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Looking for some tips.

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So, I've decided to continue using Tager as my main.


I was wondering what some tips for using him would be in certain match ups.


Versus: Kokonoe and Arakune.


The thing I have trouble with most when facing Kokonoe is that her gear prevents me from moving at all without the use of 6D.  236D is usually my go-to tech to avoid the huge fireball, normal fireballs, or to force Kokonoe back to me. Outside of that I have no idea how to maneuver.


In the air, I usually go j.A > j.B, j.C, then try to force them into 360A. This usually leads to me being outsped in the air, or easily countered.



Against Arakune, what should I do to cause pressure? Ara's 2C always finds it's way to punish me, and when cursed I can do nothing when there is distance between us.


Any help?

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Kokonoe is weird. She controls the neutral game pretty heavily with Gravitons, but now that they nerfed both the meter they use and "Activate" she's much less threatening. A lot of the advantage we have against Kokonoe isn't in the neutral game, but more that she has to be more honest against us. 6B is a free punish, and 3C is a semi-free punish if you IB 360 it, depending on distance and magnetism. Sledge is good, 5C is good, 2D is good. It's a matchup you have to grind, but respect that she basically owns neutral game and you have to find key moments when her neutral game falls flat (like v13, but less bullshit). Tager can pressure her easily.


I'm really awful against Arakune. Sledging through things builds curse. Advance quickly and unpredictably as Arakune will catch you with curses if you try to dance midscreen for too long. When you're cursed you basically have to block. If you can sneak in a 5A, you can purple grab and it will clear all the bugs when they tech it.


Character forums help too.

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