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[FB] EXVSFB Side Tournament @ Evo 2014

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The results:


Team Hold Tourney (bracket @ http://ubw.challonge.com/exvsfb_evo2014 )


1. TRUE 'MURRICAN DREAM TEAM (AcidAce / JustAnotherHiro) - Xenon / Xenon, Xenon / Tank, Quanta / Providence
2. Lazy Men (WhiteDevil / Tari) - Nu / BD, 00 / Gunner, Saz / BD
3. Kill Me Buppa (lark / Rectativo) - Xi / Spiegel, EX-S / Banshee
4. BraveOrder (OrderShar / Type-Rave) Hi-nu / - Tallgeese, Reborns / Sinanju
5. Panda Skydiving (LastInnovator / jdg-king) - Reborns / Kshatriya, Reborns / Exia
5. Bear Cat (yamatox20 / OreWaGundam) - Quanta / Kshatriya, Full Cloth / Kshatriya
7. Chocobo (Tryflozn / Awaiyume) - Epyon / Gold Frame, Epyon / Gunner
7. Unlimited Rulebook (dakanya / magz) - Reborns / DeltaPlus, Reborns / Exia
9. Typical East Coast (St1ckBug / AirMaster) 
9. No Name, No Hype (Jinbu / Cosmic) 
9. Pot Shot (TheBiter / Obaloneys) 
9. The Sugoi Boys' Kawaii Club (GKN|Yaozzer / GKN|Teyah)
13 The Baka Brigade (zyk / Zephyer)
13. Red Lightbulb District (themethdragon / bbv)
13. Swedish Baguette (Greensure/Bako)
13. We Don't Even Play This Game (zman / ogrebite)
17. Flat Caps (Nomad-Cero / Blitzkrief)
17. Impulse (tanzlix / maho)
17. No Name (Kobesama / Omegafree) -
17. Persona Altimax (miracleknight / altimax)
17. Just JAM IT IN! (DoomBacon / YYYCTO)
17. Blue Pasta (Klimax / Jasepi)
17. Forgot Name, Didn't Pay Entry Fee
17. Trieze Faction (MatrixMatt / KuraudoVII)
25. Nibelungen Treue (HealingCare / Chargi)


Shuffle Tourney (bracket @ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ndBC_YgvJ8RAWHISD23D1MqhuSNYLxljJ2wcuGi8P_E/edit#gid=0 )


1. whitedevil (GP-02)
2. shingin (Drei)
2. dakanya (Reborns)
2. Jinbu (ZZ, Xi)
5. thebiter (Dynames)
5. Hiro (Tank)
7. gx9900 (Gold Frame)
8. magz
8. Airmaster
8. Zeph
8. acid
12. Cosmic
12. Themethdragon
12. Obaloney
12. Tryflozn
16. zyk
16. bako
16. YYY
16. DoomBacon
16. lark
16. kozu
16. OrderShara
16. lotus
16. Anderson


First of all, a big thanks to everyone who supported this event, be it as a staff member, player, or spectator!

Massive shoutouts to:

All the people who lent out equipment: Myung, Roy, Aug, Kozu, Hiro, OrderShar, Myxeq, DoomBacon, Yon702, YYY, MINUS, Methdragon, Jinbu. This event could not have succeeded without your generous help, so thanks again.

All the Team NorcalDogfight members for helping with basically everything: Dakanya, AJ, Tsubasa,

Everyone else who helped staff, carry stuff, etc: Jinbu, BBV, Meth, Cosmic DoomBacon, Bako, Blitz, Shingin, DJ,

Commentators who helped fill awkward silence: Bako, Airmaster, Lark, Dakanya, Tari, Jinbu, BBV, Shingin

All the out of town participants who flew from around the world to support the scene: Calgary crew, jdg-king and his friends, East Coast, Montreal, Utah/Colorado, etc - you guys are godlike.

Ogu, Sengoku, ASAGI, and all the other JP supporters for restreaming, retweeting, and helping us grow our event internationally.

DJCream for putting up a note and reserving Gundam on Day 2 when I overslept - you saved the tourney \o/

Once again thank you all for your support. We'll be having HQ footage uploaded as soon as we can, and I'll be sure to inform you guys when it does happen.








I'm happy to announce we'll be running an 8-player setup this year! That means two concurrent matches. Day 1 will be running one Team Shuffle and one Team Free room!


As always, we (Team Norcal Dogfight, Unlimited Brett Works, etc) will be continuing the tradition of running a Gundam EXVSFB side-tournament at the annual Evo 2k series. If you're unaware of what Evo is, it's the largest fighting game tournament in the world, held annually in Las Vegas. For more information, refer to the official site: http://evo.shoryuken.com/
Pre-reg by posting in the following format i.e. this example: Team Name: Player 1 / Player 2 - Region(s) 
Pre-reg isn't required at all, but it's nice to show your support so people are aware of our growing numbers. It also guarantees you guys will be on the bracket and properly seeded (by region, skill, etc), so it's a bit of insurance. If there are enough entrants, we will also separate by pool. Pre-registering guarantees you'll know which pool and what time to show up ahead of time. Lastly, if you are using a DLC suit and you pre-reg, we will ensure that suit is available for you!
Don't have a partner?
If you're looking for a partner, please post the following information if possible: Name (Region) - Suit Name A (Cost) / Suit Name B (Cost) / Preferred Role:
We usually do partner searching on-site, but this year I'd like to be a bit more pro-active and do as much ahead of time. We'll do our best to try and suggest players of compatible suits etc. 
Entry: $10 per team
Format: Double Elimination, Matches are 2/3, with Winners, Losers, and Finals being 3/5
Pot Split: 70/20/10 (per team)
Seeding: Yes.
Map: Side 7 lock
DLC: All free DLC unlocked, paid DLC suits playable if someone has pre-regged with it.
Character / Burst lock: On win only

