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Setsuna Yuki

[MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

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Finally, I hope these new suits get added as FB DLC. I NEED TO SHINING FINGER SWORD PEOPLE!!!

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How Ootori's missiles work after the latest update:




That's definitely a lot better.


Yeah, this is unquestionably better. I wonder if they still work as well from the air though...more than that, I really want to see the CSa adjustment.


Although, now that I say that outloud, I remember I need to stop waiting on these things to pop up online and just go to the damn arcade and investigate for myself ><

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Strike Rogue Ootori

  • Main: →2B cancel route added
  • CSa (gerobi): startup hastened
  • EX CSa (full burst): charge time -0.5s
  • [AC]: One button input now fires all 12 missiles in rapid succession. Missile speed and tracking both increased. Down value decreased. Changed how enemies are affected when hit. Changed the distance you are pushed back when firing. In compensation, normal 1hit damage 32→26, cancel 1hit damage 27→21, and reload time +1s.
  • [5BC]: →Main cancel route added
  • [Directional-BC]: during summoning →Main cancel route added
  • 5B~8B followup: changed to non-ukemi Down
  • BD melee: stage 3's hit effect changed to now be possible to followup
  • ~BC melee followup: stage 2's 1hit damage 4→7, and stage 3's damage 100→105


Wow thats Awesome, I love the Ootori in FB, but its feels clunky for me, these change will definitely make it better.

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unfortunately odds of that are insanely low.

I'ld be curious what makes you think that?

In any case if don't get them as FB DLC, they will all come once Maxi Boost gets a console port sooner or later.

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Ex-S still hasn't been released as a regular DLC. So i think they will at least release some more DLC. There is still chance for Shining and Nobel.

I wonder why Cherudim comes with GNHW/R but  Arios doesn't have GNHW/M with it.

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Was looking at the official site's news releases to see what they'd posted about the Conquest Festival Exhibition ^Mattro posted a link regarding


Winter battle lasts 12/6~1/31 and has some special items players can purchase with in-game currency.


Conquest Season 10 lasts 12/12~1/14, and people collecting at least 1500 CP will gain rewards (which will surely, as usual, be early access to the next suit unlock after Shining, and some emblems/etc).


Also in that second link it talks about how from 11/21~12/21 they're doing a "retry" campaign for:

  • Elle's Mk II, WZ Quatre, JR Zaku II, SM Zaku II, and Lacus IJ

in which you'll be able to once again purchase their HUDs/emblems it seems. Also on that page is news that the AGE girl navigator was re-released 10/28.



Nothing anywhere that I saw though says anything about "Conquest Festival", or exhibition, so....??



In Addition though there was a pre-announcement of the next MS regulations that will be near the end of this month:

  • Hyaku Shiki, Legend, FAUC, Red Frame Kai, Xi, Zeydra

Although you can read it now, the date listed for the announcement is 12/16 (next Tues), so maybe that is the day the details of the changes will be posted?

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Please don't nerf red frame kai :(


lol not a chance, RFK is considered ass tier at the moment, and has been for a while now. Zeydra and Hyaku Shiki will be getting some degree of nerfs; RFK and Xi getting buffs; Legend and FAUC could maybe be a little of both, but I'm assuming more buff than nerf.

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man i hope they don't nerf the Zeydra too much. 


OK I can understand the buff for RFK but why Xi gundam?

Xi isn't really all that good in MB. while its solid it isn't top either. Penelope is better then Xi and they're pretty much the same suit.

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2014/12/16 Update


Shining Gundam released??

Suit Adjustments


Full Armor Unicorn

Full Armor Mode

  • Main (Beam Magnum): reload -1s
  • B (missiles): reload -1s
  • CSb (grenade pods): if you press B while the leg grenades are firing you can fire additional grenades from the shoulder racks. Furthermore, the effective range was extended, and the explosions improved to be easier to hit enemies with.
  • Sub (Beam Gatling): bullet speed and tracking both improved
  • [4/6BC] (tank ejection/explosion): Improved the rate at which the tank ejects, and also increased the distance Unicorn moves while ejecting the tank. Furthermore, →Main/Sub/all melee cancel routes added.

