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[FB] The EXVS -> EXVSFB Changelist

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  • Amekyan - The jp term for cancelling the recovery of a vernier move into a forced-on angle move, putting you back into natural fall state. Used primarily to fall safely from dangerous situations such as turn-around shots.
  • Fuwafuwa - adding a small jump at the end of a motion, boost-efficiently avoiding many attacks
  • BR - beam rifle (A).
  • MG - machine gun (A)
  • Main - main shot (A)
  • BZ - Bazooka (generally A+B)
  • Sub - A+B
  • Muzzle Correction - refers to a move's ability to track its target during startup
  • Guidance - refers to an attack's ability to track its target while traveling
  • Awakening / Activation / Extreme Burst - ABC
  • Cooldown - Not to be confused with reload time, this refers to the time between a move having 0 ammo and when it begins to start reloading. Not all moves have this.

Universal System Changes
  • Boost Dashing
    • Overall boost dashes cover less distance than before, however boost dash speed on average improved
    • There's a more severe penalty for Boost Dashing backwards - it now consumes more boost than normal
    • Boost Hops slightly less effective - directional influence momentum is a lot smaller - in particular its visually noticeable on Mobile Fighter suit's dash jumps
    • If you are holding a direction while boost dashing and input jump, it no longer eats your jump input and gives you a held BD. It now gives you a mini-jump, which consumes very little boost.

    • Shields
      • Green Effect
      • When you successfully shield, you cannot reinput a shield to get an immediate second shield
      • You no longer gain meter for blocking friendly fire
      • You're now pushed back slightly when you block, rather than maintaining the same position

      • Mobile Armor Mode
        • Side stepping during a boost dash no longer gives you the homing MA movement.
        • You can now obtain the old homing motion with a forward sidestep while in MA, which also goes for a fixed time, rather than flying forever at the target
        • Generally less risky to be in due to nerfed overall guidance

        • Attack Property Changes
          • Added a light stun - does not knock you down after you wear off, instead puts you back at neutral
          • Added heavy stun - same as the old stun
          • Added a side-spinning down state - untechable like a normal down but falls slower
          • Added a popup down state (dust cloud effect) - untechable, pops them up in the air and falls slower than normal, making it easier to get to them
          • Added techable popup state - looks like the normal untechable vertical spiraling state, but can be teched midway through

          • Maps got larger
          • Overall difference between long range and close range redlocks shortened, and when combined with the increased map size, overall makes chasing down targets harder
          • Ranged Attacks
            • Ranged Guidance, Travel Speed, and Muzzle Correction are all weaker - overall ranged attacks are weaker
            • In particular, all Main weapons including BRs got muzzle correction nerfs
            • All main shot attack guidance got a nerf - it's generally a lot harder to aim for someone's boost hop landing
            • Overall on-angle range is improved, it's a lot harder to accidentally get off angle when you're right on the edge
            • Fast travelling Charge Shots etc are still as strong as ever, but overall travel speed has been lowered
            • Funnel type attacks are generally stronger
            • Machine Gun and Gerobi moves were generally not changed
            • Overall the game is actually more ranged based compared to the previous game due to map size increase and differences in bursts.
            • It's better to think of these changes as there are way less weapons that can just randomly hit you while you boost hop

            [*]Extreme Burst

              [*]There are now two versions of Extreme Burst you can choose from when you select your suit - Assault (A) and Blast (B) (See below for complete explanation)

              [*]You gain less meter when you die, much more the case for higher costs. For 3000 suits, you get ~15% as opposed to 40% for dying. It's very noticeable for 2500's as well. 2000 and 1000 suits gain about the same as before.

              [*]In other words, there's less of a difference in meter gain between costs.

              [*]You gain more meter if you have less max health, and vice versa (This difference is extremely minute, though)

              [*]You gain less boost when you activate extreme burst

              [*]Full Bursts give you more boost back, making them more viable

              [*]Offense and Defense scaling numbers from being in awakening is now per-suit

              [*]Also suits that had different scaling numbers in different modes now have the same in both.

              [*]Damage - overall proration is slightly less severe, and guts ratings (dealing and taking different damage rates based on current health) is more noticeable - about the same level as NEXT

              [*]Overall momentum preservation got improved greatly. The viability of fuwasteps and fuwafuwa is much higher than in the last game. This is also combined with the fact that overall guidance is lower.

              [*]Many 2000 cost suits got slight HP buffs (+20HP usually)

              [*]When you get shot down, there's a small part of the screen of what your ally is doing

              [*]Overall stage brightness is higher,

              [*]More recovery on landing at 50%+ boost.

              [*]Extreme gauge system overhaul

              [*]Horizontal momentum increased

              [*]Two types of Stuns: Light stuns and heavy stuns. Heavy stuns knock down after the stun wears away, such as Pressure. Light stuns cause the opponent to recovery immediately afterwards, rather than ground crumple.

              [*]Suits that did not have Extreme Attacks now have one, and many suits now have multiple versions (different inputs)

              New Extreme Burst Mechanics In-Depth

              You now must choose between Assault Burst (Red) or Blast Burst (Blue) AFTER you've chosen your suit at the character select screen. You cannot change it within the match. The way you burst is identical. The difference between Assault and Blast is only in the buffs you get when you are in awakening.

              For discussion on which suit should use which burst type, please head to the individual suit area!

              Universal Burst Benefits

              The following are regained just like in EXVS Vanilla, but the specific values vary depending on Assault or Burst (specifics further down):

              Boost gauge refills, Ammo refills, Mobility improves, Damage improved, Defense modifier improved, Reload speed improved, Bullet Travel Speed improved

              The following are the same as EXVS Vanilla:

              Your moves have -10% down value

              If you do a Full Burst while being hit, you tech out of it and have some invincibility frames (Same as Vanilla)

              Can Perform Extreme Attacks (Same as Vanilla)

              While in Awakening, you cannot gain Extreme meter, and if you die, your Extreme Gauge goes to 0 (Same as Vanilla)

              NEW: When you Full Burst, you can still be hit by any shots that are already hitting you regardless of invincibility, to some degree. This situation rarely happens but it exists nonetheless and it is not a bug. Working as intended Kappa

