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[P4AU] Kanji Tatsumi Video Thread

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2/8/2015 Amipara Technoland Singles
Kanji vs Musui (S. Akihiko) https://youtu.be/WHrXb-i5VYw?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=365
Kanji vs Naoto https://youtu.be/WHrXb-i5VYw?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=586
2/12/2015 Kohatsu
Kanji vs Aigis https://youtu.be/7PSqgaYqZ04?t=1507
Akira vs S. Mitsuru https://youtu.be/7PSqgaYqZ04?t=3118
Akira vs Elizabeth https://youtu.be/7PSqgaYqZ04?t=3454
Akira vs S. Chie https://youtu.be/7PSqgaYqZ04?t=3843
Akira vs Elizabeth x2 https://youtu.be/7PSqgaYqZ04?t=4589
Akira vs Elizabeth x3 https://youtu.be/7PSqgaYqZ04?t=6006
Maxim Hero TOP600PSR Tournament
Kanji vs Noze (Adachi) https://youtu.be/MMAGXjHzSOI?t=2751
Maxim Hero Post-Tournament Casuals
Kanji vs Mitsuru https://youtu.be/hZ3eSmJl08k?t=29
2/8/2015 a-cho 1on1
mak vs Hisui (Rise) https://youtu.be/i-Y5RF7RMNM?t=1119
mak vs Elizabeth https://youtu.be/i-Y5RF7RMNM?t=1332
mak vs Yosuke https://youtu.be/i-Y5RF7RMNM?t=2016
2/8/2015 a-cho 2on2
Akira vs Teitoku (Yukiko) https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=489
Akira vs Ji (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=602
Akira vs Minazuki https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=868
Akira vs Junpei https://youtu.be/BIeCm6oQ-rU?t=992

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2/10/2015 Osu Nagoya Casuals
Kanji vs Tsujikawa (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/8yXN2yQwQ4Y?t=8588
Kanji vs S. Mitsuru https://youtu.be/8yXN2yQwQ4Y?t=8867
Kanji vs Kubo (Ken) https://youtu.be/8yXN2yQwQ4Y?t=9164
Kanji vs Kubo (Ken) https://youtu.be/8yXN2yQwQ4Y?t=9628
Kanji vs Tsujikawa (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/8yXN2yQwQ4Y?t=9876
2/21/2015 和白ジーカム: ジーカム和白
2/21/2015 和白ジーカム: ジーカム和白 野試合

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2/8/2015 Shinjuku Sportsland 3on3
J Fuku vs Souji (Teddie) https://youtu.be/ZnV_A1glQOE?t=754
J Fuku vs Hakase (Adachi) https://youtu.be/ZnV_A1glQOE?t=1018
Kageji (S. Kanji) vs Neko Kichi (Naoto) https://youtu.be/ZnV_A1glQOE?t=2655
Kageji (S. Kanji) vs Hakase (Adachi) https://youtu.be/ZnV_A1glQOE?t=2925
2/19/2015 Shinjuku Sportsland
Gachapin vs Soirate (S. Junpei)
2/21/15 Amipara Hiroshima 2v2
Kanji vs Adachi
Kanji vs S. Labrys [Asterius]
2/21/2015 Amipara Hiroshima Casuals
Kanji vs Margaret x2
Kanji vs Takken (S. Chie)
Kanji vs Margaret
2/27/2015 Kouhatsu 
Akira vs Mitsuru https://youtu.be/cTrA11_HUBc?t=1375
Akira vs Chie https://youtu.be/cTrA11_HUBc?t=3418
Akira vs Marie https://youtu.be/cTrA11_HUBc?t=3773
Akira vs Chie https://youtu.be/cTrA11_HUBc?t=5552
Akira vs S. Chie https://youtu.be/cTrA11_HUBc?t=7266

