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UCC Texas Bar Fights Round XIV 3/22/14 Results

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Blazblue Chrono Phantasma – 11 Entrants


1: Harakiri_Tiger ($77.00)
2: TDG OSO ($22.00)
3: Aya ($11.00)
4: AnimeFreak
5: Kentei Wolf
5: Pfhor
7: TWG Genius Champ
7: Uncle Gary
9: Profound Badness
9: Betadood
9: Facebeam




Persona 4 Ultimate – 4 Entrants


1: AnimeFreak ($14.00)
2: INS DumbLuck ($4.00)
3: VoiceofCain ($2.00)
4: SuperKamiGuru

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Never realized until recently that Texas Bar Fights was in Fort Worth; for some idiot reason I always assumed it was in Austin or Houston where the big tourneys are.


Live like 15 minutes from downtown.  Headbutting wall right now.  Going to have to dig in and practice some BB (and other games) before the next one.

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