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UMAD 2014 Results

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BBCP (50 entrants total)

1. Lord Knight

2. MDA|Psykotik

3. kirbster

4. DTC|Gatchaman

5. FAKKU|Brice

5. wakeupdp

7. Bill307

7. d4rkWolF


Arcana Heart 3

1. Bill307

2. XAQshinor

3. Psykotik

4. pochp

5. Kazuhiro

5. Yuri

7. Dagwood

7. Level5-Chan

9. Shwa

9. Nedel

9. Kingsley

9. Ruroni


Persona 4 Arena

1. Lord Knight

2. Bill307

3. Psykotik

4. Chachanman

5. Steb

5. Kazu

7. D4rkWolF

7. DudeUnderscore

9. VinceX

9. TextGuy

9. Level5-Chan

9. pochp

13. Thelo

13. Kim

13. Kirbster

13. Kingsley

17. RurouniLonewolf


Vampire Saviour

1. Lord Knight

2. Psychochronic

3. Essay

4. pochp

5. Airmaster

5. RurouniLonewolf


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R

1. zidane

2. mahouko

3. Xaqshinor

4. Thelo

5. DigitalWatches

5. Yuri

7. Sage

7. Brice

9. Eshi

9. Steb

9. Lofo

9. pochp

13. place tie: Rigel

13. Shwa

13. Unsanctifier

13. Kaeru

17. VinceX

17. Sophisticat

17. Yujj

17. st1ckbug

17. Rhannmah

17. Essay

17. TextGuy

17. SamTheGreat

25. Greenix

25. Raiyan

25. Dagwood

25. Psykotik

25. RurouniLonewolf

25, Kirbster

25, Marco

25. Not Zidane


Gundam EXVS Full Boost

1: Gundams are Freedom (Mahouko & St1ckbug)

2: Team ABC (AirMaster & Raftclans)

3: Notice me sempai (DaisyFan & raiyan)

4: Oldtype no Chikara (AkaGenesis & LOrdR)

5: Team Freelancer (Kairon & pochp)

5: Duozone (Kanepain & Vamp)

7: Banana Demons (Shurien & Jess)

7: MDA (Mr Mortified & Psykotik)

9: How do I play this game? (RurouniLonewolf & Silent_Fate)

Gundam EXVS Full Boost Random Cost All, Random Stage, Shuffle tournament.

1: AirMaster & DaisyFan

2: AkaGenesis & Shwa

3: Kirbster, Nedel, Shurien & Raftclans

4: Madnug, Mahouko (DQ), St1ckbug (DQ), Mr Mortified, LOrdR, Jess & Kaeru




BBCP and GGXXAC+R Top 8 minus the wasted ones :


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Full Gundam EXVS Full Boost results.


Brackets here


1: Gundams are Freedom (Mahouko & St1ckbug)
2: Team ABC (AirMaster & Raftclans)
3: Notice me sempai (DaisyFan & raiyan)
4: Oldtype no Chikara (AkaGenesis & LOrdR)
5: Team Freelancer (Kairon & pochp)
5: Duozone (Kanepain & Vamp)
7: Banana Demons (Shurien & Jess)
7: MDA (Mr Mortified & Psykotik)
9: How do I play this game? (RurouniLonewolf & Silent_Fate)


Gundam EXVS Full Boost Random Cost All, Random Stage, Shuffle tournament.


1: AirMaster & DaisyFan

2: AkaGenesis & Shwa

3: Kirbster, Nedel, Shurien & Raftclans

4: Madnug, Mahouko (DQ), St1ckbug (DQ), Mr Mortified, LOrdR, Jess & Kaeru


Shoutouts will be later.

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First of all, shoutouts to every single person in the building for pulling off an event so godlike that I still want to write about it at 6AM after driving all night.  Ottawa had a blast.