              Assault Burst - Good for suits that rush down opponents

              Half bursts refill 70% boost, Full gives you Full Boost

              Big damage bonus modifier, small defensive modifier

              Movement speed greatly improved, boost consumption slightly improved

              Red lock range slightly improved

              Weapon reload rate moderately improved

              Melee pursuit speed / distance drastically improved

              Does not deplete your Boost or Extreme Gauge when doing Extreme Attacks

              Small boost penalty for Defensive Bursting (20%)

              Awakening time is shorter than Blast (Full lasts about 12 seconds)

              Because Assault gives a lot of boost, this is the easiest kind of Burst type to use if you're familiar with fundamental Burst timings from vanilla. Overall a very compatible type for front players, the offensive benefits not only help melee suits, but make melees very viable even for ranged suits. Thought it lasts less time, this can be somewhat of an advantage in the sense that you have less of a risk of dying or getting hit while in awakening, making it effectively less risky if you're using it for the one time boost refill primarily. Since using your Extreme Attack doesn't consume all your boost or extreme meter, you can use it really easily, and if you have a suit that has one with good recovery, you can use it almost like a normal move, which is why awakening lasts a lot less in Assault.

              Blast Burst - Good for carefully chasing down opponents

              Restores 40% boost at Half, 80% at Full Burst.

              Big defensive modifier, small offensive modifier bonus.

              Movement speed improved slightly, boost consumption improved drastically,

              Red lock range improved greatly

              Reload speed drastically improved (About 2x normal)

              Firing attacks that cause vernier (including turn around shots) can be step cancelled (there are some exceptions)

              Removes the start on Boost Dash, letting you immediately sidestep from it

              Boost and Extreme Gauges go to 0 when performing Extreme Attacks

              Large boost penalty for Defensive Bursting (35%)

              Awakening time is longer than Assault (Full lasts around 16 seconds)

              A good burst type for when you're not necessarily trying to win an immediate exchange, but are trying to press an advantage or create one. Because the effects last longer, it's also good for suits that have special effects during awakening (00, ZZ, etc). Though you gain less boost when initially activating, because of the improved boost consumption efficiency and the ability to sidestep weapons, your mobility as a whole is better than Assaults (aside from Melee performance).

              New Suit Summaries


                [*]Wing Zero TV - all-purpose beginner friendly suit that has very strong basic tools. Zero System acts like MEPE, allowing him to change the tide of battle instantly.

                [*]Reborns - strong all-purpose suit with a mode change and tons of cancel routes, as well as lots of ammo, good gerobis, and one of the best amekyans in the game.

                [*]Epyon - A pure melee suit - lots of close range tools but no projectile options, making it very weak


                  [*]Banshee - excellent midrange suit, has a twin boomerang attack, NTD mode, etc.

                  [*]Extreme Suits: All the extreme suits have some mechanic where they shift to an upgraded phase over time

                  Extreme Xenon - close range aggressive suit, lots of great close range tools like a sweeping laser whip, stun ball, etc

                  Extreme Eclipse - long range extreme suit with gerobis, big beams, etc

                  Extreme Aios - All purpose suit

                  [*]X-Divider - all-purpose suit with a great MG and some unique projectile tools.

                  [*]Impulse - mode changing suit similar to Strike, though vastly improved. though lacking in IWSP, all of his modes actually have proper amounts of tools

                  [*]Crossbone X3 - Kind of like a mini Full Cloth, but doesn't come with an ABC mantle, has a similar CSb but CSa shoots a nuke


                    [*]Hambrabi - all-purpose suit focusing on strong capabilities during Mobile Armor mode

                    [*]Gyan - Melee suit with an auto-guard shield on his front side

                    [*]Mk II - An all-purpose suit with a nice CSa and a timed backpack equip

                    [*]Rozen Zulu - specializes in funnels, has a Psycho Jammer that creates a stunning obstacle on the field

                    [*]Gerbera Tetra - Machine gun type suit (like Blue Destiny), with a decent assist and a one time movement boosting upgrade

                    [*]Spiegel - G Gundam mobile fighter type suit with a good CSa and tricky movement options

                    [*]Throne Drei - Assist based ranged suit, has tons of different assists, and a special mode that gives her partner MEPE-ish guidance cutting.

                    [*]Stargazer - all-purpose suit with a timer based mode upgrade (think 00) and a remote mine

                    [*]Gaia - all purpose suit that can shift into a Dog-like MA mode

                    [*]Kapool - Two MS's that play as one, each has a different HP bar, you can tag in / swap out, and the other slowly regains some health


                      EXVS Vanilla Suit Changes

                      [note 1: any suit not listed here had no recorded changes or was not in the previous version. Also even if not mentioned, every suit that didn't have an Extreme Attack now has one]

                      [note 2: Overall game speed and guidance have been lowered, and some of these changes may have been reported as a result of global changes rather than suit specific ones, so be aware some of these may be inaccurate]

                      Collapsed: 3000:



                      Assist (AC) - Faster Startup, Ammo count went from 4 to 2, but is now reloadable. Now has heavy stun, improved muzzle correction, and improved guidance. Can now be cancelled into BR as an Ame-kyan.

                      When doing your awakening super, your NT-D gauge will fill to 100.

                      Normal Mode:

                      BD speed and turn (swerve) improved (as of 6/25 patch)

                      Turn (swivel) speed improved

                      Red Lock shortened

                      5B reach improved

                      CS improved

                      BR guidance, travel speed, and proration nerfed

                      Destroy Mode:

                      Can now cancel the camera change when entering NTD Mode

                      Entering NTD mode now carries over some momentum

                      Lasts longer (15→23 sec)

                      MG staggers in 3 shots instead of 4

                      MG → Sub, and MG → BC cancels added

                      Reload time for BC doubled (3→1.5 sec)

                      BD melee speed and reach improved



                      BR count nerfed (6→5)

                      Zabanya (AB In Quantum System) can now be done normally with AC

                      GN Sword Bit (GN Field) (Previously AC, now BC) now has 200 hp instead of 100, does not protect against melee attacks, and can be cancelled at will. Depletes like a normal ammo type rather than a countdown type. Improved startup and preserves momentum slightly (as of 6/26 patch)

                      Quantum Burst is now CSb, and can be done immediately

                      During Buster Sword, melee startup and hitbox nerfed, but then rebuffed as of 6/26 patch.

