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[P4U > P4U2] Kanji Tatsumi Final Changelog

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(Will be updating this with free time and as info is confirmed)

System changes:
Now has 3 Persona Cards (Recharges faster than 4 persona cards when persona broken)

New Dial A:
5AA - Shoulder tackle with the chair. Worse at picking up air opponents. Chain options similar to P4A. -3 on block.
5AAA - An uppercut that will confirm into a grab upon hit. ~-0
5AAAA - j.236a.

Shadow 5AAA - P2 reduced from 600 to 400.

5B - Now 0 on block. Can no longer chain to 2b.
5B - Can now be charged to become larger. Forces spinstate on normal hit. +2 on block
5C - No longer a Fatal Counter starter, paralyzes on hit, dash cancelable. Can now chain into 2D.
2C - Dash cancelable

2B - Dash cancelable. 
j.C - Hitbox is worse, both hands have a hitbox now, Fatal Recovery, can't perform air actions afterwards.
5/2/j.D - Projectile invuln removed
AoA - Can now move forward, increasing the startup and decreasing the advantage on block so it can have more range.

Primal Force Added - [4] > 6 C/D, Takemikazuchi flies out and hits the opponent with a shoulder tackle. C version is fast with less range, D version is slow with more range. Takemikazuchi is left on screen after the attack, allowing you to do moves from that position (5D puts him back at Kanji's position). CH on hit, wallbounce on hit/ch? All version are plus on block.
j.236A/B/AB added (For new combo routes, also allows for Kanji to attack from new angles in the air to make him harder to anti air) All versions are +1 on block. Have harsher proration than the ground versions.
214C no longer has invuln frames/
214D Fatal Recovery, can now move forward at the expense of startup time.
B+D Fatal Recovery
Followup 236AB minimum damage lowered
Follow up 236B added, Kanji jumps in a large arc similar to his normal 236B, can only combo after very + knockdowns (air sweep, fatal 214C/D/CD) (Allows for 5A pickup afterwards for combo extension)
236C angle changed to be more forward and outward, may have better tracking(?)
Personaless 214C added (Does 250 damage, can chair followup(?), cannot use it during j.D or 236D. If OMC'd, has only 100 proration, allowing for a full combo)
214CD Paralyzes, now has invuln from frames 2-4.

j.214A/B - 1/2 more frames of startup added (respectively) preventing combos from j.b > j.214A/B

2D recovery changed to reflect it's viability as a 5C > 2D cancel

Startup on 236D/CD slightly increased(?)


System changes

Grab now starts up 3f faster (13 > 10) but no longer goes forward with dash momentum, but has better scaling

Airgrab proration/damage nerfed

Supers -

236236A - Startup frames changed from 3+8 to 4+7, making it a better reversal (harder to kara cancel into a roll on reaction)
236236AB - higher damage, causes wallbounce like Naoto's houtenjinesque kick (Critical Shot) 3750 damage raw. Can combo 236C or link 5C afterwards (5C will paralyze and that's about it)

214214C - One more frame of invuln and active added.
214214D added, 10f startup after superflash (allowing the opponent to jump out) but has 30f of invuln and twice as many active frames, allowing Kanji to invuln through more moves.
214214CD - 13f startup after flash, but moves further forward, has tons of invuln and does 5500 damage on hit.

Personaless 214214C/D/CD - Exact same startup frames and invuln, but on successful grab, goes into 236236A/B/AB instead. 


General combo damage will be way higher due to the existence of Fatal Recovery moves (Fatal 5A leads to 4k+ meterless easily)
Air backdash distance nerfed, goes about half distance of current

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Topic updated to reflect information from the frame data

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空中バックステップ ・移動値を増加しました。 - not sure what this means, but it sounds like we can't do air actions after air backdash anymore like air chair. :V
5AAA - now travels less distance (not as good of frametrap/anti jumpout option, probably doesn't work in some combos now)
non charged 5b - can now be special canceled
2c - can now be special canceled
236236AB - damage reduced
there's probably more changes/nerfs we haven't heard of. 

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