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[P4AU] Chie Satonaka Video Thread

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to be fair, it scales in both this game and in vanilla P4A. Only in vanilla each hit did like, 200 damage, and in this one each hit is doing 1.2k... and there are more hits landing... yeah...

Edit: That said, if we're going to continue discussing this, let's take it to the gameplay discussion thread.

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1/25/2014 Miraimu Aoyama Red VS White

Chie vs Kanji

Chie vs Yukiko

1/19/2014 MAXIM HERO 2on2

Chie vs Junpei

DQN vs Shadow Narukami

DQN vs Mitsuru

DQN vs KDB (Narukami)

1/19/2014 MAXIM HERO Red VS White

Chie vs Yatto (Kanji)

DQN vs S. Narukami

2/8/2014 CW Ishibashi Singles

Kana vs Soei (Yosuke)

Ban VS Nagisa (Kanji)

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