                      Sword Bits (AB) reload and deploy speed improved (as of 6/26 patch)

                      2B damage improved (95 / 100)

                      Quantum System:

                      Improved BR count (5→6)

                      Zabanya and Allelujah inputs switched

                      Can cancel Assist into Main

                      5B and 6B are normal melees

                      Melee bits are now 8B

                      Has 600 HP instead of 640.


                      Went from 2.5k to 3K.

                      CSa now causes him to plummet, allowing him to play similar to how 00 uses his Riser Mode CSa

                      Gerobi (AC) does more damage

                      Assist (BC) reloads faster (20→15 sec)


                      Swivel speed improved

                      MA movement improved

                      Sub became CSa, Sub is now a new reloadable assist with 2 stock.

                      CSa can be cancelled into melee (tracks during greenlock too)

                      Improved reach on all melees

                      5B hitbox nerfed

                      6b’s 3rd hit has better proration, hard untech for limited time, adjusted blowback so it combos into everything easily

                      8B is a single hit

                      2B launches better

                      Satelite Canon damage spread nerfed.

                      MA BR proration nerfed

                      Turn A:

                      Mobility improved in all aspects (turn, speed accel, etc)

                      Hammer (Main) damage and startup greatly improved

                      New Melee added (BC) - 8BC is a shield attack, 2BC is a hop.

                      new CS8a added (stun shot)

                      00 Gundam:

                      BR count increased

                      AC now has 2 stock, and can now send either Arios or Seravii. Neutral is Seravii (gerobi), directional is Arios (same as vanilla). Can cancel into BR for an ame-kyan

                      Assist reload lowered to 10 sec

                      Has a new Extreme Attack performed with Neutral that fires a Gerobi. The old version is with 2 or 8 + ABC.


                      Mobility improved

                      Duration 15 sec → 20 sec

                      Cooldown time 10 sec → 6 sec

                      2B speed and startup improved

                      Sub now throws sword boomerang (same as normal mode), old missile sub is now CSb

                      Gundam Wing (EW)

                      HP 680 → 650

                      BR - each hit does slightly more damage, but worse proration and down value, and total hits is now 5 down from 6, so ultimately similar damage (Full hit does 144 up from 141). Reload time 4.5sec → 4sec, slight muzzle correction nerf, can now cancel into Sub / AC / BC.

                      Added a multilock CS

                      Sub changed from vulcans to an assist. Can cancel Sub → BR for an amekyan

                      Gerobi reload time 15sec → 20sec, full hit does 226 up from 204

                      You can now input left or right during BC to add horizontal momentum. BC now has 2 stock in awakening.

                      BC reload 10 sec → 12 sec

                      5B (169→174) and 8B (132→177) melee damage improved.

                      6B reach improved

                      Nu Gundam

                      CSa is now a single beam shot, old CS became CSb.

                      new 2B which stuns and can be cancelled into from BR.

                      Pyramid can be cancelled at will, Cooldown Time 10 sec → 13 sec

                      Full Cloth

                      HP 620→600

                      Doesn’t get his cloth back in cost over

                      Neutral Whip consumes more boost, slower, has worse proration

                      CSb duration, charge time, reload time nerfed

                      5B during CSB nerfed damage proration

                      Normal 5B damage improved

                      CSb during CSb mode damage, startup, reach improved.


                      720→750 HP

                      BC now summons Fuun Saiki

                      Main shot ranged lowered, stuns less.

                      Neutral whip range improved, startup improved

                      Side whip damage improved (90→100)

                      AC babies cling on opponents less time

                      8B upper body inv property lengthened, reach improved, startup nerfed, proration improved

                      6B improved reach, proration nerfed


                      HP 680→700

                      CSb muzzle correction slightly nerfed and direction influence improved

                      Wings of Light movement speed lowered, down movement makes you rise slightly higher, can now cancel into 2B.

                      BC (Finger) consumes more boost, worse proration

                      Boomerang proration improved (6/26 patch)

                      6B motion is faster (6/26 patch)

                      Turn X

                      Turn speed improved

                      Red lock range improved

                      CS charge time 2.0→2.5 sec

                      AC funnel ammo is consumed all at once

                      5AC cuts guidance

                      Can do 8B into 2B

                      6B startup improved

                      2B startup improved, preserves some momentum

                      BC muzzle correction improved and on hit blowback adjusted so CS is guaranteed.

                      Strike Freedom

                      Red lock range shortened

                      Can cancel BR into AC and BC

                      Can cancel Gerobi (AB) into BC

                      CS damage and startup improved (6/26 patch)

                      Multi-lock CS damage improved greatly

                      BD melee reach and speed improved

                      Neutral AC funnels are fired with AC rather than autofiring from BR.


                      CS is a single down shot (120 dmg) similar to nu’s

                      After BC finishes, you retain whatever funnel count you ended with (doesn't go past the normal max)

                      BD melee adjusted for stability


                      650→620 HP

                      Normal Mode max BR count 8 → 7

                      Assault Mode max BR count 3 → 4, reload time nerfed(2.5sec → 3sec)

                      Assault Gerobi (Sub) reload time 4sec → 5sec

                      Assault BC (V wings) reload time 5sec → 6sec

                      Assault Buster BR damage improved

                      Assault Buster Sub and CS changed places,

                      Assault Buster Sub (gerobi) muzzle correction improved and damage nerfed

                      Assault Buster CS (missiles) formation changed for the better

                      Assault Buster BC (wings of light) speed and reach improved

                      2B shield hitbox and startup nerfed

                      Collapsed: 2500:


                      Nerfed mobility

                      Reload animation got faster, improved guidance

                      AC reload 12 sec → 8 sec

                      Sub reload time 4 sec → 6 sec

                      CSa can now be camera cancelled

                      CSb added

                      2B has momentum preservation, can cancel to Sub for amekyan

                      Many melee properties changed and AC followups added


                      HP 620 → 650

                      Mobility Improved

                      FA mode - AC startup and size improved, Sub reload time and damage improved

                      Unarmored mode AC became a new move, CSa is the old AC

                      2B hit state changed


                      Mobility improved overall, but lowered while assists are up.

                      Ammo count 8→9

                      Sub funnels now revamped entirely - fire automatically, down in 2 shots, more ammo, etc.

