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Setsuna Yuki

[MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

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For those interested, the text talks about him being a melee push-back all-purpose suit. He has a split assist in which one attacks with a claw, and one does a shooting attack. His heat shotle isn't just for melee - his BC can throw it to stagger the opponent.


Ok, so. That doesn't seem so bad. If they give him beam MG main, I think he has a chance to be pretty viable.

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I wonder when we'll start seeing suits added for units that were already in the opening and have yet to be released still.

I'm very interested in how the 00 Gundam Seven Swords/G will be. I wonder if they'll include the XN Raiser possibly to make it more like 00 Gundam is in the game.

It's also nice to a better image of Yurin finally.

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Very very impressive, I've been waiting for Sandrock since Next Plus and was sorely disappointed to find that he was fairly complete and pretty fun to play with as well but just unused for whatever reason.

It's kind of a bummer that the shotel throw is bc and not CSa like before, but I'm overjoyed that he's in at all.

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Reconguista suits most likely will be on the next game or maybe DLC for MB console port.

But yeah, they might pull a GvGN Unicorn.

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Part 1: For anyone interested, here's a video of where someone used a cheat code in GvGNP to play CPU Sandrock. He doesn't have his assists, and what will be his BC is his CS in this version: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19802298



Part 2: Patch notes for tomorrow's update (source)


Zeydra will be released for public play.


MS changes:


Full Armor ZZ (3000 now)

Normal (FA) Mode

  • Main: ammo 6→8. The split priority from the 2 beams has been unified. (The implication here is that although the attack looks like and until now has been a 2-beam attack, it's essentially a wide 1-beam shot now as a 1hit will do the same as a 2hit)
  • BC (now mode change): →Sub (double cannon) and →AC (zaku head Zeta assist) cancel routes added

Enhanced (Armor Purge) Mode

  • CSa (high mega cannon): charge time -0.5s
  • 4/6B: on hit ~BC followup (grab) now more consistent


Strike Freedom

  • Mobility increased
  • Main: →Sub cancel route added
  • CSa: now carries momentum through. →AC cancel route added.
  • MCSa: bullet speed increased. now carries momentum through. →AC cancel route added.
  • AC+Sub (full burst): dragoon beam damage increased (1hit 17→19. total damage 118→129).
  • 5AC (stand-by dragoons): after shooting the dragoons return to the wing binder faster now. →BC cancel route added.
  • Directional-AC (all-range dragoons): →BC cancel route added.
  • 4/6BC: amount of movement increased (so I guess this means moves more sideways?)
  • [bC]~B melee attack: followup performance increased
  • 4/6B: 4th stage hit's float condition changed to be easier to followup.
  • 8B: damage 75→85. startup speed and followup performance improved. on-hit float condition changed to be easier to followup.
  • BD melee: followup performance increased.
  • [melee]~8B followup (kick): proration lowered. on-hit float condition changed to be easier to followup.
  • [melee]~2B followup (heel drop): damage 90→100. Hit effect changed such that it can now be followed up (so this probably means it's a bounced Down now).


ZZ Gundam (2500 cost)

MS Mode & MA Mode

  • Main: split priority from 2 beams merged into 1 beam (same as FA ZZ Main)

MS Mode

  • Main: →AC (Quebely Mk II assist) cancel route added
  • AC: →BC (separation attack) cancel route added
  • BC: immediately after separation for a fixed time avoids enemy attacks (so like Force Impulse Sub now. I thought it already did this...)
  • [bC]~A followup (→high mega cannon gerobi): startup speed increased
  • 5B: →BC cancel route added to every stage
  • 4/6B: →BC cancel route added to every stage. Stage 3 Down value lowered.
  • 8B: →BC cancel route added
  • 2B: →BC cancel route added to every stage
  • BD melee: →BC cancel route added to 1st stage only

MA Mode

  • Mobility increased
  • Main: 1hit damage 70→100. Bullet speed and tacking both increased. Down value increased. On-hit effect changed to a Down effect. →Sub (spool missile launcher), →AC (Quebely Mk II), →BC (missile launcher) cancel routes added.


Virsago Chest Break

  • Mobility increased
  • Rear-shooting action: carries momentum through now
  • CSa: damage increased (1hit 55→60. total damage 110→120). →BC cancel route added.
  • Sub: beam's effective range increased. →Sub cancel route added (so can rapid fire now)
  • AC: startup speed increased. →BC cancel route added
  • BC: beam proration lowered.
  • 4/6B: Stage 3 hit's Down value lowered, and on-hit float condition changed to be easier to followup.
  • EX Attack: During the startup, the "alignment" performance has been buffed (so muzzle correction?). Length of time the gerobi fires has been increased.