More specifically, shoutouts to:

- XAQshinor for bringing godlike Dizzy play, despite the sunk costs driving New York out here

- Mahouko for going full on info-session on me in our enlightening sets

- Zidane for playing the heel like a boss and giving us all someone to aspire to beat

- St1ckBuG for bringing the limitless hype, and enabling Zidane's final form

- Digital Watches for being a stand-up guy, and beatable... except when he's sober

- Lord Knight for the hype Kokonoe show, plus our VSav first-to-five with all the thoughtful commentary that followed

- Psychochronic for keeping me honest in Vampire, twice, and making me want to put in work again

- Chachaman, Mishou(sp?), Bill and the others I played in tournament for holding my attention to CP as long as they did

- Unsanctifier for the Slayer experience

- Steb for finally not dodging me in GG (next month, there's no escape ;D)

- Rhannmah for the kind words and keeping me scared enough to actually drill mirror-match strategies

- Brice for reminding me to play from the heart (even if he was really just encouraging me to lust over hand-drawn girls because his sponsor gives him a cut or something)

- pochp, DerQ, town-crier Kaeru, Rurouni, and WakeupDP for the parts they played in taking care of logistics and generally being damn fine company

- Psykotik for the chill and pleasurable chats, and the always-marvelous examples of how to approach games

- My Ottawa peeps for just being


Otherwise, I just want to say: regardless of who or what is single-handedly killing the scene, this scene is single-handedly killing it.

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Shoutouts to all our guests who came down to make MAD this year what it was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Stickbug, I love you man.

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First time going to a tourament like this and I really had fun. Was really cool to play agains new skilled player!  Makes me wish we had a place like Foonzo in Quebec city. As far as I know we dont :(.

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Thanks for the event guys, it was amazing time. Shoutout for reiyan to play gundam with me, glad to see you did enjoyed.


was nice to see Sticky and mako around. hopefully to see you guys soon.

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Thanks for coming everyone and making this event awesome! It was a blast!

Shoutouts to Foonzo! 
Shoutouts to Community!
Shoutouts to Anime! 

PS: Shoutouts to Selfie's

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Shoutouts to New York gang for being so godlike at guilty gear, unfortunately I couldn't say proper goodbyes when I left because I couldn't find you anywhere

Shoutouts to Mahouko for beating me in the GG -AND- BB tournament

Shoutouts to Zidane for being too good and for putting up with my apparently scrubby GG skills

Shoutouts to St1ckbug for dying in an alcohol daze in front of the commentator station

Shoutouts to Digital Watches for being so goddamn drunk, oh also being awesome to play GG with

Shoutouts to Bill for bodying me on stream, god I have no idea WTF is Kagura doing, except DP

Shoutouts to the Ottawa crew for improving a TON since we last played (last year)


Shoutouts to alcohol for making the USA vs Canada GG kumite not happen (damn you alcohol, this would've been the best shit ever)


Shoutouts to everyone(derq, pedro, brice, wakeupdp, bibi, kaeru, anyone else i forgot) in the organization of this event for making it the success it was


This thread needs more shoutouts, get the fuck off twitter you circlejerking bastards, GOD i hate twitter        /old

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Special shoutout to brice for being the best person ever.

Shoutouts to everyone I met and played for the first time.

Shoutouts to everyone I met in America and saw again here.

Shoutouts to keeping these shoutouts extremely broad, but yea nice

meeting all of you. It's always nice to put faces to names. Everyone

has been extremely friendly and I would definitely like to return next year.

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It's over. Now I have to wait a whole year for this to happen again!!! ;.; It's okay. Evo and NEC will ease the suffering of my waiting. And of course TSB in Tokyo. That's going to be godly. But anyway, time for shoutouts.



to NY + NJ

- LordKnight for getting 1st place in BB, Persona and VSav as well as drinking all those drinks at the bar like a champ. Sad I missed my chance to get wrecked by your Kokonoe but there's always next time.

- St1ckbug for being the hypest guy to be around all the time. I hope you had an amazing time while you were here in Montreal.

- Zidane for being a hilarious guy and one of the hypest GG players I've met so far. Really hope you enjoyed your stay here in Montreal.