                      AC calls her assist she previously gained when at low HP

                      Overall melees got improved

                      Pressure (BC) reload time 15sec→17sec and 5sec CD time added


                      BR count 6 → 10

                      2BC guidance nerfed

                      AC got slightly larger

                      During CSa you can input up / down to affect the explosion timing.

                      CSb lowered to 2sec, drains slower as well.


                      Overall mobility nerfed (boost dash, swivel speed, etc)

                      SV consumes more boost (max number of SV 8 → 6)

                      Side Whip nerfed (hitbox, startup, etc)

                      Noin assist coint nerfed 4 → 3

                      Neutral Whip buffed, can now be cancelled into BR

                      Can cancel BC into 2B

                      Can cancel 8B melee string into 2B

                      Added an extra neutral followup to 2B that makes you rise


                      Improved main guidance, speed, etc, reload time 3 sec→1 sec

                      CSa improved

                      Assist speed improved, reloadable now, damage improved

                      2B counter lasts longer

                      6B tracks father

                      AC Hyperjammer cooldown time 15 sec → 12 sec

                      Can cancel Main into BC

                      BC preserves some momentum

                      Boost dash melee hitbox reduced

                      Vulcans improved (faster speed, and downs faster)


                      Became a 2500

                      HP, boost, mobility, damage changed to 2500 level

                      Pretty much all of his weapons got buffed to match 2500 level tools.

                      Gerobi bends easier

                      Gained a CSa

                      many changes to melee states, general startup speed buffs, etc, can cancel most melees into BC

                      Has a melee followup out of MA mode


                      Main (Fire Pillar) doesn't down after the stun anymore (light stun), has slightly longer range and is slightly wider, but has worse muzzle correction. As a result, abare is a lot worse.

                      CSa startup nerfed, but now preserves much more momentum

                      2B (God Shadow) vertical hitbox improved, shots are less likely to slip through.

                      Sub became Fuun Saiki summon (vulcans removed - Edit: NOOOOOOOOO~~~~!!)

                      God Field (AC) has different followups. Most important is AC→A which is God Slash, a new ranged sword slash. You can also cancel it into melee afterwards (after 6/26 patch, can no longer cancel into melee on overheat aside from 2B)

                      God Finger (BC) damage from mashing B is now added on the grasp portion, not the explosion (good thing). Now has a throw followup (8B) in addition (like NEXT). You can followup with a BD melee or rainbowstep into melee. During awakening, does not automatically go into Heat End anymore. Heat End is now a followup (2B) which can only be done during awakening. If you don't input it, you just get a normal explosion. Heat End also does less damage now, making his God Finger combos do less damage (GFHE > GFHE dmg ~380 → ~360)

                      Awakening Super now normally does a Double God Finger with Nobel Gundam. performing the super while holding 2 gives you the previous Love Love Tenkyoken


                      Cost changed from 2000 to 2500 - as a result, overall suit capabilities (speed, boost, hp, etc) have been improved. Damage output has NOT changed.

                      Improved Red Lock range

                      New Move: 5BC (charges forward, can cancel straight into -any- moves)

                      Transam CS now has 2/8 and 4/6 inputs, which fire multiple discs in succession.

                      Nyuukon can now be cancelled into from some melee strings (5B8BB, 6B8B)

                      Sub during transam reload time 6sec → 5sec

                      Transam charge time 30sec → 35sec

                      Transam duration time 20sec →22sec

                      5B Melee priority slightly improved

                      The O

                      Pressure (BC) can’t be rainbow stepped, reload time 20→23 sec, proration nerfed, slower startup

                      Sub reload changed from 5sec after firing the 5th, to 10 second reload after the last shot vanishes. Can no longer be rainbowstepped. Guidance nerfed. Now a light stun.

                      AC reload 13sec→15sec

                      Infinite Justice

                      Boomerang width and travel distance nerfed

                      Mobility nerfed, Turn radius in particular

                      CS travel speed slightly nerfed

                      BC became an assist, the old BC is now a melee followup

                      Strike Noir

                      BR guidance and travel speed improved, damage improved slightly

                      BC travel distance lowered, refills when you activate

                      CSb size improved

                      Most melee damage improved slightly


                      BR 140 → 130

                      BR Reload 7sec → 8sec (unconfirmed)

                      BR now has 3 max

                      BR muzzle correction slightly nerfed

                      Neutral Sub fires two sets of 4 shots adjacent to eachother. Side Sub is the old Sub.

                      Sub guidance improved (unconfirmed)

                      Sub ammo improved

                      Sub travel speed improved

                      Sub reload 8sec → 10sec

                      Pistol recharges faster

                      Turn-around pistol startup improved

                      AC ammo count went from 6→12

                      AC bits fire all at once

                      AC shots went from funnel style stagger to normal shot stagger

                      AC reload time 4sec → 3sec

                      Can now rainbowstep his 2B

                      Shield Bits can be cancelled at will


                      New cancel route: BR → BC (all kinds)

                      CS has some knockback on hit

                      Sub guidance improved

                      Changed camera behavior during 5B

                      BC→BC cancel route altered so it works with camera switching



                      Starts with Backpack at 100

                      Can no longer step cancel Sub

                      AC size increased

                      Normal Mode:

                      Mobility improved

                      Melee bit firing now has more blowback and is easier to combo off of, travels faster, improved muzzle correction.

                      AC range improved

                      side AC speed lowered

                      New melee followup from 2B

                      Separated Mode (Seravee):

                      Can now give seravee orders while blocking

                      Separation cool down: 6sec → 2sec [not to be confused with reload time]

                      New cancel routes: Sub → AC, AC→Sub,

                      Sub (tackle) ammo 2→3, travels further

                      AC improved reload time and size

                      5AC guidance improved

                      6B improved



                      HP 600→620

                      New cancel routes: AC→Sub, AC→BC

                      Has the same Extreme Burst modifiers regardless of the mode he is in.

