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[Xrd] I-no Video Thread (Updated 01/13/15)

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Hi guys, i was wondering if you guys could give me like a rundown of the different sources you use for ino videos.

I know of Keep On Rockin, as well as of Mynus channel, Typical East Coast, and of course Goldenrody and Jourdal youtube channels, as well as GameAcho in youtube.

And of course on twitch Jonios stream and godsgarden, but is there anything im missing? The other day @TheRealBobMan was writing about how he sees Koichi doing a lot of IAD j.P vs Millia, and i wondered where you get that Koichi footage from man? Ive been searching for I-Nos a lot and recently i can only seem to find Osca on Jonios stream but thats about it...

Anything else im missing?

Thx for the help

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Maybe it's just that I see Koichi doing that a lot in general, and caught it once in this match vid that I found on Keep On Rockin' (and jeez, the j.K didn't even connect after the j.P):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7kqPeVhyuA&feature=youtu.be&t=00h06m52s

Honestly, if you're watching that much stuff on that many channels, you're viewing more content than I am.  My life right now is pretty much 'Traffic > Work > Traffic > Sleep' on repeat.  Sorry that I misremembered that.

j.P is a move you want to use in that  matchup though.  On IAD you can usually go into j.K > FFVCL, or from a regular jump a CH will combo into j.H.  In a lot of cases you can combo that into HCL ~ D even from far away against Millia, but if you know you wont get knockdown (too high/low after the j.H) just shoot a note to keep her blocking so you can get in with the initiative, even if you don't get a mixup from it.  The idea is the preempt her jump-in j.Ps that she has to do late to beat our AA 6P attempts, or her air-to-air j.K attempts by reaching her before her j.K gets started.

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