs Aigis
[2/19/2014]Aigis Vs Teddie
[3/9/2014]Mad(TD) vs Secchan(AI)
[3/9/2014]Mad(TD) vs Secchan(AI)
[3/9/2014]Mad(TD) vs Secchan(AI)
[6/28/2014] Aigis VS Teddie

Vs. :ballYO:
[11/30/2013]Unnamed(AI) vs Yosuke
[12/1/2013]Unnamed(AI) vs S-Yosuke
[12/13/2013]???(AI) vs Yosuke
[1/8/2014]Aigis Vs Yosuke
[1/24/2014]Aigis Vs Yosuke
[1/25/2014]Yosuke Vs Nagi(Aigis)
[2/1/2014]Kameten(Yosuke) VS Gunso(Aigis)
[2/19/2014]Aigis Vs Yosuke
[6/21/2014] Rita (Yosuke) VS Nagi (Aigis)
[6/21/2014] Nagi (Aigis) VS Saji (Yosuke)
[6/28/2014] Rori (Aigis) VS Yosuke

Vs. :ballYU:
[11/29/2013]Mitafu(AI) vs ???(Yu)
[11/30/2013]MGN(AI) vs Tamao(YU)
[11/30/2013]Mitafu(AI) vs Kould(Yu)
[12/13/3012]???(AI) vs S-Narumaki(2)(3)(4)
[12/13/2013]???(AI) vs Narukami
[1/8/2014]Aigis Vs Narukami
[1/8/2014]Aigis Vs Narukami
[1/8/2014]Aigis Vs Narukami
[1/11/2014]Aigis VS Shadow Narukami
[1/11/2014]Aigis VS Narukami
[1/11/2014]Aguro (Narukami) VS Aigis
[1/11/2014]Aguro (Narukami) VS Aigis
[1/11/2014]Aguro (Narukami) VS Secchan (Aigis)
[1/13/2014]Aguro (Narukami) VS Secchan (Aigis)
[1/15/2014]Yamashita(Narukami) Vs Gurupo(Aigis)
[1/15/2014]Yamashita(Narukam)i Vs Gurupo(Aigis)
[1/19/2014]Kaze (Aigis) Vs Narukami
[1/19/2014]Narukami VS Minami (Aigis)
[1/19/2014]Shadow Narukami VS Minami (Aigis)
[1/22/2014]Aigis Vs Shadow Narukami
[1/22/2014]Shadow Narukami Vs Aigis
[1/24/2014]Narukami Vs Aigis
[1/26/2014]Aigis Vs Narukami
[2/19/2014]Aigis Vs Narukami
[3/29/2014]Butter(YU) vs Secchan(AI) 
[3/29/2014]Aguro(YU) vs Secchan(AI)
[6/28/2014] Rori (Aigis) VS Narukami Pt1  (Part 2)

[11/29/2013]Mitafu(AI) vs ???(Yukari)
[11/30/2013]Mitafu(AI) vs Tahichi(Yukari)
[12/13/2013]???(AI) vs Yukari
[12/13/2013]???(AI) vs Yukari
[12/13/2013]???(AI) vs Yukari
[12/13/2013]???(AI) vs Yukari(2)(3)
[12/14/2013]Garupo(AI) vs Yukari
[1/11/2014]Yukari VS Aigis
[1/11/2014]Yukari VS Aigis
[1/11/2014]Yukari VS Secchan (Aigis)
[1/11/2014]Yukari Vs Aigis
[1/19/2014]Minami (Aigis) VS Koichi (Yukari)

Vs. :ballYK:
Mui(AI) vs ???
[11/29/2013]?? (S.AI) vs ???(Yukiko)
[11/30/2013]Mitafu(AI) vs Stunedge(YK)
[1/11/2014]Himajin (Yukiko) Vs Aigis
[1/11/2014]Himajin (Yukiko) VS Aigis
[1/11/2014]Yukiko Vs 801 PSR Aigis
[1/19/2014]Shadow Yukiko Vs Aigis
[1/22/2014]Aigis Vs Yukiko

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Pretty long sets of Mirror Matches w/ 3 Aigis Players I think

just gonna timestamps when they change players

Aigis Mirror 1

Aigis Mirror 2

Aigis Mirror 3

Aigis Mirror 4

Aigis Mirror 5

Aigis Combos By: Kagikou


a-cho P4U2 第3回関西ショートランバト(2014.1.8)

Aigis Vs Narukami

Aigis Vs Narukami

Aigis Mirror

Aigis Vs Sho(w/persona)

Aigis Vs Yosuke

Aigis Vs Kanji

Aigis Vs Narukami

Aigis Mirror

Edited by lolokoa

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【GIGAMAC博多】 1-24-14

Narukami Vs Aigis

Aigis Vs Yosuke

Sho w/ Persona VS Aigis

Aigis VS Akihiko

P4U2 1/19/2014 MAXIM HERO Red VS White

Shadown Yukiko Vs Aigis

Mitsuru Vs Aigis

P4U2 1/25/2014 Miraimu Aoyama Singles Tournament

Akihiko Vs Aigis(nagi)

Aigis(nagi) Vs Akihiko

Yosuke Vs Aigis(nagi)

P4U2 1/25/2014 Miraimu Aoyama Red VS White

Nagi (Aigis) VS MSR (Akihiko)

P4U2 2/1/2014

Gunso (Aigis) VS Shiozawa (Sho)

Gunso (Aigis) VS Shiozawa (Sho)

Kameten (Yosuke) VS Gunso (Aigis)

P4U2 2/8/2014 Miraimu Aoyama

Nagi (Aigis) VS MSR (Akihiko)

Sasajima Random 2on2

Naoto Vs Aigis

Aigis Vs Labyrs

Edited by lolokoa

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2,0 footage
2/8/2015 a-cho 2on2
Garupo vs Sho https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=2452
Garupo vs Narukami https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=2670
Garupo vs Mitsuru https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=3448
Garupo vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=3591
Garupo vs Narukami https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=4881
Garupo vs Yukiko https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=4979
Garupo vs Teitoku (Yukiko) https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=6159
Garupo vs Ji (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=6285
2/14/2015 Tokyo Bomise Casuals
Koichi vs Ogi (Yukiko) https://youtu.be/jLJAApdM1QA?t=3075
Koichi vs Ogi (Yukiko) https://youtu.be/jLJAApdM1QA?t=3638
Koichi vs Okusan (Sho) https://youtu.be/jLJAApdM1QA?t=4011
Koichi vs Souji (Teddie) https://youtu.be/jLJAApdM1QA?t=4356
Koichi vs Tahichi (Margaret) https://youtu.be/jLJAApdM1QA?t=4609
Koichi vs Ogi (Yukiko) https://youtu.be/jLJAApdM1QA?t=4936
Koichi vs Souji (Teddie) https://youtu.be/jLJAApdM1QA?t=5167
Koichi vs Hama (S. Narukami) https://youtu.be/jLJAApdM1QA?t=5527
Koichi vs Okusan (Sho) https://youtu.be/jLJAApdM1QA?t=5845
Koichi vs Tahichi (Margaret) https://youtu.be/jLJAApdM1QA?t=6168

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