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2/13/2015 a-cho Casuals
Akira vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/G7CQwB_ocMM?t=2203
Akira vs Aigis https://youtu.be/G7CQwB_ocMM?t=2851
Akira vs HiraCom (Yosuke) https://youtu.be/G7CQwB_ocMM?t=3095
Akira vs Aigis https://youtu.be/G7CQwB_ocMM?t=3231
Akira vs Margaret https://youtu.be/G7CQwB_ocMM?t=3411
Akira vs Aigis https://youtu.be/G7CQwB_ocMM?t=3559
Akira vs Margaret https://youtu.be/G7CQwB_ocMM?t=3687
Akira vs S. Akihiko https://youtu.be/G7CQwB_ocMM?t=3861

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2/26/2015 Shinjuku Sportsland
Kanji vs DIE-chan (Rise) https://youtu.be/iPcMSOpqG1c?t=440
3/14/2015 Super Bingo Koriyama-ten Casuals
3/14/2015 Super Bingo Koriyama-ten 2on2

3/7/2015 Maxim Hero Casual & Tournament

Kanji vs Yosuke https://youtu.be/VMmPF8Z6gEY?t=29
Kanji vs S. Ken https://youtu.be/VMmPF8Z6gEY?t=1491

3/18/2015 Maxim Hero Casual & Tournament
Kanji vs S. Yukari https://youtu.be/xICZbhksgMQ?t=1187

3/20/2015 a-cho
Kanji vs S. Akihiko https://youtu.be/0qrsTQEMm08?t=580
Kanji vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/0qrsTQEMm08?t=711
Kanji vs Ken https://youtu.be/0qrsTQEMm08?t=870
Kanji vs Narukami https://youtu.be/0qrsTQEMm08?t=1286
Kanji vs S. Akihiko https://youtu.be/0qrsTQEMm08?t=1962

3/15/2015 Leisureland Akihabara 2on2
Kanji vs Marie https://youtu.be/P0jwwR66B68?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=2077
Kanji vs Mitsuru https://youtu.be/P0jwwR66B68?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=2617
Kanji vs Rise https://youtu.be/P0jwwR66B68?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=3941

3/20/2015 Sasashima Leisureland
Kanji vs Shiruari (Akihiko) https://youtu.be/t2iHeGWXH74?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=421
Kanji vs Shiruari (S. Rise) https://youtu.be/t2iHeGWXH74?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=1262
S. Kanji vs S. Narukami https://youtu.be/t2iHeGWXH74?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=3999
Kanji vs Elizabeth https://youtu.be/t2iHeGWXH74?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=4413
S. Kanji vs Narukami https://youtu.be/t2iHeGWXH74?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=5006
S. Kanji vs S. Akihiko https://youtu.be/t2iHeGWXH74?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=5738
S. Kanji vs S. Aigis https://youtu.be/t2iHeGWXH74?list=PLSq9hRF0zPpXs3awnv7OrK0Gatuort98a&t=7132

Edited by RurouniLoneWolf

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3/20/2015 a-cho
Kanji vs Narukami https://youtu.be/LvyOOgZsAu0?t=3112
Kanji vs Garupo (Aigis) https://youtu.be/LvyOOgZsAu0?t=3381
4/2/2015 Shinjuku Sportsland
Gachapin vs Roriotto (S. Junpei) https://youtu.be/kdfmQDMMdtU?t=155
Pet vs STD (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/kdfmQDMMdtU?t=661
Pet vs Ogi (Yukiko) https://youtu.be/kdfmQDMMdtU?t=1071
Pet vs Hagiwara (Teddie) https://youtu.be/kdfmQDMMdtU?t=1646
4/18/2015 Super Bingo Koriyama-ten

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4/17/2015 a-cho singles
mak vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/vZapOIJl_9Q?t=395
mak vs Garupo (Aigis) https://youtu.be/vZapOIJl_9Q?t=518
4/17/2015 TRF 

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4/16/2015 Shinjuku Sportsland
Gachapin vs Zun (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/enZFkraDXsw?t=347
4/24/2015 TRF

4/25/2015 Jikamu Wajiro
S. Kanji vs S. Junpei https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9peC4oIQU8

4/26/2015 6th Treasure Island Cup
4/29/2015 TRF Random 2on2
5/2/2015 Super Bingo Koriyama-ten
5/3/2015 TRF

