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Faust v. Baiken

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Is it safe to use these forums? /apprehensive

I read through the Faust matchup thread and nabbed this useful information, I figure it would be nice to have in this thread:


You'll want to stay at max range, in order to stay away from her alpha counters. If she throws out her grapple, you can crouch walk forward under it, to get in a 5S or 2S (if you're close enough). You can even stuff her grappling hook with 5S if you chose to do so. Basically you're going to play your standard item throwing, range poking Faust game. Your safest bet is to stay full screen away from Baiken. Make sure you move in every so often with jump Drill cancel j.HS (or just j.HS), so she backs off. You don't want to compete in the air with Baiken if you're near, because her j.S will HURT and leads to a huge counter hit combo. Play it safe in this match.

Counters to Baiken's moves:

HS alpha counter:

Since you're going to stay far enough away from most of Baiken's counters, you really only have to worry about her HS counter (the one where to flies through the air, attempting to cross you up.

Solution - attack with max range 5S and wait to gattling into 2K when you see her alpha counter start to activate. At the farthest range of 5S, this will counter hit her everytime, giving you plenty of time to follow up your with your standard B&B. You also have the option of canceling into 5D since the startup is invincible.

From Zinac, and

Grapple? Do you mean the claw chain?

If he whore's it out to get you in, duck it (3) and time a far slash immediately after.

Tatami Mats are very dangerous on counter hit so be careful when doing this but if he likes to just Instant air dash in and throw them out, use 5k or run up and 6p. You could also jump into them and instant block. then try to double jump outta pressure.

Also if he seems to pressure you alot in the corner use FD to push him back. Besides Baiken's chain her range on the ground is pretty shitty so this gives you a chance to escape and begin your zoning. This match-up isn't that easy for Faust but it can be won, just gotta know what your doing and throw the right shit out.

Here's a vid to show you how to duck that dumb chain: RF(fa) vs Maruken(Ba) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX1z38WsI5s

From Senkei

Though even with all this, Baiken gives me a lot of trouble. Her air game seems to beat out Faust, and Faust's air game is one of his most important aspects. I lose really badly to IAD j.s > j.d (I dunno if that's a normal Baiken thing, but it works against me), and I was wondering if there's any good ways to beat it. The best ideas I could come up with were...

5k: Seems to work the best, the height is just right, it's quick, and might even have priority over Baiken's j.s, but the counter hit effect turns any combo potential to zero (unless it doesn't...). Not to theory fighter, but I think the change to a float effect in R would allow Faust to go into a pretty decent air combo in this situation.

6p: I am simply terrified of this move. It comes out so slowly, it looks awkward, and the whiffing animation makes me want to cry. I've always been told it's a great anit-air, but is it good to use in this situation?

j.2k FDC j.hs: This one's just an idea, I've haven't actually tried it out here, but it has good range and high priority, so it naturally feels like a great fit. The only worry comes from being counter hit by Baiken's j.s before it comes out, which, as we all know, leads to nothing but a bad day.

2k: The first hit anti-airs decently, and can even be jump canceled into an air combo, but the timing on using it is a little tight, and a whiff tends to lead to a j.s counter hit.

Those are the main options I thought of/tried; are any of them actually valid? Are there better choices I'm just not seeing? Lend me your strength, Fausts of Dustloop!

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