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KnightSlash 8 3/30/14 Results

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Here are the results for the three games. 


P4U (10 entrants) Full Bracket: http://challonge.com/KS8P4U

1. Grover (Yu/Ch/No/Yo)

2. Naochii (No/Mits/Random Select)

3. Colpevole (Ch/Aki/Random Select)

4. RK The 505 (Liz)

5. Quotes (Aki)

5. JK (Aki)

7. Limiter (Yu)

7. TheSmang (Ch)

9. RK Airthrows (No)

9. Peanut (Yk)


BBCP (8 entrants) Full Bracket: http://challonge.com/KS8BBCP

1. Colpevole (Haz)

2. Grover (Kag/Rag)

3. Peanut (Mu)

4. TheSmang (Tao)

5. Limiter (Az)

5. Quotes (Hak)

7. E$ports (Hak)

7. JK (Bang)


GG+R (13 entrants) Full Bracket: http://challonge.com/KS8GGR

1. A3R (Johnny)

2. Peanut (Dizzy)

3. Grover (Venom)

4. E$ports (Pot)


5. TheSmang (May)

7. Remy

7. Naochii

9. Darksim

9. JK

9. Poret

9. Limiter

13. Colpevole

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Note, BB technically didn't finish as the tournament ran over time. The final results of Grand Finals were me being up a single round in the first game, coming from winners side...

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