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Slayer AC 101: [ general AC info thread ]

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See the first post, a few paragraphs down, of this thread:


We also use:

CH = Counter Hit; sometimes Chipp, use your judgment

DS P/K/S, D-step P/K/S, Dandy P/K/S = Dandy Step P or K (214P/K)

PB = Pilebunker (Dandy > P)

CWH = Crosswise Heel (Dandy > K)

UP = Under Pressure (Dandy > S)

IL = It's Late from Under Pressure (UP > H)

Direct IL = It's Late from Dandy Step (Dandy > H); don't confuse IL and Direct IL, they are not identical

bite = Chi o Suu Uchuu, Bloodsucking Universe/Cosmos (63214H)

UT = Undertow (632146P)

FLJ, MCR = Footloose Journey, aka Magic Carpet Ride (j.214K)

BBU = Big Bang Upper (236D)

DoT, DOT = Dead On Time (632146S, requires 50% tension)

EW = Eien no Tsubasa, Eternal Wings (236236H, requires 50% tension)

DHD = Chokkagata Dandy, Direct Hit Dandy (air 214214S). 2 hit refers to the property of hitting them at a precise location on the hitbox, causing two hits that do MASSIVE DAMAGE.



                  ┌ P               ┌ P               ┌ P
   ┌ P            ├ K               ├ K               ├ K
P ─┤           K ─┼ 2K         c.S ─┼ 2K         f.S ─┼ 2K
   └ K            └ c.S             ├ c.S             ├ c.S
                                    └ 2D              └ 2D

    ┌ P                
    ├ K                             ┌ 2H
2P ─┼ 2K       2K ─┼ 2K         2S ─┼ 6H
    ├ c.S                           └ 2D
    └ 2D

    ┌ K                             ┌ P
6K ─┼ 2K                            ├ K
    └ c.S (on crouching)            ├ c.S
                                6H ─┼ 2P
                                    ├ 2K
                                    └ 2D
     ┌ j.P
j.K ─┼ j.K
     └ j.D

Comments from CrimsonDisaster

  • K → K [Easy, feeds into 2369K (RC into big combos). Good poke string as well, lots of options out of this.]
  • K → 2K [sets up easy knockdowns or big damage. Also gives Slayer some mixups off K (K → 6K or K, 2K...) not a great mixup but it's there!]
  • 2K → 2K [Just for fun? It's there, at least.]
  • 2K → 2D [important for knockdowns. Feels like a late gatling, fairly easy all things considered.]
  • 2K → 2H [Low to launcher. Key to big combos.]
  • f.S → c.S [Feeds into combos really well, also sets up PILEBANGA.]
No-tension combos

  • K [x1-5] → 2369K [basic combo, easy damage; if you can BDC Mappa you can do this combo. Alternatively, you can input a quick 8236K.]
  • K [x1-2] → 2K, 2D [basic knockdown combo.]
  • 2K [x1-3] → 2D [basic knockdown off a low.]
  • really close 2H → K [JC] j.K-2K → j.K [JC] dj.K-2K → dj.D [simple air combo starter.]
  • c.S-f.S → c.S xx 214P → P [sSS into Pilebanger. Pretty easy.]
  • Crosswise Heel → j.K → j.D-2K → j.K → land → c.S/P [JC] j.K-2K → j.K [JC] dj.K-2K → dj.D
  • CH 6P → iad.j.H → land → c.S → air combo
  • CH 2D → 2P → P [JC] air combo

                     ┌→ 2K → 2S → 2D
              │      └ xx Mappa
c.S-f.S → c.S─┤
              ├ xx Pilebunker
              └ xx Crosswise Heel (on crouching)

                    ┌→ Mappa Feint → c.S-f.S → air combo
(on air hit) CH 2S ─┤
                    └→ iad.j.H → land → c.S → air combo