                      AC dmg 100→110

                      Model size got larger

                      High Maneuver Mode:

                      New cancel route: 5B→2B→Sub

                      Boost dash speed improved (to the extent that fuwafuwa distance is noticeably better)

                      BR recharges faster

                      Sub - costs lest boost, neutral version dmg 80→90 and improved proration, travel speed improved (unconfirmed)

                      6B reach improved, Blowback trajectory on the final hit altered

                      8B damage improved drastically

                      2B damage improved

                      Boost dash melee connects properly on standing opponents / near obstacles

                      Heavy Equip Mode:

                      Redlock range improved

                      Swiveling buffed

                      Sub - costs less boost, all versions proration buffed and damage slightly improved

                      AC - can cancel to BR for an amekyan

                      Boost dash speed buffed

                      Some melee speeds buffed


                      Changed to 2500 class

                      Improved HP

                      Drastic mobility buff

                      improved red lock

                      Main - speed and reload time buffed

                      Sub - can now cancel Sub→BC, Dom hit now changed to weak stun, Xamel startup and bullet speed buffed, guidance improved drastically

                      AC - Normal startup is now as fast as previous version while Activated, Reload time 40sec→30sec

                      CSb - reduced charge time, grants super armor on melee attacks

                      6B - causes float effect on 1st hit

                      all BC’s cannot be input while out of boost

                      6BC - doesn’t move forward at all, only horizontal, if you input 8B you get a MD melee, but 6B gives you 6B.

                      2/8BC - same cancel results as 6BC, consumes less boost

                      2B: can cancel into Sub and BC

                      Being Activated no longer gives you improved Saber damage.


                      New cancel routes: BR→Whip, BR→2B (amekyan)

                      CSa preserves some momentum while firing

                      Both versions of whip startup improved

                      Side whip now causes some float on hit rather than blowback, making it stable to combo off of

                      2B causes natural fall effect

                      Can do 5B(1)→2B melee string

                      6BC changed from stun to stagger effect on hit

                      Collapsed: 2000:

                      Gundam RX-78

                      HP 580→620

                      CS hitbox nerfed

                      BZ travel speed buffed, can now cancel to AC

                      BC - Guntank nerfed overall. 5BC is now a new move (Core Fighter), Guntank with any direction+BC. Now reloadable.

                      AC startup and guidance improved

                      BD melee motion changed

                      Old BD melee is now a BC melee followup

                      2B motion changed.

                      Now has a BC followup to his melees, does good damage

                      6B vertical tracking nerfed

                      1st hit of extreme attack now has no down value

                      Char Gelgoog

                      Extreme Attack added

                      Overall mobility nerfed

                      CSa does not preserve much momentum

                      CSb travel speed and muzzle correction improved, hitbox slightly improved, falling guidance nerfed

                      Sub startup slightly nerfed

                      AC’s camera change is now cancellable (FINALLY!!!)

                      New cancel route: Sub→BC, AC→8B

                      Many melee strings can now be camera switched during

                      6B travels less


                      BR count 10→8, muzzle correction improved

                      Rising speed slightly nerfed, boost expenditure slightly more severe. Boost speed and momentum nerfed slightly.

                      CS guidance improved

                      Sub - cancel proration added, guidance nerfed, reload time 6sec→7sec, ammo count 2→1

                      BC funnels take longer to return

                      8B - consumes more boost, has extra landing recovery, consumes boost while falling, cannot cancel into anything other than CS if overheated

                      AC muzzle correction improved (unconfirmed)


                      HP 520→540

                      New Move: BC - summons a Rick Dias, old BC is now 2B

                      BR guidance improved, backturn shot preserves some momentum

                      Sub recharges faster

                      AC startup slightly improved, lasts slightly less when setting it remote

                      MA mode mobility greatly improved, consumes less boost

                      MA AC does more damage (90→120)

                      MA melee reach improved, damage improved, can cancel into BC

                      CS during MA mode fires 3 BRs

                      can do BR→BC as an amekyan

                      in Zombie mode, 2B becomes a counter (similar to NEXT?)

                      Can cancel melees into BC


                      BR travel speed improved, can now cancel to 2B

                      MA mode BR guidance buffed

                      CS missile coverage buffed, comes out in a larger area

                      Sub (especially during MA mode) muzzle correction slightly nerfed, especially vertically, now has 2 ammo count while activated, refills when at 0 ammo.

                      AC ammo count 3→5, guidance slightly nerfed (unconfirmed)

                      2B spends less boost on hit.

                      MA melee damage drastically improved


                      CSa startup, momentum preservation, travel speed and guidance buffed, can cancel 3rd shot into BC

                      CSb recovery improved, travel speed improved

                      AC - can cancel into MEPE

                      6b reach nerfed

                      Sub - overall cancel proration improved, now has a side Sub version during MEPE, now does 30 extra damage during MEPE

                      BD melee - startup nerfed

                      Overall mobility during MEPE improved


                      Main bullet speed nerfed slightly, dmg 75→85

                      Sub travel speed improved, improved proration

                      New move: CSa - summons Mermaid Gundam in a really annoying voice

                      New move: AC - shoots dragon fire. Old AC is now any direction+BC, old BC is 5BC

                      New Extreme Attack added - old one is 2ABC, new one is 5ABC

                      Heavy Arms

                      Overall Fun nerfed drastically

                      MG ammo 160→120, downs in less hits

                      8B no longer cuts guidance, overall motion is slightly slower

                      CSb charge time 1sec→2sec

                      New move: 6BC - does a cartwheel

                      New cancel routes: CSb→8B / BC / 2B / 6BC / Sub / MG, 6BC→MG (amekyan), 6BC→6BC

                      Gold Sumo

                      Mobility improved

                      CSa guidance improved

                      BC (Universe) - number of hits lowered aka ends faster, easier to get full hits in, more consistent damage

                      Sub - hitbox nerfed, startup and guidance slightly buffed, down value decreased

                      AC hitbox largened

                      MA BR startup and guidance buffed


                      Now reloads ammo of all forms simultaneously

                      Overall mobility improved


                      Missile Guidance improved

                      CS can be manually moved more, stays out longer

                      Red lock range improved

                      AC effective from longer range


                      Main range lowered

                      8B damage improved

                      6B buffed


                      MG ammo 45→60

                      BC changed to light stun

                      Extra followup from 2B added


                      BR - durability drastically reduced, guidance nerfed

                      AC - guidance improved, staggers longer on hit

                      BC - tracks better (moves around more), can influence where you place him with direction + BC (like ACGuy)

                      BD melee launches, making it easier to follow up, and can be cancelled into AC / BC

                      Extreme Attack Added


                      HP 580→600

                      Boost dash and turning speed improved

                      BR - can cancel to Sub / AC / BC, ammo 7→8

                      CSa charge time 3sec→2sec, startup and guidance improved

                      Sub ammo 12→16, fires faster after reaching target

                      BC cooldown time 8sec→4sec (not recharge)

                      8B startup and guidance improved

                      BD melee speed improved


                      BR reload 4→4.5

                      CSa - directional influence is now drastically more effective, improved muzzle correction, preserves some momentum

                      New Move: Sub - throws a tomahawk.

