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[P4AU] Junpei Iori - Baseball Mechanic

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Decided to make this so players can understand how this character works better.


Junpei's Baseball mechanic is similar to Frank West's Levels in Marvel 3. Connecting specific moves will allow the character to get stronger.

To do this, you'll need to pay attention to 5 things on the screen: Runs, Bases, Balls, Outs and Strikes.

The most important is Runs. When he gets 10, he'll automatically go into Victory Cry Install, which gives him the following things:


Clean Hits. With this, he can do longer and more damaging combos with his bat.
HP Regeneration (Except when taking damage).
SP Invigoration (Slower than Elizabeth's Invigorate).



Once Victory Cry is activated, it stays active for the whole match.



To get Runs, Junpei needs to get 3 Bases and hit his opponent with his bat. He will get 1 Run for every hit having all bases full.

There's 3 ways to score a Base:

- Hit your opponent with a bat move. For every attack, Junpei will get a base. If you do a combo with 3 swings, he'll get 3 bases. 

- Hit your opponent with a reflected projectile. Junpei can reflect most projectiles in the game with his bat and turn them into fireballs, for each of those you hit, Junpei gets 1 base.
- Scoring 4 Balls. Junpei scores a ball by making the opponent block his bat. If you do a blockstring with 3 swings, he'll get 3 balls.

OBS: Everytime Junpei gets a Base, Strikes and Balls reset.


No player is perfect though, if Junpei gets hit or even fails to hit his opponent, he'll be punished with an Out.


There's also 3 ways to receive an Out:

- Taking damage. Junpei will receive an Out everytime he's in hitstun. Different from Bases and Balls, he can only get 1 Out per combo.

- Getting thrown. It's important to note that Junpei will receive an Out even if he escape the throw.
- Scoring 3 Strikes: Junpei receives a Strike everytime he whiffs a bat move.

OBS: Receiving 1 Out, Balls will reset. Receiving 3 Outs, everything will reset except for Runs.



Only Runs carry over between rounds. He starts with 0 and can go all the way to 55. He has 3 SP Skills that can definitely help him with this because of their ability to score Homeruns. When he gets one, he will get Runs for every base filled + Junpei himself.


After 10 Runs, the following ones will boost damage in some Special Moves/Supers and improve HP/SP Regeneration. Each time Junpei scores 10 Runs (20, 30, 40 etc) his regen will get faster. At 30 Runs, his SP Invigorate is as fast as Elizabeth's for example.



To wrap it up: Your main focus as Junpei should be getting the first 10 Runs to use Clean Hits as soon as possible.
It's good to keep increasing them for HP/SP regeneration though, don't miss any opportunities to do so.
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Now that you know how to get Runs and activate Victory Cry, let's learn how to use Clean hits.

Clean Hit is Junpei's strongest weapon and can only be used while in Victory Cry. It makes bat moves deal more damage, more hitstun and even adds different properties like wall bounces or slides.


It's possible to Clean hit with every attack that uses Junpei's bat. That includes his B normals, Special moves and SP Skills. You need to hit your opponent with specific spacing to make it work. You'll see the word "CLEAN HIT" on the screen if you get it right and the sound effect will also change.


Now let's see what Junpei gets if he Clean hits his attacks:


  • B Normals: More damage, added hitstun.
  • B+D: More damage, added hitstun, can be special canceled, opponent wall bounces if close to corner (possible to continue combo).
  • 236A/B: More damage, added hitstun, opponent will fly higher (possible to continue combo).
  • 214A/B: More damage, can be special canceled, added hitstun, opponent will slide forward (possible to continue combo or apply okizeme with 5D in the corner).
  • 236236A/B: Added hitstun, opponent will slide forward (possible to continue combo).
  • 236236C/D: Added hitstun, opponent will slide forward (possible to continue combo).


It's very important to get consistent with Clean hits and learn how to confirm combos from them! 

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Homeruns are pretty easy to understand, you get one Run for every Base filled plus Junpei. Which means:

  • No Base: 1 Run
  • 1 Base: 2 Runs
  • 2 Bases: 3 Runs
  • 3 Bases: 4 Runs


It's very important to get Homeruns and maximize your Runs as much as possible. That way you can activate Victory Cry sooner, deal more damage and recover more HP/SP.

Only SP Skills can score Homeruns, that means you must spend at least 50 SP to get one. They are similar to Clean hits, Junpei must hit them with specific spacing to make it work. They're overall easier though since it's pretty much guaranteed if you use them after Sweep, 236A/B or j.236A/B. 


The exception of the rule is his Awakening SP Skill. It's a bit hard depending on the version you use.

The C version makes Trismegistus fly back slower, which makes it easy to confirm the Homerun. D and SB versions are faster, which makes them harder.

If you do get it though, the damage you get is doubled!


It's also important to finish every round you can with a Homerun. That way, you can get extra runs for the next round.

Don't forget that your bases will reset between rounds, that's why you should try to finish them with a Homerun.

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Run Tutorial



Getting the first 10 Runs is really important for Junpei considering how much stronger he gets in Victory Cry. You need to know how his Baseball gauge works and score 10 Runs as soon as possible.


Here's a short tutorial made by PET, a Kanji player who also plays Junpei.


Video notes (Thanks Sourenga for the translation):


"If you have 0 Runs, the only thing you need to aim is to get 10 at once. This can be done with One More Burst combos.
Even if you don't have the meter for a Homerun, go offensive and try to get as many Runs as possible with this method.
It's highly recommended to go for these combos at match start, that way you might have your Burst back by the end of the round.
You'll mostly confirm the OMB out of aerial combos, make sure you don't waste any opportunity to use it.
After the Burst, use 2B to pick up and go for the aerial combos. It's possible to go for aerial combos after a Fatal counter, example: 5B > 2C > Combo.
Concluding, here's a special 10 Run combo using 2B FC. This combo works against Minazuki's warps, it's a guaranteed Fatal.
8 Runs without meter and 12 with 50."
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I just want to note that while more runs do not increase his overall damage, it increases the number of hits he gets on his 236A/Bs, and the damage on those moves get really high at 40 bases and above.

Also victory cry seems to increase overall damage on everything by 20%? I need to check again for the exact damage increase but I'm pretty sure you get a 20% damage boost.

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Other things that may not be important, but should be noted:


  • Junpei's Clean Hit supers can Clean Hit outside of Victory Cry.
  • If Junpei gets 3 balls, 2 outs, and 2 strikes, he'll gain a slight red aura and afterimage trail. In this state (dubbed Full Count in-game), the next bat attack Junpei uses will automatically Fatal Counter if it hits.

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