25% tension

  • 2K → 2H → BBU → walk forward a bit → H iad.j.D [basic, stable knockdown that works from most ranges.]
  • 2K → 2H → BBU → early H [JC] ad.j.D-2K → j.K → land → c.S [JC] j.K-2K → j.D
  • 2K → 2H → BBU → walk forward a bit → H [JC] j.2K → j.K [JC] dj.K-2K → dj.D → dj.2K → dj.D [basic multi-flip ender to the air combo; pretty simple to adjust into a relaunch.]
  • 2K → 2H → BBU → 2D → c.S-f.S → air combo [better for covering ranges, but I feel like the air combo followup is a bit more unstable than H floorbounce followups.]
  • 2K → 2H → BBU → 6H → air combo [Damage is comparable to the other BBU follow-ups. One tricky thing with the 6H follow-up is that heavies will fall too quickly, so even if you hit them in-air with 6H, a re-launch is nigh impossible. The other tricky thing is that your ability to relaunch after 6H depends on how quickly you do the 2H -> BBU link -- if you hit them with BBU at the peak of the 2H float, relaunches after 6H are fairly easy/guaranteed; otherwise, you may only be able to relaunch with something really fast like 2P.]
  • CH Mappa → BBU
  • BBU → 2D → c.S-f.S [JC] air combo
    • Note: don't do this combo on air hit, as the opponent may recover before the sweep connects.
  • BBU → H [JC] rising j.2K → j.K [JC] dj.S (1)-2K → dj.D-2K → dj.K → land → P [JC] j.K-2K → j.D
  • *launch (e.g. BBU)* → <H [JC] j.2K → delay j.K → land> x3 → H xx PB
  • Air Hit 6HS → 2P → BBU

                         ┌→ H [JC] iad.D
c.S-f.S → 2K → 2H → BBU ─┤
                         └→ 6H → c.S-f.S [JC] j.K-2K → j.D (lightweight class)

50% tension

  • It's Late → K xx K Mappa RC → c.S xx Pilebanger
  • (corner) PB RC → c.S-f.S → air combo
  • CH Mappa → K xx DOT
  • c.S-f.S [JC] j.D xx DHD → land → bite → 2D
    • Note: only vs standing MA, FA, BA, BR, ZA, AB and vs crouching PO.
  • 2D RC H [JC] j.2K → delay j.K → land → P/c.S/2S/H [JC] j.K-2K → j.K [JC] dj.S (1)-2K → dj.D

┌→ H → 2D
                         ├→ c.S-f.S xx K Mappa → RC → c.S-f.S → Mappa
c.S-f.S xx K Mappa → RC ─┼→ c.S xx Pilebunker
                         ├→ H xx Dead On Time
                         └→ H xx Mappa Feint → throw or bite*
*Since H staggers, only use this sequence against someone who you know won't be
 able to wiggle out in time.

75% tension

                   ┌→ j.K → land → c.S → air combo
c.S-f.S → DOT FRC ─┤
                   └→ j.H → land → 6H → c.S → air combo

Note: Getting DOT FRC is tough, and comboing to j.K or j.H afterwards is 
tough, too.

100% tension

  • (deep in the corner) <H xx PB RC> x2 → H xx PB
  • BBU → FB PB → DOT
  • BBU x4
  • CH DOT → DOT
  • CH DOT → BBU → FB PB → c.S → air combo
    • Note: 70% damage; it's possible for lightweights to tech out before the FB PB.
  • c.S (JI)-f.S xx DOT RC → j.K [NJC*] dj.P-K xx FLJ
  • c.S-f.S → c.S xx FB PB → DOT FRC → j.K-2K → j.K xx FLJ
  • CH DOT → 2-hit DHD → follow-up

    Note: the 2-hit DHD will only connect if the wallstuck opponent is diagonally above you. As of last report, this will kill CH, MI, FA, BA, DI, MA and BR. Definitely aim for this combo, as CH DOT is very easy to hit-confirm.

*NJC = "Normal Jump Cancel" (borrowing Gwyrgyn Blood's terminology); you will see this denoted as "inertia jump" at history21's website. Read this post (7th question down) for an explanation. (The example given is for #R Sol, but it also applies to certain 1-hit Ensenga set-ups for Johnny, for example.)

Basic air combo theory

After a high hitstun launch (H floorbounce), the general format is...

  • opponent is high up - j.2K
  • opponent is mid-ish height - j.K(easy) or j.2K (more damage?)
  • opponent is mid/low-ish height - j.H
[After low hitstun launches, generally you have to use j.K or j.P... j.2K SOMETIMES combos off things like 5K but don't count on it.]