Tank Purge Mode

  • Main (Beam Gatling): bullet speed and tracking improved (carryover from Form 1)
  • CSa: newly added Beam Magnum shot
  • Sub (Hyper Bazookas): ammo 4→6, but reload +1s in exchange. [5Sub]→[4/6Sub] cancel route added. [4/6Sub]'s movement direction has been adjusted, the speed at which 2 rounds are fired has been hastened, the recovery period after using has been decreased, and the float effect has been altered to make it easier to hit with consecutive rounds.
  • [AC] (Mega Beam Launcher): reload -1s
  • BD Melee: chase performance improved

Perfect Mode

  • Main (vulcans): tracking improved
  • Sub (Beam Magnum): ammo 1→2, but reload +1s in exchange. Also adjusted the shooting barrier's performance? Finally, →BC barrel roll motion cancel route added.
  • [AC] (Norn assist): →BC barrel roll motion cancel route added
  • 5B: damage 268→274
  • 4/6B: startup speed and chase performance both improved
  • 2B: attack temp improved
  • BD melee: the second stage attack now occurs more quickly, it has been reduced from a 5hit→4hit grind, 1hit damage 16→22, and both the Down value and proration % per hit have been increased.
  • Bug Fix: fixed an issue where the shield funnels' display would sometimes appear strange.


Xi Gundam

Shared Changes

  • Main: ammo 10→12, missile damage 56→61/hit

Normal Mode

  • Boost consumption from BD and step have been decreased

Minovsky Craft

  • [Dir-BC]: movement speed increased, and it now carries through more speed after using the technique.


Legend Gundam

  • Mobility improved
  • CSa: Dragoon's beam speed improved and damage 18→19/hit, and the BR's attack priority widened.
  • Sub: recovery time decreased. Also, when using [Dir-Sub], the position in which the Dragoons setup around the target has been changed, and the shooting range widened.
  • [Dir-AC]:Dragoon chase performance and beam speed both improved
  • [bC]: →Main cancel route added
  • 8B: chase performance improved
  • 2B while near opponent: 1hit damage 55→60. Beam spike's hit effect has been changed, and the recovery period elongated (I assume in exchange for a more favorable hit effect, but it doesn't specify the change)
  • BD melee: chaser performance improved
  • EX Attack: chase performance improved


Red Frame Kai (2500 Cost)

Shared Changes

  • Main: damage 65→70/hit, and ammo 4→6.
  • CSa 1st stage: the Gerbera Straight's hit effect changed to be easier to followup
  • Sub: reduced the amount of time until the beam accelerates, reload -2s
  • [→AC]: movement speed improved
  • [2AC]: Stage 1's Down value decreased
  • 5B: damage 269→277 and chase performance improved
  • 5B~BC followup: Stage 2's damage 180→235
  • 4/6B: chase performance improved
  • 8B: chase performance improved, and Stage 4's hit effect changed to non-ukemi Down

Normal Mode

  • EX Attack: +2s to active time

Delta Mode

  • Mobility improved


Hyaku Shiki

Normal Mode

  • CSb (Dodai Kai launch): startup speed nerfed, Dodai's travel speed nerfed, damage 121→111

MA Mode

  • [AC]: Dodai's travel speed nerfed, damage 121→111



Shared Changes

  • CSa: Khronos' chase speed and attack priority both nerfed.

Normal Mode

  • [bC] (X-Rounder Powerup): No longer restores Main and Sub ammo, reload +4s




  • Bug Fix: changed the color of the beam from Rashid's BR (lol)



  • Bug Fix: fixed an issue where under certain conditions MEPE wouldn't end even though the timer had expired  o_o

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Note that the patch notes didn't actually say expressly that Shining would be released, so I don't know if he is coming tomorrow or if there will be another update in a couple of weeks with him, but they usually only do 1 update per month...

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