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[Xrd] King Ky - #R -> +R -> Xrd Changes (In Progress)

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Going with what I've seen so far in match videos in Xrd, change lists, and experience from playing both #R and AC+R. Not doing his entire movelist as there are some moves that have been unchanged over the years or too specific for the eye to catch.


- #R: On CH, prolonged hitstun. Same with both ground and air hit.

- +R: On CH, prolonged hitstun and blows back. Same with both ground and air hit.

- Xrd: Same as #R.


- #R: +6 on block, possible to link 5S, 2S, and 2D afterwards (this makes 5S -> 6K loop work), not special cancelable.

- +R: +4 on block, cannot link 5S but special cancelable.

- Xrd: Same as +R. May have more/less advantage on block.


- #R: Two-hit swipe. +15 on block, special cancelable on both hits.

- +R: New move: one hit ranged swipe.

- Xrd: Same as #R.


- #R: No input.

- +R: Exactly #R's 6H.

- Xrd: New move: one hit upward swipe. Special cancelable, gatlings from most moves; most important is f.S for max range confirms.


- #R: Two hits, slower, no jump cancel.

- +R: One hit, faster, jump cancelable.

- Xrd: Mixture of both versions. Two hits, seems to have +R startup and jump cancelable.


- #R: Two on the same jump possible. Prolonged hitstun on ground hit.

- +R: Could not have more than one from the same jump (FB star could however) Floats on ground hit. Floats higher on CH.

- Xrd: One j.D per jump; but does float on hit (might have changed from 2nd loketest?) Summons one Seal.

Stun Edge (236S)

- #R: One version. -4 on block(?)

- +R: FRC added. Two versions: Slash (same as #R) and HS (faster, more recovery)

- Xrd: FRC removed (but YRC OK) One version, may be the same as #R.

Charged Stun Edge (236H)

- #R: FRC added. No aerial version.

- +R: Aerial OK. Command change to 236D.

- Xrd: FRC removed (but YRC OK), the same as #R version; no aerial.

Stun Dipper (236K)

- #R: Faster startup, longer distance, combos (2 hits) better. FRC'able.

- +R: Slower startup, shorter distance, a bit more difficult to combo from max ranges.

- Xrd: FRC removed (YRC OK?), might have #R startup with +R distance.

Greed Sever (214K)

- #R: Slow startup; floats on hit. Higher float on CH.

- +R: Faster startup; ground bounces on both ground and air hit. Crossup OK.

- Xrd: +R startup with CH height float on normal air hit (combo possible with 2H or super jump). Floats normally on ground hit as #R. No crossup.

+R Charged Stun Edge/Split Ciel (236D)

- #R: No input.

- +R: New input for CSE. Refer to Charged Stun Edge for changes.

- Xrd: Input for Split Ciel (new move in Xrd)

Will be updated when I see some more videos and data.

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