Time Out: In the case of a time-out, a rematch occurs.
Day 1 - Casuals, Possibly Shuffle Tournament 

8:00 AM - Setup and Casuals

4:00 PM - Tentative Shuffle Tournament Start

11:00 PM - End


Day 2 - 2 on 2 Tournament, Post Tourney Large Team Exhibition (if we have time)
8:00 AM - Setup and Casuals

2:00 PM - Fixed Team Tournament

8:00 PM - Large Team Exhibition

11:00 PM - End



http://ubw.challonge.com/exvsfb_evo2014 (Updated as we receive more entrants)




Equipment List
Please post or contact me if you can help contribute equipment! The extra monitors are used for our streaming setup


Brett - 2 Full Setups + 1 PS3 (HDMIs)

Hiro - 1 Full Setup + 1 Monitor 

Kozu - 1 Full Setup (arrives thurs)

OrderChar - 1 Full Setup (arrives thurs) - HDMI


dakanya - 1 PS3 w/ FB (arrives thurs)

Doombacon - 1 PS3 w/ FB (arrives thurs, will setup with us fri morning)

Jinbu - 1 PS3 w/ FB (unconfirmed)


Myung - 2 Monitors (thurs)


Myxeq - 1 Monitor (thurs)

AcidAce - 1 (Laggy) Monitor

Methdragon - 1 Monitor (arrives thurs) - HDMI

Minus - 2 Monitors (arrives Fri early morning)

Yon702 - 1/2 Monitors (drop off thurs)


Pre-registered Teams:
Chocobo: Tryflozn / Awaiyume - Canada (B.C.) 
Unlimited Rulebook: Dakanya / magz - Norcal
Lazy Men: WhiteDevil / Tari - Norcal
GNsurre / Bako - EU
Macrobeast and Friend - MN
No Name, No Hype: Jinbu / Cosmic - US
Typical East Coast: St1ckBug / AirMaster - East Coast / Montreal 
The Baka Brigade: Kumojaki / Zephyer - Utah / Belgium (may cancel)

Nibelungen Treue: HealingCare / Chargi - Germany/Austria

No Name: Kobesama / Omegafree - Calgary


Players Looking For A Partner

Player Name               Region                      3000                               2500                                   2000                                1000                 Preferred Role  Order Char       Utah Reborns Gundam   God Gundam Gundam Spiegel   ---   Front       Nostalgic      Socal   Unicorn Sinanju (front) F91 / Forbidden / Red Frame ---   ---    YYYCTO        Arizona    00 Raiser ZZ --- Ez8   ---   ---                   ---  --- --- --- ---   ---   [/table]

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Well might as well get started on this, since I'll probably need a partner.

OrderShar/Utah/God Gundam 2500/Reborns Gundam 3000/Gundam Spiegel 2000

Sent from the NOL Intelligence Department.

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Will most likely need a partner.


AirMaster (Montreal) - Victory Gundam (1000)/Crossbone X2 (2000)/Crossbone X3 (2500)

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Hey Brett,

Little confused about why you mentioned (Suit A) & (Suit B) in "Team Name: Player 1 (Suit A) / Player 2 (Suit B) - Region(s)"  Does this mean the MS we place in there is permanent through out the tournament? or you just want to know what MS we are maining at the Tournament and we can switch to any MS during the tournament?

Anyway, I'll pre-register first, I'll edit it if I need to change it, but I hope I filled this correctly for you dude.

Chocobo: Tryflozn (Epyon [3000]) / Awaiyume (Gold Frame [2000]) - Canada (B.C.) 

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Oh hey Tryflozn, glad to see you can make it!


The suit list is just to help people match up together - it's not locked or permanent. 


EDIT: Also I actually hadn't meant for the suits to be necessary to mention for teams, only for people looking for partner, so my bad lol. Anyways added.

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James and I should be entering, though we have no suit selection or team name yet. :v:

I'll update if we decide on anything, but I doubt we will, since I'm lazy. :D

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(socal) Nostalgic- f 91 (2000) (both front/ support), Sinanju (2500) (front), Forbidden (2000) (support), astray red frame (2000) (front), Unicorn (3000) ( both front/support)

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Notice - if you are planning on using a DLC suit that isn't free, please post here so we get a sense of which DLC suits will be needed.


Also, if you are willing to help provide equipment for setups, such as PS3s or monitors, please let us know. We're considering trying to shoot for EIGHT total setups to get two concurrent matches going. This means DOUBLE the amount of potential casuals you guys can all play on Day 1, as well as make everything on Day 2 run smoother to let us run a potential Large Team Exhibition afterwards!

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Monitors will be really helpful, need monitors!!! Thanks in advance! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at EVO =)

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Gundam 2on2 Tournament will begin officially at 2:00 PM PST, to avoid conflicts with BBCP on the same day.

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Oh Brett thanks to CtrlAltWTF I'll have a full set up available for Gundam I can also bring my LGP too

Sent from the NOL Intelligence Department.

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Oh Brett thanks to CtrlAltWTF I'll have a full set up available for Gundam I can also bring my LGP too

Sent from the NOL Intelligence Department.


Updated - Thank you so much!


To everyone else: If you can or know people who can help bring monitors, please let us know! It looks like we are going to be okay on PS3s but we're down like 5 monitors (Need two extra for the Stream setup). 


If you can help spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated.

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