- XAQ, didn't get to talk to you much but your Dizzy was hype and your matches in Arcana were great to watch. I hope you had a great time here in Montreal.



to Places I'm not sure of

- Eshi for that one match I played against your Amane and then my awkward after the match "um, I forgot to get your name and introduce myself." Hope you had a great time here in Montreal

- DigitalWatches, I don't think I've ever seen someone move so gracefully after having a few drinks. I'm still in awe about it honestly. Also, dem shoes. They were pretty cool and looked really comfortable.  And of course, you're Axl was really good. Your GG commentary was also hilarious. I hope you had a great time in Montreal and at UMAD.



to Ottawa/Toronto/Etc.

- Dagwood for winning the SG tournament and bodying me in Arcana. Thanks again for coming down to hang out with us! I'll see you again at Evo if you end up going.

- Essay for helping us move some of the couches at the end of the night and being a real trooper by driving Ottawa here and back in one day. I was pretty surprised by how well you played in VSav too. I had no idea you even played until I saw your Felicia at the tournament. Keep being a really chill guy!!!

- Psykotik for getting 2nd in BB and 3rd in Persona and Arcana. Your performance was really great. I'm actually secretly super sad that I didn't get to fight your Aigis since I don't get to fight Aigis often. Maybe next time.

- Bill307 for bopping me with his Teddie in Persona and helping run Arcana. You're such a nice guy ^,^

- Mortified and dat Iron Chef hype!!! And also for busting out the fabled Doujin Archives of legend. I almost died and went to heaven in that moment. Glad to see your hand is healing up nicely. I look forward to seeing you again sometime

- Nekoneko and dat Relius that bodied me once again. Your commentary was really good too.

- DudeUnderscore, keep spreading the glory of Rachel in your scene and we'll do the same here!

- Gatchaman for having a hype Valk and Bullet. Sad I missed the money match with LK and the Jam mirror with St1ckbug. Oh well. Keep rising to the top!

- Chachaman for having to go through the Mitsuru gauntlet in Persona. Sad I missed those matches too ;.;



to MTL

- Pochp for A) organizing the whole event. I didn't think it was possible for UMAD to be even better than last year because last year was an absolute blast but you proved me wrong. Well done, man. B) letting me run the SG, VSav and Persona brackets. It was a pleasure to run  and C) bopping me in Persona again and then later in Arcana.

- Bibi for handling the streaming. I missed those adorable Makoto overlays XD Sad I didn't get to see more of your Makoto

- Kaeru for A)holding down the door all night, B) bopping me in GG in the Baiken mirror match and C) just being the chillest dude ever.

- WakeupDP for making BB Top 8. Didn't see it in person but looking at the stream archives, your matches were all pretty solid. Always a pleasure watching your Relius work.

- Kazuhiro for helping run the brackets for the main games and for that really hype, really close match against Brice on stream.

- DerQ for A) helping run the brackets for the main games, B) wearing those baller shades when you fought on stream, C) j6D being da gawd and D)telling me about the great time you had at the beerfest the night before. It sounded like lots of fun.

- AirMaster for running the Gundam tournament and getting second place. The gundam hype was as real as it gets.

- Brice for being a godlike host for our out of town guests. Your Tager was especially sexy this tournament as well. Wish I knew enough about Guilty Gear to fully appreciate how awesome your Potemkin is. And that secret stash of lewd material. Oh. My. God. I will forever be kicking myself for not getting a chance to inspect them more closely.

- Kirbster for getting 3rd place in BB and being the pride and joy of us Rachel players.  Take everything you've learned from this tournament, train hard and do Rachel and MTL the ultimate justice and win Evo!!!

- D4rkWolf for doing an amazing job with Bang in the BB tournament and coming so close to making Top 8 and for making Top 8! You're the best!. Also, for secretly having mad skills in Persona.

- Steb's Terumi. I only saw what happened on stream but it was pretty great.

- Level5 for helping run the Arcana tournament and that BB commentary. CP2 w/ Tsubaki Buffs NAO!

- Unsanctifier for bopping me in both BB and GG. Thanks for all the advice afterwards as well. Didn't really get a chance to say this with all the chaos this week but welcome to Montreal! We're glad to have you here!

