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Join the Amagi Inn, a new facebook group for Yukiko players

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Hey guys, I have a new Facebook group for all Yukiko players to join. The group allows pretty much all things to be discussed, from new tech and match-up advice, to general discussion about Yukiko fanart or anything that involves her in the story arc of P4.

The rules are the following:
- No trolling, flaming, or anything that can impede on the enjoyment of others. Baby pop-offs are allowed, but don't take it too far.
- No sexually explicit content. Anything of the like is an instant perma-ban.
- If you'd like to share or discuss anything that spoils parts of the game, be sure to put a spoilers disclaimers. Guys like me are still playing P4!  ;)

- Have fun!


With that being said, here's the link and enjoy your stay!



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