                      BC ammo count 3→2, reloads now.


                      Now baller status.

                      HP 540→560

                      Sub range improved

                      AC preserves some momentum, can be cancelled into BR (amekyan)

                      5B priority nerfed, startup and proration buffed

                      8B blowback trajectory changed

                      New cancel routes: BC→BR / Sub, BR→AC, AC→BR, Sub→AC

                      Extreme Attack in Normal Mode changed


                      BR travel speed, guidance, muzzle correction buffed

                      CSa travel speed, guidance, muzzle correction buffed


                      Can cancel BR→Sub

                      CSa dmg improved (CS1 +20, CS2 +10)

                      Sub range improved

                      AC guidance and travel speed improved


                      CSa dmg improved (CS1 +10, CS2 +10), can cancel into Sub

                      Sub beam is larger

                      Delta Plus

                      Can cancel BR into BC

                      BZ travel speed and startup improved

                      MA mobility improved

                      MA AC→Sub followup added

                      MA melee startup improved, down value buffed

                      Assist reload time improved


                      Changed to cost 2000, overall performance modified to affect cost change

                      Turnaround BR - startup improved

                      Sub - now no longer hits allies, gained 2/8 versions, can now cancel to BR (amekyan), reload 9sec→6sec, 5 / 2 sub now preserves some momentum.

                      CSa and AC switched places

                      CSa (old AC) added 2sec cooldown, speed and range improved

                      AC startup improved

                      BC reach improved

                      6B and BD melee startup buffed


                      Mobility improved (especially turn radius)

                      CSa muzzle correction / guidance buffed, charge time improved

                      CSb reach improved

                      old Sub removed, replaced by old BC CSa

                      BC input methods changed

                      New cancel routes: Sub→BR


                      Changed to 2000 cost, overall performance modified to affect cost change

                      Redlock range lowered

                      CS guidance nerfed, speed improved, preserves some momentum

                      Sub startup, guidance, and motion improved. reload 6sec→4sec

                      BC reload 40sec→33sec

                      AC startup, size, muzzle correction, and active frames all improved.

                      5B / 8B → Sub cancel added

                      2B → Sub cancel added

                      Red Frame

                      HP 600 → 620

                      Mobility improved (unconfirmed)

                      Red lock lowered

                      BR speed improved

                      Sub muzzle correction improved and fire concentrates

                      CSa no longer crumples after the stun

                      5B, 8B, 6B now have Sub cancel followups that lead to knockdowns

                      AC - can cancel into any melee (other than BD melee), the old AC→B is now AC→Sub, can no longer cancel from BR, CSa, or Melee during overheat

                      BC now has an 8BC version added

                      New awakening CSb super added

                      New awakening super added

                      Blue Frame

                      HP 580→600

                      2B touches the floor (can be used for rainbowstep cancel brake cancelling), consumes boost until you touch the floor, added extra landing recovery

                      CSa has autoguard

                      AC - startup and hitbox buffed, reload time 5sec→3sec

                      BD melee vertical tracking buffed

                      BC startup improved

                      Collapsed: 1000:


                      Sub changed to the NEXT version (3shot rocket launcher)

                      AC is the EXVS vanilla Sub

                      BC at neutral and side now control the other two assists he has.

                      Qebeley Mk II

                      Improved mobility

                      Can cancel BR to funnels (Sub), which works as an amekyan

                      BR and Sub reload times buffed

                      BR down value worse

                      old AC became CSa, and buffed

                      AC summons an assist

                      Pretty useful extreme attack added

                      Red lock range lowered

                      BC starts at full, cooldown time 10sec→3sec, refill time extremely improved, does a strong stagger on hit, flies up less during startup, consumes less boost if held, can cancel from BR and Sub, can control how you ascend with the lever, can cancel INTO AC, can cancel into BR at the end of BC


                      CSb charge time 1.5sec→1sec, buffed

                      BC ammo count 3→4

                      Side BC gives you the old BC, neutral BC summons two that throw lances

                      Added a ton of new cancel routes

                      5B~A added

                      Extreme Attack


                      Extra BR count added

                      Can cancel Sub into itself, ammo count 2→3

                      AC fires 3 shots instead of 2, and reloads better, 2AC fires two sets of two shots. reloads now.

                      Shield Summon buffed

                      HP buffed

                      Longer Red lock range

                      Turn radius buffed

                      Extreme attack that’s useful

                      Boost dash melee vector changed

                      BC reload time buffed

                      LaGOWE (Dog)

                      Can cancel BR into 8B

                      BD melee down value increased

                      Zaku Kai

                      Grenades dmg, and proration nerfed

                      Grenades only refill when you detonate the 3rd grenade now

                      During activate, consumes all your ammo instead of just 1 when throwing grenades (still throws three), so you can’t have 9 out anymore.

                      AC assist travels faster

                      Removed ability to concentrate MG fire


                      BC during purged mode now preserves some momentum

                      CSa guidance improved slightly

                      Can Amekyan using Sub → Main


                      Cannon mode red-lock shortened

                      Assists and mode-change preserve some momentum

                      Running jump now gives a proper boost hop (like Mobile Fighter types)

                      In BR mode, mobility and turning capabilities nerfed, 6B nerfed


                      Cannot regain boost with AC (No longer Batman, now Robin)

                      2B reload time 7sec→5sec, now is set remotely

                      Wire’s reload when you touch the ground after being shot in the air.