- My first time seeing Raiyan since the Ottawa tournament. It was great seeing you again. I hope you really enjoyed your first UMAD as much as I enjoyed my first UMAD last year ^,^

- My friend SilentFate for A) entering tournaments for the first time, B) getting 3rd in SG and C) teaming up with me for Gundam to form an unstoppable team!!! (Translation: We lost horribly, lol). I'm glad you had such a great time.  



To those who couldn't make it for one reason or another

- The king of MTL GG hype, BladeofJustice. It's really unfortunate that you couldn't be here with all the strong GG players we had under our roof. We miss you, Blade. Come home soon!

- The third Bang in the three Bangateers, ReynTime. I just want you to know that D4rkWolf didn't make Top 8 didn't win the tournament because you weren't there with Kaeru giving your energy for the FRKZ spirit bomb. lol, just kidding. Sad you couldn't be there. Hope you had fun in Florida though

- The Toronto OGs : Zeero, Deadliest and Roldy. Sad you guys couldn't make it, especially after the chill time we had at Toryuken.

- And a bunch of other people who couldn't make it from the US.



To Hype Moments

- That Brice vs Zidane FT5 on Thursday night and the hype being so loud we had to tone it down

- Playing Love Letter with Brice, Zidane and St1ckbug later that night. 360 MLG no scope guard headshot

- The Climb the Goat hype on Friday night. Seriously, where did you guys even find that game?

- To the birth of MDA | AirMaster. Congratulations on passing the test to get into MDA with flying colors!

- To coming over to confirm the result of a Skullgirls match and having a "OMG that's my NPC in the background" hypegasm out of nowhere, lol



And that's it. Thank you every single one of you who came from out of town to participate in UMAD. I really hope you all had a great time and that we'll see you again next year.




EDIT: Just realized D4rkWolf did make Top 8. My bad. This is what happens when you do things too quickly, lol

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mmmy turn
Shoutouts to
Kaeru taking handling the door, the posters, the shirts and sweatshirts (design, logistics, sales), even without Isabelle's support this year. You are a fucking superhero god damnit.
RurouniLonewolf handling most of the side tournaments. They ran very smoothly, which is great for your first time doing that at a big event (finding people, managing waiting for people playing other games, etc.).
Bibiquadium taking care of all the stream related stuff. There were some hiccups but you dealt with them very well. Kurushii's help was also very appreciated for the layout. I hope the monsters liked it. Also, thanks to anyone who helped update the stream while Bibi was busy elsewhere (Nedel, Kazuhiro, ??)
Airmaster taking care of everything Gundam related, I can see you getting better at it every year. It was great to be able to rely on you entirely for that, and I think it turned out great.
DerQ, Kazuhiro, WakeupDP, Level5, Brice, you guys all helped out a lot, whether it was running brackets or taking signups, not having to do any of it this year was a good relief.
Everyone who brought equipment. There are too many of you, I won't name you all. It was a pleasant surprise, I wasn't really sure what to expect, I had prepared for the minimum, but I think everyone really appreciated the large amount of casual stations we had at the venue. One thing I find most tournaments tend to lack. Even if we didn't use what you brought for lack of space, power, consoles, idk, it was still appreciated.
Same goes for everyone who drove people out here, whether it was because they were from farther out or because they were bringing equipment, it probably also meant you didn't go all out on the alcohol.
All our commentators, I don't know who you all were, but I saw good comments concerning the commentary. I saw lots of different people step up and it often seemed pretty hype. I look forward to watching the archives and seeing what I missed.
Shoutouts to kirbster for organizing the vodka bottles, and brice for organizing the champagne. Shoutouts to Jason too lol.
Shoutouts to Nedel for his great patience.
Now for the out-of-towners
Lord Knight for taking it for a third year in a row in BB. You seemed prepared and clean, look forward to seeing how you do at CEO and EVO.
St1ckbug, it's unfortunate we barely got to hang out this time, those hints about that event are getting me kinda hype though.
XAQshinor, it was nice meeting you, you're so quiet compared to everyone else I know from NY lol. GGs in GG, and good stuff in Arcana, grand finals were pretty hype.
Zidane, you're too good, fuck.
M@houko, wish we could've played in GG, but I'm glad you enjoyed the event.
Digital Watches, great hanging out with you all weekend and GGs, learned a lot. You forgot your water bottle btw.
Eshi, we barely saw each other lol, but I hope you enjoyed the event and Montreal. I had you as a favorite for top 8... what happened D:
Psykotik placing well in so many games! You've been putting in a lot of work and it shows.
Bill307 also placing well in multiple games, and allowing Canada to win at least one tournament that Americans entered! Arcana finals were pretty hype I need to get better at this game.
DTC and the rest of waterloo, I think this was your first UMAD, and possibly first tournament out of the area, and I hope it motivated you guys to keep travelling. Always nice to see new faces.
On that subject, same goes for the guys from Quebec City. I didn't meet you guys nor know who you were, but I saw that pop up as a location several times while making brackets. I hope you guys enjoyed the event as well, and hey keep an eye out on our local montreal thread in case we announce a Monthly tournament that might be interesting. Hope to meet you guys eventually!
And of course Ottawa!!! Hope you enjoyed fighting some really strong opponents offline in GG, and I guess we'll see each other at the next tournament in the area... CECC in Toronto maybe?
Lots of people attended and I was kinda busy running everywhere so I probably forgot a bunch of you guys, but shoutouts to all of you who attended!
On a side note MTL has yet to win a main game at UMAD... ever. Everyone's improved a lot since last year, but there's still lots of work to do, and we have EVO to get ready for. After a little rest, let's get right back into it!
I almost forgot! Shoutouts to Brett, coming all the way from Toronto for VSav, and giving us a set of pictures from the event : http://s86.photobucket.com/user/psychochronic/library/UMAD%202014?page=1 