  • Sub (double beam cannon): startup speed increased
  • AC (power-up mode): Now available on deployment.
  • [AC]~AC: (something about cartridge reload and leftover ammo. I need to look at a video or something to try and figure out what exactly this is talking about)
  • 2B (beam knife throw/stun): travel speed and tracking improved. →Sub cancel route added.
  • 5BB~ and 4/6BB~2B followup: no longer consumes boost.


Blue Destiny 1

Normal and EXAM Modes

  • Main: stagger enemies more easily
  • BC: can now be used in overheat
  • EX Attack: GM's health increased

Normal Mode

  • AC: startup speed increased


  • AC: startup speed increased. GM's health increased. Bullet speed, tracking, and blast range all improved.
  • BC, 5B, 4/6B, 8B, 2B, BD melee: all have had their followup performance improved


Red Quebely Mk II

  • Main: beam speed and tracking both improved
  • Sub: staggers enemies more easily
  • AC: Bawoo's health increased. Is active for +5s longer. Now carries through momentum.
  • BC: funnel movement speed increased. now stay closer to the enemy after attacking.



Shared Changes

  • HP 480→500
  • Now gains EX more slowly

Normal Mode

  • Main: no longer stops in place when reloading
  • CSb: charge time -0.5s. active time +2s.
  • Sub: reload time -1s


Banshee Norn

  • HP 780→720
  • Gains EX gauge more quickly now.
  • Sub: reload time +1s. MGaAP tracking nerfed.


Dreadnought (X-Astray)

  • EX Overdrive: there was a bug that caused ammo reload rate in S Drive to be too fast, and this has been corrected.
  • CSa (BR high output): charge time +0.5s
  • Sub (beam reamer "funnels"): reload time +3s
  • 5Sub (self-attached reamers): damage 35→30. proration increased. beam speed and tracking both nerfed.
  • BC (dragoons): reload +1s
  • 8B: no longer has auto-shield functionality when hit by a ranged attack

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So regarding Hyperion's [AC]. It's a one use/deployment thing that when activated makes your Main ammo become unlimited and raises it's damage, makes your Sub 1→2 ammo and replenishes it, increases the damage of CSa (high output beam 196→234), and increases your mobility.


Normally your Main (a beam MG) is cartridge reload. Before this change when you entered the AC power-up, after you exited it your Main ammo would be at whatever it was before you used it. So it seems that now if you press AC during AC power-up it will cartridge reload your Main, so that it is at 50 again when you exit the power-up mode (even though your Main ammo is unlimited during AC, so you won't see this effect until after).



10/28 EDIT:

I seem to have misunderstood the note. Here is a video that sort of quickly shows the Hyperion changes:




Apparently what the note meant was that after you use AC for power-up, AC then for the rest of your current life becomes a cartridge reload (similar to Full Cloth's BC) for Main. This in turn apparently can be used for fastfalls, looking at the video.


Whether or not using AC during power-up mode will reload your ammo so that you exit power-up with full ammo, I'm still not sure. That video he didn't use any ammo before using the ability...

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MB probaly wont be out for another 2 years probably.


hmmm, probably true, b-but i want it now ;_; dat Zeidra, Dreadnought, Hyperion and FA unicorn look so fun to play as.


plus sandrock is coming soon, a suit I've wanted playable since EXVS

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Lol i still remember some guys here who never played Maxi Boost saying that S.Freedom was in a good spot. Finally I don't need to concentrate that much to just fire my CSA. Back then if the enemy is constantly firing towards S.Freedom , S.Freedom can hardly fire its CSA due to the fact that it stays in place while firing it and the animation is pretty slow compared to other CS of the same kind. Now that they buff the biggest problem of SF, it should be around mid A as a 3K suit. Still weaker than Destiny /w0 and banshee Norm tho.

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I remember when you semi-regularly signed in to condescend and spew racist generalizations at a whim when people called your antics, ignored his general damage problems and pretended the only thing he needed was a boost dash melee buff. Or to be Zabanya when he was flavor instead of actually looking at other options. But while moving on from the topic of being generally sharp with people for no reason, the top three will probably stay up there for a while until they nerf Destiny's damage, and fix Norn/Wing TV's overall tools.


As for the CSa buff, that's not really the biggest thing on it's plate and certainly didn't help Reborns,Nu, or Hi-Nu with their respective problems. The suit's general mobility and performance has been massively improved and it's new cancel routes will only further improve it's handling, I don't disagree with the idea that it could be an A tier suit, but a solid CSa alone does not make a grand suit on it's own.

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I figured WZTV would have been fair after Zero system being a one time use.

Still that strong huh...

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