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[FB] Custom BGM Archive

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That, as well as the other AGE ED/OPs and miscellaneous songs from the series, will be up tonight. I had issues working with one song which I resolved last night, so once I'm done on campus I'll finish editing and upload the AGE files.

Also I'll take this time to re-iterate the project's move to Copy ( https://copy.com/qTbBeyKoS9pHSxje ) . I actually may need to delete the files in dropbox earlier than planned (i.e. in about an hour) for class related stuff, but there's a message for redirection in the dropbox link just in case.

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Added 11/11/14:


(All Gundam AGE tracks)

To Tomorrow

Hero Within You


My World


White Justice


forget-me-not ~ワスレナグサ~


Desperate Battle

Gundam AGE-2: Ahead of Destiny


Gundam AGE-3: Awakening


Gundam AGE-FX

Next up (and probably the last big chunk) is Build Fighters. I'll probably upload it bit by bit, but wont mention them here until everything is done. That also includes extra songs for other series which I'm doing on a personal whim.

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Added 11/13/14


(All tracks from Build Fighters):



Imagination > Reality

wimp ft Lil' Fang (from FLAKY)

Short-Pants Spirit


Build Fight

The Crimson Comet ~Three Times the Passion of Ordinary Flamenco~

Speed Star

This is how we do

Samurai Edge

Meijin ~Six Times the Passion of Ordinary Flamenco~


@MyonTsun: I wasn't sure if you wanted your requests cut a certain way, I tried to aim for the best way to just get into the main melody's of the songs to complement an actual match of the game, but this meant doing a few things like cutting out slow openings to a few of the songs (mainly Yuuki's themes and This is how we do). It's also why I didn't go ahead with adding Fellini's themes and "Gundam Build Fighters" as you requested. The latter song especially is a pretty long piece and takes awhile to build up, so I wanted to ask if there was anyway you wanted it to start or if the normal beginning is good enough. This also applies to any other songs you requested, if you want me to change them then holler at me.

@GARBLAR: read above, lol.

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Awh YES!!!1111oneone!!!!


Perfection, thank you so much. I can now finally pay our Great Meijin Kawaguchi the Third the respect he deserves! Albeit I don't exactly have a suit that fits his amazing category...


edit: spelling

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Thought I would add a small contribution... some BGM from Maxi Boost found on nico.


I don't really know the names for them (and tbh I didn't bother searching :p ) so I just called them respectively Arcade Screen and Versus Screen.





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Added 11/18/14

Lengthy Briefing (EXVSMB)
Matching (EXVSMB)

Both added to the Randoms/Duplicates folder until I can decide how to organize them/possible future non-Gundam tracks. I'm sure the names aren't final, and they are remixes of The Kick/Tyrant Killer and Friendly and the Enemy from FB respectively, but I just titled them what the videos were titled since there's nothing official yet.

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Added 11/29/14

Silver Dress (Zeta)
The Eternity in You (G)

Gateway to Eternity (08th MS Team, cleaned up)
Endless Journey (Turn A)
X-Top (Turn A: Earth Light, Moonlight Butterfly)
Unlimited Sky (00)


ニブンノイチ -> One Half (Build Fighters)

I'll be shooting to get the rest of Build Fighters and an extra track for each other series up after this semester ends in two weeks, and then that'll probably be it in terms of things I wanted to add myself. Requests will still be open at that time of course, but I'll most likely start working on them after the new year kicks in. Thanks for the interest so far guys.

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Alright, this last batch finishes up the GBF requests and adds a few more themes from most of the entries in the franchise. Only note here is that "The Front" from Blue Destiny is from the PS3 side stories game, but I couldn't find an OST/was too lazy to make a music rip for the game so it's pretty compressed for the moment. I also made a folder named Non-Gundam Requests for... well, non-gundam requests. That's it for now, there's still a few stragglers I can think of but I'll think about dealing with them after the holidays, same for requests unless they're small ones I guess.


Added 12/13/14:



Incandescent War



The Era is Crying

Mobile Suit Battle

The Invisible World

Vortex Zone



Adrenaline High

Earth Spirits Leave for Space



Moment of History


The Blue Destiny

The Front



I am a Newtype




Theme of G-Saviour



Effective Blow



Sand and Dust


SEED Destiny









Bring on a War


Build Fighters

Gundam Build Fighters

Fellini's Graceful Assault

Quick Attack

Fellini's Graceful Assault Mk.II

GBF - Open the Future Mix

The Transforms: The Movie (dat ending on a good note)

The Touch

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Hey, could you please loop BGMs that are already in the game for Seed and Destiny ? Like "Sentou Butai", "Youki to Bishoumi", "Fukushu~Freedom Gekiha", "Tobe, Freedom !" or "Kira, sono kokoro no mama ni" ?

Also, I'd like you to take care of BGMs you didn't work on yet (also from Seed and Destiny) like "Girty Lue Navigation", "Kakusei Shinn Asuka", "Tachiagare! Okori yo", "Sakebi to Gekitetsu", "Oogantai Saigou no Tatakai", "Justice and Freedom", "Countdown", "Birth of Secretion" or "Kyouki no Hate".

Of course, if you have time to do it.

Thanks in advance.

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Is it possible to loop the songs Rave-up tonight from the maxi boost opening & INFINITY from the gundam breaker opening?

Thanks in advance to whoever accepts my request. :)

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Allenpergallon, can i request a non gundam looping theme?

I want to request looping theme of V6-Take Me Higher to be used on super hero generations game. Thx

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Added 3/25/2015


Maxi Boost

Rave-up Tonight (had to cut it a bit short since the song's two parts are clunky to mesh together, but I can change it if you want).


I sorted a few things around so now there's a folder for Maxi Boost and Next Plus under requests. I'm aiming to get the other requests done by week's end. I was going to do them now but a headache has been kicking up all day.

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Added 3/29/2015


Turn A




Birth Secret


Freedom and Justice

Stand Up! Anger


SEED Destiny

Cries and Hammers

End of Madness

Girty Lue Nagivation

Last Major Battle Fleet


Gundam Breaker



Ultraman Tiga

Take Me Higher (I couldn't find the version from Super Hero Generation anywhere, if you can send it to me then I can redo this but otherwise it's just the instrumental version of the original theme)

I've got finals and things coming up so I probably won't get around to any future requests until mid-to-late May.

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