                      MG reload preserves some momentum

                      CSb preserves some momentum, recovers a bit of boost when performed

                      Can cancel some melees into Sub

                      AC bullet speed improved, can cancel into BC

                      5B and BD melee buffed

                      Red lock range nerfed

                      Suicide guidance nerfed (same level as overall guidance nerf)

                      Sub reload time extended, cooldown time added, 120 dmg → 115 dmg, ammo goes to full when entering Boost mode (CSb), proration nerfed slightly, travel speed nerfed

                      BC count 5 → 4, Can now amekyan using it, speed and guidance nerfed slightly

                      HP 300→300

                      Super added


                      Overall mobility nerfed

                      Tank mode 5B changed

                      Tank mode Main 1(Nuke) guidance, muzzle correction, explosion size nerfed

                      Tank mode Main 2(Straight shot) Muzzle correction nerfed, guidance slightly buffed, speed nerfed, reload time 11sec → 14sec, 120 dmg → 110 dmg

                      Tank mode Main 3 (Spread shot) now blows back instead of normal stagger on hit

                      New Move: Tank Mode Main 4 added.

                      Sub proration, guidance, blast size, damage nerfed

                      Smokescreen starts at 0 instead of 100, reload time 15sec → 20sec and cooldown time 1sec

                      BC mode change slower

                      Tank mode brake cancel spin © slower

                      Gained a Burst Attack

                    [*]Victory - Throws out its own body parts as weapons, changing its mode

                    [*]Efreet - a melee suit with a unique EXAM system mechanic

                    [*]Duel - BR, charge shot, has an assist that follows him like G Bits / Marie

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        How the FB Changes Affect Competitive Game Balance

        To sum things up, this game is much less momentum and offensive based than the last game. Rather, this game has a higher emphasis on basic neutral game control and spacing (Which is a good thing IMO!). Lots of things contribute to this, but the most noticeable one is the changes to Extreme meter.

        As stated above, A lot of meter gain has gone down, particularly on 3000 and 2500 suits, to the point where you are generally only getting two half bursts as a 3K, rather than three. In addition, the overall effects of the burst have been drastically nerfed by splitting them into Assault and Burst, as well as lower boost recovery. What this means is that not only are bursts less common, they’re less likely to lead to a guaranteed landing punish. EXVS vanilla was much about killing people with your three half bursts, and pressing your advantage with them. While bursts are still amazing in this game, their overall influence on the outcome of a match is drastically lower.

        As a result of both a) the meter gain nerfs and b) less of a priority on offensive momentum, the 2500 class overall has become less dominant at high level. In particular, the 3000 / 2500 comp is now considered weaker than 3000 / 2000. In the previous version the 2500’s overall explosive power, as well as their high reward off of their half burst, meant the 3000/2500 comp could general terrifying amounts of offense that could overwhelm opponents. It traded off health instability (due to the severe overcost) in exchange for better performance. Due to the meter gain nerfs, it is now MUCH more difficult to get two half bursts as the 2500 back suit, making it’s second life much less relevant than before, and overall making the composition high risk high reward rather than the previous game where the risk didn't matter that much.. On top of that, overall 2000 suit stability has increased due to most suits getting good mobility and HP buffs. One could say the difference between 2500 and 2000 has shortened.

        Another big reason why this game is less about offensive momentum is the fact that overall, defensive options are much stronger in practically every aspect. System wise, the increased viability of fuwasteps and fuwafuwas allow for safer defensive play as well as more fluid defensive options. Guidance overall has also been nerfed somewhat, making it generally slightly harder to hit people. On top of that, the overall map size has increased, making it easier to keep away opponents, and making it much harder to get cornered. There were also two big suit-specific changes that follow a common pattern, both of which decrease the viability of rush down offense. One is the overwhelming addition of amekyans to many many suits (see the top for a definition on amekyan). Amekyans are much much more common than in the previous game, and you can expect them to be made full use of defensively. The second change was the common nerf to many strong, but non-replenishable assists, such as RX-78’s Guntank, which now can be used more maximum times, but are much less viable as one-time rushdown enablers. It’s very clear that the primary goal in developing and patching FB was to bring the game back to an emphasis on neutral game.

        As a result, the game is much more focused on ranged play, rather than melee, compared to the previous version. It’s extremely obvious if you just look at the tier list - the top 2 suits are orthodox ranged suits, as compared to the last game’s Full Cloth and Quanta (yes, Quanta is still good, but that’s besides the point). The addition of fuwastep viability, map size, amekyans, etc make it much more difficult to go for melee. In addition, melee suits often benefited the most from extreme bursts as ways of enabling them to close in on targets. Now, this doesn't mean that melee suits themselves are that much worse - there are still many melee suits that are strong and many got corresponding buffs to continue to make them viable (Turn A, God). It’s more apt to say this game is less melee-centric.
        As a result of this and the previously stated nerf to offensive pressure, you’ll see some surprising balance as a result. The best example is Delta Plus, that though did not concretely gain that many changes, sky rocketed in tiers from an average suit to one of the best 2000’s in the game. And he didn’t even get an amekyan - he already had one. Delta Plus’s main (and possibly only) weakness was his low self defense in the previous game, due to bad turn radius etc. That has been drastically changed by the viability of fuwastep, which helps him maintain an on angle threat while being much safer.

        The second reason has to do with his matchups. Suit strength is always connected to actual in-game matchups. In general, it is said that Delta Plus was average in Vanilla because of having bad defense, yes. But more concrete way of stating this is he was average because he couldn’t fight against many offensive top tiers (Quanta, Full Cloth, Destiny, etc). In Guilty Gear +R, Faust became one of the strongest characters despite only getting moderate buffs due in part to the fact that many of his bad matchups got nerfed. The same can be said for Delta Plus - he has a much easier time dealing with suits like Reborns, Wing TV, and Unicorn, that play more of an orthodox neutral game rather than try and run over opponents.
        Despite this, please remember not to interpret the current tiers / suit strengths as a way to reflect overall game balance too much - remember that each suit got changed greatly between versions. Don’t assume because God is suddenly really good its because the melee ranged game is overall stronger in this version - outliers often appear due to suit specific new tools.