5/3/2015 Shinjuku Sportsland 3on3

Kageji (S. Kanji) vs wagyu (Labrys) https://youtu.be/2iz1jGliz2Y?t=13
Kageji (S. Kanji) vs maki (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/2iz1jGliz2Y?t=307
mushiikingu vs Kayu (Ken) https://youtu.be/2iz1jGliz2Y?t=1007
mushiikingu vs Shikuro (Marie) https://youtu.be/2iz1jGliz2Y?t=2142
mushiikingu vs nekoze (Adachi) https://youtu.be/2iz1jGliz2Y?t=2391
Kageji (S. Kanji) vs mushiikingu (Kanji) https://youtu.be/2iz1jGliz2Y?t=2622
Kageji (S. Kanji) vs PEPE (S. Mitsuru) https://youtu.be/2iz1jGliz2Y?t=2800

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5/17/2015 TRF 
5/5/2015 a-cho Post KSB2015 2on2
Akira vs S. Ken https://youtu.be/KoiKbgGI2d0?t=5787
Kanji vs S. Yukari https://youtu.be/unuPpMM6Hpk?t=429
5/15/2015 a-cho - 5th Kansai Championship 
mak vs S. Yukiko https://youtu.be/T5dmtq0RKP0?t=161
mak vs S. Ken https://youtu.be/T5dmtq0RKP0?t=566

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5/16/2015 Wajiro Jikamu
heren vs S. Junpei https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boQii0FMvCw
5/20/2015 TRF
5/27/2015 TRF
5/5/2015 a-cho Post KSB 2on2 Casuals A
Kanji vs Tsujikawa (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/0_W46elXQVg?t=129
Kanji vs S. Yukari https://youtu.be/0_W46elXQVg?t=655
Kanji vs MAD (S. Teddie) https://youtu.be/0_W46elXQVg?t=912
Kanji vs Magical Serena (S. Yukiko) https://youtu.be/0_W46elXQVg?t=1029
Kanji vs MAD (S. Teddie) https://youtu.be/0_W46elXQVg?t=1950
Kanji vs S. Rise https://youtu.be/0_W46elXQVg?t=2083
Kanji vs S. Yukari https://youtu.be/0_W46elXQVg?t=2361
Kanji vs S. Chie https://youtu.be/0_W46elXQVg?t=2981
Kanji vs S. Yukari https://youtu.be/0_W46elXQVg?t=3422
5/5/2015 a-cho Post KSB 2on2 Casuals B
Akira vs Yamashita (S. Mitsuru) https://youtu.be/kKj7mA1i4Uk?t=2384
6/3/2015 TRF
Kanji vs Rin (S. Rise)
Kanji vs S. Ken
Kanji vs Adachi
5/5/2015 a-cho Post KSB 2on2 Casuals C
Kanji vs Waka (S. Naoto) https://youtu.be/KWjQX4_CtKY?t=4746
Kanji vs Waka (S. Naoto) https://youtu.be/0YqmNco8uzk?t=2621
Akira vs 10 dan S. Rise https://youtu.be/0YqmNco8uzk?t=4789
5/16/2015 Game Chariot
S. Kanji vs Nonono (Akihiko) https://youtu.be/gvQVgu7gI74?t=772
S. Kanji vs jara (S. Akihiko) https://youtu.be/Cm66HqciCkc?t=191

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5/24/2015 Akihabara Leisureland
S. Kanji vs Adachi https://youtu.be/IH4QUM843Dw?t=2889
S. Kanji vs Mitsuru https://youtu.be/IH4QUM843Dw?t=3302
Kanji vs Narukami
Akira vs Ji (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/cuxUofJP1OI?t=956
Akira vs Rise https://youtu.be/cuxUofJP1OI?t=1388
6/24/2015 a-cho
Kanji vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/sPIhjRRs0pI?t=3456
Kanji vs S. Chie https://youtu.be/sPIhjRRs0pI?t=3656
Kanji vs Hiyuki (Elizabeth) https://youtu.be/sPIhjRRs0pI?t=3843
Kanji vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/sPIhjRRs0pI?t=4105
Kanji vs Ji (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/sPIhjRRs0pI?t=5000
Kanji vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/sPIhjRRs0pI?t=5480
Kanji vs Narukami https://youtu.be/sPIhjRRs0pI?t=8311

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Fixed all my links in this thread. This is now once again a shrine to Manliness! (Note: One of the youtubers that uploaded a lot of the lesser known arcade's tournies got their account deleted so some stuff is still dead)

I'll add new stuff once I'm done (Down to 1 1/2 characters!)

