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AC+R Venom Basic Combo and Combo Theory Thread

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First of all, would like to apologize to those that have requested this thread from me, or any new players wondering where they should go for combos.

Partly due to the nature of Venom, and partly due to my own shortcomings, instead of a traditional combo list, I will be listing out Venom's combo theory in terms of starters, filler, and enders. Hopefully, this information + videos/training mode will help you with your combos for real matches.


2K - Venom's most common ground starter - fast and hits low. Of course, being a 2k, there is heavy proration - your combos will do less damage and generally have to be shorter.

c.S - Generally this will be a ground starter during frame traps (5 frame startup), or people just plain not respecting your pressure. Can also anti-air, but usually it will be the last hit, and too high up to get much reward.

5S/2S - Poke wars. If you're close enough, sweep with 2D. If not, Stinger for a combo, FRC said Stinger for a knockdown at certain distances, or Carcass/Ball summon to put yourself in a better position.

5HS - You mashed throw and got this. Congrats! On air or ground counterhit, you can do some big damage! If you just get a regular hit on the ground, you only really have time to dubious curve.

6P - one of the primary anti-air combo starters. Your followup will depend on the opponent's position and if you counterhit.

2HS - another anti-air combo starter. In this case, you only have a followup on counterhit.

j.D - Wall bounces in the corner. Even easier to followup on counterhit due to increased untechable time.

2D - You'll need a Stinger FRC to pick up into an air combo. In the corner, you can cancel into S Carcass Raid to do a full combo.

j.236S - When your last hit goes low enough to the ground, you get a combo! Link 2K or c.S.

623HS/j.236HS - When you get the read for these moves, you can RC and score a combo.

j.236D - Corner for best results. Of note, you keep your air options after this move.

Throw - Heavy proration, but will give you an opportunity to get lots of balls on the screen with positioning.

Air Throw - Not the same benefits as ground throw, but combo opportunities are around. Meterless if closer to the ground, otherwise, the FRC will let you combo from just about, if not anywhere. Just j.D after the FRC to get the special wall bounce that they get from being in the ball.

Combo fillers:

c.S - 3 hits for the launch, or 2 hits to keep it on the ground.

6k, (2)8S - Start charging immediately after entering the command for 6k. Adjust from 6->3 rather than going directly to 2.

j.K, j.S, j.HS, j.D - Corner only. Timing between the moves, and even the moves themselves used are going to be height and character dependent.

421P/S~D/HS~D FRC - Add corner carry and/or extra damage to your combo. Depending on the situation, generally follow up with dashing 2S, 2HS, Dubious Curve or dashing c.S, 6K on some characters/in some situations.


5HS, 421x - Midscreen Standing Dubious Curve combo ender one.

2D - Sweep ender.

6K, 421x - Combo into a Dubious Curve

6k, 214HS~D, 5S, 421x - Pushes them a bit further out and adds some extra damage.

Air Combo into j. HS - convert air to air situations into knockdown. Can't exactly get the greatest okizeme, but it's something!

Red Hail - Finish the round in style and nothing more.

6HS - Score a knockdown while on the ground. Useful every now and then, usually covering stray ball hits.

Dubious Curve Loop Enders:

You can go into DBC loop in the corner meterless. More meter for FRCs can get you more reps, as well as higher damage variants using 2HS/5HS. General ways into the DBC loop will be 6P, 421x and (c.S optional), 6K, 421x.

(421S, 2S x 2-3 times) - basic loop. The amount of times you get is character and spacing specific.

421x, 214S, 2S - Practice hard and you can add another summon into the combo. In this case, you'll end the setup with 2 lightning balls for your okizeme!

Anti-air combo options:

If you're close enough after 6P, you can gatling into c.S. From there, air combo or 6k into your usual options from there. If you get a counter hit from further away, raw 421x will combo, so at least you'll get a ball out.

Counter hitting with either hit of 2HS will let you cancel into S Carcass Raid, then you can dash forward and combo from there. However, counter hitting with the first and letting the second hit will waste this opportunity.

Throw combo options:

Venom's throw has a unique property. Any move done while the opponent is in the ball will wallbounce them. This is mostly used for midscreen throws, and airthrow FRC j.D

Of a midscreen throw, send them into the wall (c.S, 2S, 2HS are all options), 214HS for the summon, pickup with c.S and continue the combo. HS Ball is used so it doesn't interfere with the combo.

You can also keep it simple with a dash 6P/c.S so they get hit after leaving the ball, and go from there.

Off of corner throw, I personally keep it simple with a Dubious Curve Loop, but you can do the air combo filler into j.d as well.

That should get things started, feel free to contribute or discuss at hand!

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Whoops, forgot this one:


6HS - Score a knockdown while on the ground. Useful every now and then, usually covering stray ball hits.

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