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This was my first UMAD and the hype and atmosphere for all the fighting games was just absolutely amazing; i was blown away. A few shoutouts.. (am i doing this right?)


- Shoutouts to the ridiculous hype Zidane and St1ckbug were bringing in the crowd; those constant BURST and USA chants were just awesome

- Shoutouts to the entire Montreal Foonzo crew for putting on an absolutely phenomenal event; ended up buying a sweater and T-shirt and loved all the casual stations and the vast multitude of games.

- Shoutouts to Blazblue in general; probably my favorite fighting game ever, i ended up going 1-2 but was very happy about winning one match! my goal next time is to make it on stream :P

- Shoutouts to Rurouni being a beast at just finding everyone that is needed to be found and getting them to their games; he guided me well! Also shoutouts for him being a fantastic individual and a great friend (also could have easily been the bouncer for that night)

- Shoutout to Kirbster for playing extremely solid and getting 3rd place. Practice up for EVO i know you can get your revenge! 

- Shoutouts to LordKnight for just being a 2D fighting game God. your blocks against Psykotiks Carl were absolute pleasure to watch. I was blown away

- Shoutouts for entering Gundam with Rurouni and LIVING UP TO OUR TEAM NAME (how do we play this game?) but in all seriousness the game was fun and i would like to learn it.

- Kaeru for being an overall really nice guy and giving me some solid tournament tips! I will heed your advice!

- shoutouts to the pretty fun 15-20 matches i played VS Livewire in BB casuals.

- shoutouts to Zidane annihilating the top 8 of guilty gear. it was tough to watch lol :P

- last but not least, shoutouts to everyone who came out from different provinces around Canada and the USA. made the event that much more hype.



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FUCKING GODLIKE TOURNAMENT. I dont even know what else to say about it. Jesus christ this was literally the best tournament I have ever been to. Everyone was just so nice and the atmosphere was great. Except for it getting extremely hot in there but damn UMAD THE FUCKING GOD 

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Eshi, we barely saw each other lol, but I hope you enjoyed the event and Montreal. I had you as a favorite for top 8... what happened D:


I played Rhannmah first round and had 0 clue how to play against 1.1 izayoi. I got really shaken up from that loss and didn't have my head on straight against Mahouko. Sooo I went 0-2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's okay though, I can always blame my character!