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8/7/2015 a-cho singles
mak vs Ji (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/N-MzJen0jAg?t=1728

9/18/2015 Sasashima Leisureland 
Akira vs ssk (S. Naoto) https://youtu.be/TBXOy8OuJHU?t=21

9/20/2015 Urban Square 3on3
Nakiri (S. Kanji) vs S. Aigis https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=6934
Nakiri (S. Kanji) vs S. Yukiko https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=7159
Nakiri (S. Kanji) vs Mikoto (S. Yukari) https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=7382
Kanji vs S. Naoto https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=8803

9/5/2015 a-cho singles
Kanji vs Tsugai (Marie) https://youtu.be/rEUzcUXixds?t=349
Kanji vs gurupo (S. Aigis) https://youtu.be/rEUzcUXixds?t=481

9/27/2015 Game Chariot 
Nakiri (S. Kanji) vs PEPE (S. Mitsuru) https://youtu.be/gTsbSUzj9H0?t=312
Nakiri (S. Kanji) vs Margaret https://youtu.be/JYR-uy_7qEU?t=559

10/7/2015 a-cho
Akira vs CaO (Yosuke) https://youtu.be/NBM_tVHNE7Q?t=3201
Akira vs CaO (Yosuke/S. Yosuke) x13 https://youtu.be/NBM_tVHNE7Q?t=3605
Akira vs CaO (S. Yosuke) x2 https://youtu.be/NBM_tVHNE7Q?t=8764
Akira vs S. Rise https://youtu.be/NBM_tVHNE7Q?t=9269
mak vs Akira (Kanji) https://youtu.be/NBM_tVHNE7Q?t=9472
Akira vs S. Rise x6 https://youtu.be/NBM_tVHNE7Q?t=9621

9/27/2015 a-cho singles
beme vs Kanji https://youtu.be/fI8mGvubEbo?t=351
beme vs Narukami https://youtu.be/fI8mGvubEbo?t=906

10/2/2015 a-cho singles
Kanji vs Adachi https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=278
Kanji vs tefutefu (Teddie) https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=439
mak vs Narukami https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=1737
mak vs S. Chie https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=1855
Kanji vs Ji (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=2952
Kanji vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=3636
Kanji vs tefutefu (Teddie) https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=3989

10/10/2015 a-cho
S. Kanji vs futaba (Rise) https://youtu.be/CZFQ4fL3CJQ?t=358
S. Kanji vs futaba (Rise) https://youtu.be/CZFQ4fL3CJQ?t=643
Kanji vs Elizabeth https://youtu.be/CZFQ4fL3CJQ?t=950
Kanji vs Narukami https://youtu.be/CZFQ4fL3CJQ?t=1122
S. Kanji vs Junpei https://youtu.be/CZFQ4fL3CJQ?t=2887
Kanji vs S. Yukari https://youtu.be/CZFQ4fL3CJQ?t=3207
S. Kanji vs Mikoto (S. Yukari) https://youtu.be/DwxViB65e9U?t=1522
mak vs Elizabeth https://youtu.be/zTOq_zTTWds?t=4
Akira vs Narukami x3 https://youtu.be/zTOq_zTTWds?t=2484
Akira vs S. Yukari https://youtu.be/zTOq_zTTWds?t=2905
Akira vs Narukami x2 https://youtu.be/zTOq_zTTWds?t=3149
Akira vs Tetsu! (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/zTOq_zTTWds?t=3429

10/11/2015 a-cho Post 5on5 Casuals
S. Kanji vs S. Naoto x4 https://youtu.be/IcOvWJQid8Q?t=2373

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