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[FB] Skype Lobby Game Discussion

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Hey folks, I've started up a Skype room for on-demand text & voice discussion about the game. Add me on Skype (I think it's either kirinfang or Josh Torres) if you want to be added. Obviously, be respectful to everyone and if you want to start a call, please type /golive instead of calling everyone the normal method.

This command makes it so you start a voice chat room without calling anyone. From there, you can call the people you wanted to contact individually or just host a room that anyone can jump into.

If you're worried about getting bugged by Skype constantly, you can always tweak Notifications so it'll only highlight certain keywords so you know if someone is calling for you in the text chat. So post your Skype IDs here for me to add you, or if you're worried about privacy, PM me =)

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