* Brice, Kaeru, DerQ, Bibi - my favorite Canadian players, I'm glad I got to see y'all again this weekend. I wish we got to hang out for longer!

* Zidane - I was laughing/dying inside when we went into training mode and couldn't figure out anything Justice can do against Anji. GGs!

* Lord Knight - way better than Bananaken, holy shit. Your Koko play was mad clean this weekend.

* Psykotik - your Carl is godlike, I want you to win everything. 

* Digital Watches - your tournament suit looks really nice but you need a matching pair of shoes. They may not be as comfortable, but beauty is pain. PLZ.

* Poutine - actually godlike. Poutineville was mediocre IMO, but I had it twice more before leaving and both times were delicious. I want more. 


I loved visiting Montreal, both of us had a wonderful time. I hope I can come back every year!

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UMAD was awesome!


Thanks to everyone who helped out with the tournament and to everyone who made it out! We hope to see you guys again next year!

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Great tournament guys I deff had a lot of fun during and after the tournament jajaja. Learned a lot in BB and I should be solid in that game in a few months.The GTA is gona step it up so I hope you guys can reach CECC2 Toronto in August.

Shoutouts to everyone who came and I played Ottawa, mtl, america, quebec city ect.

So I'll be back for the next one see who else from GTA i can drag a long the strippers need me!

PS J'aime MTL but i know some of you were about to crack n bet. $5 dolla bet it lol.

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As always, this tournament was amazing. Even with the other bullshit I've got going on it managed to be fun and awesome. You guys' scene is full of incredible people and it's not even funny how good a venue Foonzo is. I want to come back every time.




Essay - Good to finally put a face to the name. It's always fun to play an I-No that makes me work for it, even though that matchup is still stacked. I hope we meet again.

Rhanmah - Ditto the above, I was surprised to not see you place higher. And get the fuck on twitter already

Kaeru - Thank you for the hoodie and for being a wise and caring shadow king of all Canada. I took your advice to heart and it helped even when all my fears turned out to be well-founded and true. Also we never played and we especially never played baiken mirrors. This is wrong.

DerQ - Didn't see you much but you're still a cool guy. Long live beer fest.

Pedro - Thanks for putting me up on your GDLK couch and waking my lazy ass up to go to stuff.

Anthony - You're an awesome cook. You should TOTALLY play Axl, fuck Anji. You're a cool guy. That is all.

Brice - Thanks for letting me hang out at your place and showing me FORT CHAMBLY. Good luck with the move. Will the WALLS OF WAIFU survive?

Unsanctifier - Thanks a ton for picking me up at the airport and being a super chill dude with a great outlook on life. Hit me up if you're ever in Portland or even Seattle. 

Thelo - Your Justice + Fundamentals combo is stronk like bull. Keep it up. Also always good to see more members of the Axl Conspiracy in action. I enjoyed the shit out of our long mirror set.



LordKnight - Man we never talk much. What are you like as a person? You seem nice. Good shit in BB and side tournaments. One day we'll have some game we both actually play and I'll probably still get bodied. Xrd?

Eshi - What about these? http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/products/Five-Fingers-V-Classic-LR-Mens.htm

Zidane - I still don't feel like I have you figured out in GG, but I'mma keep trying. Also good talks, you're a good friend to have when shit is tough. I've still got $5 canadian in my wallet and we're gonna play for it, believe it. I hope one day you get to fuck comma.

M@houko - DA GOD. I never feel bad losing to your full ham bridget, and your victory dance skills are amazing. You're winning at life.
St1ckbug - Commentary with you was amazing and I dunno why you don't wanna play Jams, I literally never practice. Sorry about what happened and I hope you and your family are alright.
XAQ - Your quiet collected personality and insane oki ability are a winning combination. You should still move to Portland. 
Say it!

I'm sure I forgot some people. You're all cool, I promise.

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