        A final, and possibly most important and applicable note I’ll mention, is regarding awakening timings. If you’ve watched Full Boost footage before and are familiar with EXVS vanilla, you’ll notice that there’s a huge variety of burst timings and you may find Japanese players bursting at times that make no sense to you (or passing up on burst opportunities). This has to do with the relative buff to Full Burst. In Vanilla, being forced to a full burst (especially as front) generally meant throwing the match. It was a huge disadvantage. In this version, Full Burst is considered the stable, less greedy option, rather than an outright bad option. Because half bursts don’t refill all of your boost gauge, a lot of situations that would be obvious burst timings in Vanilla are now questionable or up in the air.
        Consider the following example: You are being chased down and pushed into Overheat, and your opponent is sitting at around half boost. In Vanilla, you have a clear advantage, and you can probably take down your opponent. In Full Boost, you’re resetting the situation closer to neutral, or at your slight advantage, without a guaranteed hit in sight. Bursts now no longer simply give you huge momentum swings that reverse the situation entirely. Now they’re more like assists that help improve whatever current situation you’re in. You can think of this as meaning that it is harder to find situations where half bursts will lead to guaranteed damage. As a result, there are two common patterns for bursting you’ll now see. One is players bursting when they already have a slight or moderate advantage in order to “seal the deal” so to speak. This method of bursting is particularly effecting with Assault because you’re profiting off of the damage modifier heavily. The second is using it as a defensive trump card, something that in the old game was seen as a “bad burst” and is also seen more commonly with Blast bursts, due to gaining the new ability to step cancel your shots, etc.

        The optimal half burst in Vanilla EXVS was 1) preventing being hit and 2) hitting the opponent instead. This can be interpreted as a roughly 400 damage swing, overall. In comparison, offensive half bursts get you 200, pushing a neutral situation into your favor, OR prevent 200 damage, by being used defensively to avoid being shot down. The old EXVS burst has literally been cut in half. However the full burst functions like the previous half burst, so it’s now okay to actually value a full burst as two half-bursts. In EXVS vanilla it was more like one full burst equals 1.2 half bursts.

        As I briefly mentioned before, going for a full burst is the stable option. There are many reasons why it’s considered stable. One is that you can try and use a half-burst, and if you don’t see an opportunity, shrug and accept the full burst. The second is the fact that you can use Full Bursts as Reversals. Not only as in the ideal situation I mentioned above, bursting at Overheat then hitting the opponent, but by using a Defensive Full Burst (when you get hit), then hitting the opponent who was hitting you. This is referred to as a reversal burst. Obviously this has huge rewards, and existed in Vanilla as well, but since you could accomplish similar things with half-bursts, it wasn’t a major point. Attempted reversal defensive bursts are much more common in FB, and while they’re still very situational, they give extra weight to the merit of the full burst. Lastly, because you gain less burst meter when you die, high cost suits no longer “waste” meter when you die. In Vanilla if you died without activating you were pretty much at full straight up. In Full Boost that’s not the case, so there’s much less danger of wasting your meter by saving up for a full.

        As we said earlier, the game is much less momentum based. One final point factoring into the previous weakness of full bursts is the overwhelming momentum that half bursts helped give. If you didn’t half burst, were forced to deal with a lot of mid-game pressure without much help. Because the game is less momentum based, being unable to use a burst until the third quarter of the game no longer is a drastic deficit.

        That being said, half bursts are still very good, you will still see them more often than full bursts, most likely. The important point to take from all of this is that burst timings is much more judgemental. In EXVS vanilla there are points where you could say you MUST burst at, 100% of the time, without argument. In Full Boost, there are many more grey areas and it’s up to you as a player to weigh the pros and cons. In Full Boost, you consider ‘will a better opportunity come up or is this the best time to use my burst?’. There’s actual strategy involved. In Vanilla, it was simply “Will I prevent myself from being hit AND hit them? if so do it.” without fail.

        This has become more of a paper rather than a short debriefing for EXVS Vanilla players looking to adapt to the new changes, so think of this as my personal forward for all EXVS players about to start their Full Boost journey. Please note that all of this is my own personal opinion, and though I try to base all of my points within concrete game changes, Full Boost is a much more organic game than EXVS Vanilla, and there are many ways to play. Though my goal is to rationalize and explain what the new common strategies and trends are, these trends are still simply decisions being made by players like you, subjective to change. I hope what you take from this is less the actual points I make, and more so the method of thinking used to arrive there. That being said, I hope you are as excited to play Full Boost as I am, and once again feel free to talk to me on Twitter and play with us on stream.

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        2/3/2013 Update:

        Fixed some errors in the God section

        Added more X2 changes

        Added the explanation of Assault/Blast Bursts

        Redefined a new mechanic to be called a "mini-hop"

        Added "How the FB Changes Affect Competitive Game Balance" section

        1/27/2014 Update:

        -Added many changes to God and V2

        -Corrected a major typo under universal changes: "In particular, all non-BR main weapons got drastic muzzle correction nerfs" → "In particular, all Main weapons including BRs got muzzle correction nerfs"

        Apologies for the errors

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        so you are using "momentum" as the ability to carry an offensive action or some sort? because for the physics approach, the game do have more momentum conservation, as on fuwasteps and fuwafuwa, so BD are shorter but faster so you still move around with more fluidity (unless you are vanilla Strike Freedom wich had to get a nerf), more moves that carry some momentum, a little more boost if im not mistaken, vanilla always felt slower and more about "catch landings", FB looks more fluid and involving more strategy this time around, well it helps that the players have evolve as well, more team synergy, or when i started watching players using green lock to aim gerobis to the other player i started to get amazed, also the guidance and muzzle nerf must help melee suit in some sort, but i dont really notice it that much, it feels more like the momentum and movement options make ranged attacks less viable, even when some attacks got guidance buffs instead like BZs.

        PS: i wish i could play online, but since im from south america, i doubt many people near me would play, and even when i wanted to buy the game it wasnt worth it so i had to use other methods.

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        so you are using "momentum" as the ability to carry an offensive action or some sort?

        if you are referring to the long passage i wrote, probably yes, but it's hard to answer this question when you aren't quoting the usage of the word.

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        if you are referring to the long passage i wrote, probably yes, but it's hard to answer this question when you aren't quoting the usage of the word.

        yes, just the opening phrase "this game is much less momentum and offensive based than the last game"

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        I know it's a bit old, but I think the language regarding burst types should be adjusted when it comes to reload speed. As it stands now the guide implies that Blast burst reloads weapons faster than Assault, but that technically isn't the case. Logically speaking you reload armaments at a higher rate than normal longer with Blast than with Assault, but strictly speaking the two share the same increase in reload rate. Since cooldown times aren't reduced upon bursting I think it's a fair aspect to clarify in regards to certain suits, even if it doesn't change the fact that the overwhelming majority of suits still lean towards Blast anyway.

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