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Middle East Thread

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The Middle East community

So i searched the forums for a Middle East matchmaking thread and i found nothing, so here we are.

The Middle East is basically the arabian peninsula, but we don't discriminate, this thread also welcomes North African and people close to the Middle east to be regulars. Anybody can post in the thread.

Now we all know that the Middle east isn't the greatest place for video games, especially not fighting games (ESPECIALLY not anime games). The scene in the middle east is fairly small but still exists, so i hope to expand it, and where is a better place than the biggest blazblue forum?

Here we discuss blazblue, try to meet up, discuss tournaments and the middle east scene, commute and make friends, discuss any fighting games (not just blazblue) and try our best to expand the scene, also, we can regularly hold online matches since we all know that internet connections are really bad in the middle east.

Before we start, i'd like to introduce this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlazBlueArabia1/ this is blazblue arabia, the arabic blazblue community, if you have a facebook account or want to commute with them, i recommend that you join and be social, but since facebook is such a crappy system sometimes i think that discussing here is better.

When you join the thread as a newcomer, i want you to introduce yourself, personal information is optional and unnecessary, but it would help us get to know you better, what IS important, is stating the country you are in, giving details like the city or street you live in would be very helpful in identifying where you are so you and somebody else can meet up, or you can just meet up on some sort of meeting place.

You should also state your PSN account (or XBL account if you want to play other games with people) so we can connect and play.

Mentioning your local scene, any tournaments that are going on, arcades etc. is very helpful.

So enough with the formalities, let me begin by introducing myself and my scene:

My name is Abdullah Al-Kuwari, i'm from Qatar, i prefer to be called helix though because that's my forum name.

Qatar's fighting game scene is not very large so to say, not many people play fighting games here but there is a scene here, more specifically in a place called The Gaming Lounge (TGL) which is a game center that hosts Dota2, League of Legends, call of duty, battlefield and different fighting games for tournaments and casuals:



taken from the facebook page.

https://www.facebook.com/tglqatar this is the facebook page, not only do they have tournaments, but they also have set-ups where you can play with other people, blazblue and P4A are not regular tournaments, but they do appear from time to time, check the facebook page to tell, and they do have set-ups for casuals.

You may know my brother, who's a MUCH better player than me who plays bang, who goes by the name cerebrs (sometimes cerbers ignite).

So enough of this, how about we start?

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Hey there helix, just joined the forum. I live in Safed,Israel, and am definitely interested in finding anywhere to play offline, any fighting game. I'm afraid that we can't play offline, but I'm sure you know more about the communities in the middle east than I do, or could point me in the right direction I hope.

My GT is Silver Forte58, I don't currently have the 360 with me, but sometime this year I should hopefully, no ps3 I'm afraid.

Anyways, hope this works out.

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I was about to create a new thread before I stumbled into this.

Middle East players, glad to share that airdasher fgc around here is growing like never before.

A lot of the social interaction actually happens in semi-public (for those who know about them) WhatsApp groups, and this has allowed many players to find each other for those who live in the same countries / cities etc.

We've also had a few regional tournaments showing up, including KOF GCC which happened in Qatar last June that featured GGXrd, H.E.A.T. which happened a couple weeks ago also with GGXrd, and a few upcoming ones such as KOF GCC's next round which will happen in Dubai on December 25-26.

For those interested to see the level of play, you can check out some footage from (shameless plug) my YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/Fahadouken or netplay live stream at http://www.twitch.tv/Fahadouken .

In case any other players from the region see this and are interested to join the community, feel free to get in touch and will do my best to connect you.

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Hey, Im a guilty gear Ky player from Abu Dhabi and Im really happy I stumbled upon this forum. I recently found out about the big GGXRD tournament in Dubai on the 25th which really shocked me since Its been so hard to find a local scene when it comes to Xrd. Is there a one in Abu Dhabi or anywhere near it? Im aware of the USF4 weeklies in Dubai but I couldnt find any air dashers communities here. Hopefully someone one will prove me wrong on this forum. I would be more than happy to contribute in anyway I can to a weekly air dasher tournament where you could level up your game and just get to know the community.



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Hi @DownRightFierce,

Glad you posted here. I'm one of the organizers for KOF GCC which will be in Dubai 25-26 December. If you haven't seen the website and registered, it's at www.kofgcc.com and we'd be glad to see you there! We already have more than 25 registrants for GGXrd and many GCC airdasher players in general.


If you're interested in matchmaking with regional players, the biggest active community I know of is on WhatsApp and I can add you there as well if you can PM me your number. We probably have 3 or 4 active UAE players at the moment with many others nearby who can play online with decent connections.


Glad you posted here and best of luck!

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