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[CP1.1] Amane Nishiki Video Thread

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  • This thread will only be for 1.10 videos. Visit the previous thread for original BBCP ones!
  • If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just link the video along with the time that Amane appears in the video, and I'll update this post with that video. If a suitable title for the video is available please list with it.
  • Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. This thread is for posting and discussion of videos only.

Notable Players
  • Arukemi
  • Sendatsu
  • Jirou
  • Issan


Misc Videos

Collapsed: Tutorial Videos:


Collapsed: Combo Videos:

- Jirou combo video: http://www.nicovideo...atch/sm23731896

- Amane Volume 2 from madt3apar7y: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u12C7ybx1x0

Match Videos

Vs. :AM:
Collapsed: Vs. Amane Videos:

Vs. :AR:
Collapsed: Vs. Arakune Videos:

Vs. :AZ:
Collapsed: Vs. Azrael Videos:

[03/23/2014] Arukemi (AM) vs. Fujio (AZ) [nicovideo, 06:00]

[04/16/2014] Jirou (AM) vs. Azrael [nicovideo, 7:08 & 16:33]
[04/19/2014] Jirou (AM) vs. Zekuso (AZ)

[05/07/2014] Kaichi (AZ) vs Shadow (AM)

Vs. :BANG:
Collapsed: Vs. Bang Videos:

Vs. :BU:
Collapsed: Vs. Bullet Videos:

Vs. :CA:
Collapsed: Vs. Carl Videos:

Vs. :HA:
Collapsed: Vs. Hakumen Videos:

[04/26/2014] Gaara (AM) vs. Ji-young (HK)

[07/02/2014] A92 (HK) vs. Jirou (AM) [nicovideo, 5:28]

Vs. :HZ:

Vs. :TG:

Vs. :IZ:
Collapsed: Vs. Izayoi Videos:

Vs. :JI:

Vs. :KA:
Collapsed: Vs. Kagura Videos:

[03/23/2014] Arukemi (AM) vs. Shuda (KA) [nicovideo, 00:11]

Vs. :KO:
Collapsed: Vs. Kokonoe Videos:

Vs. :LI:
Collapsed: Vs. Litchi Videos:

Vs. :MK:
Collapsed: Vs. Mokoto Videos:

Vs. :MU:
Collapsed: Vs. Mu Videos:

Vs. :NL:
Collapsed: Vs. Noel Videos:

Vs. :NU:
Collapsed: Vs. Nu Videos:

Vs. :PT:
Collapsed: Vs. Platinum Videos:

Vs. :RA:
Collapsed: Vs. Rachel Videos:

[03/23/2014] Arukemi (AM) vs. Dia (RC) [nicovideo, 9:20]

[05/31/2014] Sendatsu (AM) vs Zero (RC)

Vs. :RG:
Collapsed: Vs. Ragna Videos:

Vs. :RE:
Collapsed: Vs. Relius Videos:

[04/16/2014] 馬の骨 (RE) vs Jirou (AM) [nicovideo, 4:02 & 13:43]

Vs. :TA:
Collapsed: Vs. Taokaka Videos:

Vs. :TER:
Collapsed: Vs. Terumi Videos:

Vs. :TS:
Collapsed: Vs. Tsubaki Videos:

[04/20/2014] Issan (AM) vs. Tsubaki

Vs. :VA:
Collapsed: Vs. Valkenhayn Videos:

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The wrong names are written down under the vs Tager and vs Taokaka videos.

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Thanks for pointing that out, I got the template from Kurushii in the staff forum and they're listed wrong there too.


While I'm here, are y'all really not finding any videos of Amane? Maybe I need to do more nico sleuthing =(

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To be fair, he was never a popular character to begin with. Only Jiro, Shima, and Alchemia ever seemed to show up, and they usually seem get taken out asap by any above average player on a strong character.

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Updated with many matches between Tsujikawa (KO) and Arukemi. He makes a lot of mistakes that prevent him from taking off any matches, but it's definitely worth watching to get an idea of how to play this match-up. Out of all the videos that get uploaded he's definitely the best Amane.

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For future reference, I am no longer updating this thread with Shadow videos. He does not play well enough and I don't want fellow Amane players picking up his bad habits :3

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it really is too bad alot of these are impractical because the style ponts are through the roof.

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So, I just found this website today. http://horibuna.web.fc2.com/BBCP110/BBCP110_AM.html


It's basically a compilation of all videos that get uploaded to nicovideo for all characters and it's maintained with fair currency. I'm going to sift through all the Amane videos (mainly Jirou) and update this thread with all of the valuable ones. If only these could get uploaded to youtube! Maybe I should figure out how to do it...

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Updating with some quite good footage of Arukemi playing at Urban Square for the Arc Revo qualifier. He doesn't qualify though. :|


Here's a list of the videos for convenience!


Platinum vs. Arukemi (AM) 

Noel vs. Arukemi (AM)

Arukemi (AM) vs. Litchi

Arukemi (AM) vs. Jin

Arukemi (AM) vs. Rion (NU)

Arukemi (AM) vs. Hasshi (JI)


EDIT: found some earlier footage with a different team mate, poor guy can't get a break :(

Tenri (MA) vs. Arukemi (AM)

Sachinari (TG) vs. Arukemi (AM)

Mochi (HZ) vs. Arukemi (AM)

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17 dan Amane player Sendatsu, WATCH THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ogq4hzJm9OM&feature=youtu.be


Damn! Amane was like, "Bitch fuck you, and your cat umbrella, and your over-weight bat, and your queef farts that you do in all directions!"


Just the damage Sendatsu was pulling off after a wall throw is insane. Back to the drawing board now. 0_o

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These are for CP2


Chin Hakumen vs Jiro Amane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiykyZWeqMQ
Goro Makoto vs Jiro Amane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzoljeaDYZw

Zagi Arakune vs Amane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUMi3fsdq2E

Murishin Jin vs Amane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSry8wDsxv4

Jiro Amane vs Takenoko Valk, Jin, Kuresu Tsubaki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcfem2G2ufc

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Other CP2 videos, get them while they're hot (as in they still exist)


Couple things that struck me.

- It's very apparent how limited the character is right now in terms of Oki

- 6A CH > 5B whiff > 5A is a godlike thing. It'll always convert

- Is it just me or the way Amane floats during jC > j6C > j2C sequence seems off or different


Arukemi Amane vs Tager https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SswpO98uO6o

Arukemi Amane vs Litchi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIpTcO4QvYg

Mao Amane vs Hazama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIpTcO4QvYg

Mao Amane vs Hakumen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0jzabX6A8Y

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Shadow Amane had some sets, I havn't had time to watch all of this stuff

Against Tsubaki http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24725260

Against Hazama http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24725470

Against Noel http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24725401


We get two more videos, Don't know who this Amane is.

Amane vs Celica http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24734955

Amane vs Hazama http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24734750

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