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[P4AU] Naoto Shirogane - Video Thread (Lazy Update: 6/1/2015)

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Netplay event with Denpa's Shadow Naoto, yet the stream layout labels him as Waka. It even has a picture of Naoto with Waka's signature color plus Denpa is even using his PSN account. What is going on hahaha




It is actually a FT10 between Waka and Kameten which is commentated by Denpa and Aguro.

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Overload of Naoto/S.Naoto footage from latest Urban Square (including Waka S.Naoto)


12/20/2014 Urban Square *B Stream* Casuals
Waka (S.Naoto) vs Ji(Chie)
12/20/2014 Urban Square Casuals
Musui (Akihiko) vs Waka (S.Naoto)
Urban Square *B Stream* 3on3
Chie vs Ushidoro (S.Naoto)
Gesuihito (Mitsuru) vs Naoto
Jomeshi Ben (Akihiko) vs Naoto
Makku (Labrys) vs Shiroisora (S.Naoto)
Minazuki vs Shiroisora (S.Naoto)
Labrys vs Shiroisora (S.Naoto)
Never Ending GJ (S.Naoto) vs Narukami
S.Kanji vs Makaron (Naoto)
S.Kanji vs Naoto
Aigis vs Waka (S.Naoto)
Akihiko vs Waka (S.Naoto)
Purepure (Labrys) vs Waka (S.Naoto)
Naoto vs Waka (S.Naoto)
Hiibaa (Aigis) vs Waka (S.Naoto)
Dante (Shadow Labrys) vs Waka (S.Naoto)

12/20/2014 Urban Square 3on3


Shadow Labrys vs Naoto
Mad (Teddie) vs Kyuu (Naoto)
S.Naoto vs Aigis
S.Naoto mirror
S.Naoto vs Genesis (Minazuki)
Waka (S.Naoto) vs Narukami
Waka (S.Naoto) vs S.Teddie
Waka (S.Naoto) vs Wanda@G'sEdition (Narukami)
Narukami vs Naoto
Waka (S.Naoto) vs Mad (Teddie)
Okay I think I got all of them.

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2.0 Shadow Naoto Combos: 


http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm25684123 (Pretty sure this was shared earlier though)



So my workload for school next week has lessened a bit and I hope to be able to pick up the slack and compile links of all 2.0 Naoto footage that has been uploaded so far (on YouTube preferably, but I wouldn't mind digging around Nico).

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Waka-senpai vs Musui-kun

Naoto vs Shadow Akihiko


I don't think any of us posted Part 1 here for some reason? :lol:



I promised that I would compile all 2.0 Naoto videos on Monday but something came up so sorry about that, but hey, better late than never I guess. Anyway here's all the (worthwhile) footage that I've gathered so far. Obviously I haven't checked all the videos that were posted in the P4U2 video thread, especially the daunting 1+ and 2+ hour videos but this is a good start for now.


Waka vs S.Chie (anybody know who to player is?)



Tomono vs Kanji



Waka vs S.Akihiko



Tomono vs Rise



Tomono vs Waka (I'LL FACE MYSELF)



2+ hour video featuring Waka's Naoto



Tusk S.Naoto vs. Labrys



S.Teddie vs Tusk S.Naoto



Fuesu (Narukami) vs Neko kichi (Naoto






Chie vs Naoto



Waka (Naoto) vs YMST (S. Mitsuru)



Elizabeth vs Tusk (S.Naoto)



Adachi vs Tusk (S.Naoto)


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Donpachi (S.Naoto) vs sugar (Margaret)



Donpachi (S.Naoto) vs Chappy (Elizabeth)



Donpachi (S.Naoto) vs Nabe Shiro (Adachi)



Donpachi (S.Naoto) vs Takarin (S.Ken)


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Some Waka footage here at about 12:15. I would time stamp but idk how to on my phone lol. He's running S. Naoto now so I guess it's final..... I'M USING S. NAOTO TOO. Since he's my JP senpai I must follow in his footsteps.


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From TeamEXE


Purepure (S.Labrys) vs. S.Naoto - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=3754

Waka (S.Naoto) vs. Kanji - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=6290

Waka (S.Naoto) vs. S.Chie - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=6463

Naoto vs. S.Ken+ - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=11321

Waka (S.Naoto) vs. Musui (S.Akihiko) - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=13341

S.Naoto vs. Teddie - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=15044

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