After your initial attack, you want to flip (j.2K) into the rest of the combo...

  • j.2K → j.K...
    • opponent above or about level with you after JC - [JC] dj.K-2K → dj.D → dj.2K → dj.D
    • opponent below you after JC - [JC] dj.S(1/2 hits)-2K → dj.D → dj.2K → dj.D
  • j.K-2K... [same flowchart from here]
  • j.H...

    • link j.K-2K...
    • j.2K...
In the corner, however, you want to aim for:
  • j.2K → LATE j.K → land → relaunch/big ender.
Big enders include H xx Pilebanger.

Crosswise Heel followups work more or less the same as they always have, ie. you start with j.K into The Rest or 2S into The Rest as always.

  • The Rest = basic flip combo! j.K-2K → j.K [JC] dj.K/S(1-2)-2K → dj.D (→ dj.2K → dj.D)
  • On Johnny, do Crosswise, 2S [JC] j.P-K-2K → j.K [JC] dj.S(1-2)-2K → dj.D, etc.
Air combos

  • j.K-2K → j.K → land → 2S [JC] j.K-2K → j.K [JC] dj.S (1)-2K → dj.D-2K → dj.D
  • <j.K-2K → j.K → land → P [JC]> x3 → j.K-2K → j.D
Dust Combo

  • D → [8] j.DDH → FLIP OUT into extended flip combos. You can keep j.D → j.2K going for a few reps 'cuz of height, IIRC.
  • D → [8] j.DDD ]8[ → j.H-2K → j.K [JC] dj.K-2K → dj.D → <dj.2K → dj.D> x2
  • D → [8] j.DDD ]8[ → ad. → delay j.D → j.2K → j.K → landing → P [JC] j.K-2K → j.K [JC] j.K-2K → j.D
  • D → [8] j.D-D-D ]8[ ad. delay j.D-2K → j.K → land → P [JC] jK-2K → j.K [JC] dj.K-2K → dj.D
    • Note: against KY, JO, AB, ED, VE, PO and RO, you must add a j.P before the second j.K.
  • (corner) D → TK DHD → land → Homing Jump → DHD

    Note: For some reason, it's hard to do on Testament.

                                               ┌→ 6H → c.S → aerial combo
D → [8] j.DDK ]8[ → ad. → delay j.H → landing ─┼→ H → aerial combo
                                               └→ BBU → follow up

                        ┌→ c.S → air combo (mids/heavies)
D → [ID] TK FLJ → land ─┤
                        └→ sj.K → air combo (lights)
Note: Hard to do on Jam and Faust.

2-hit Direct-Hit Dandy theory and character-specific combos

The basic recipe for a 2-hit DHD is:

*launch/air combo* [JC] j.S (2/3) xx DHD

To land a 2-hit DHD, you need to be diagonally below your opponent in such a way that the orb and the head of the air super will simultaneously connect. Of course, given the positioning of the orb's and opponent's hitboxes with respect to each other, there will always be a need to adjust the basic recipe, by character and by how they were put into the air (from the launch/air combo preceding the j.S).

The following beastly combo is known to kill CH, MI, FA, BA, DI, MA and BR:

CH DOT → DHD (2) → follow-up

For those characters which won't die instantly from this combo, it's still a STRONGLY recommended combo to land with 100% tension, as it will do a LOT of damage and strongly push the match in your favour.

If the CH DOT causes wallstick, the DHD is then changed to a TK DHD. (Note that inputting 2142147+S as fast as possible won't give a 2-hit; you need to very slightly delay the S input.) In fact, if the wallstick is high up, then you can do 9+214214+S, instead [or even a low airdash?].


  • The timing/height to get the dj.D → dj.2K takes a bit of practice but it's not terribly difficult and it adds a bunch to your basic combos; just don't always expect to hit it in every situation.
  • H iad.j.H is really hard for some reason. CH H iad.j.H is pretty easy though.
  • For people who were asking... H xx FB Pilebanger loop is kinda hard, unless you launched them beforehand... even then the timing is awkward, you have to hit them on the rise pretty much.

Backdash Cancel

Backdash Cancel is self explanatory.

You cancel a backdash with a jump. You cancel the crouching frames with a special move. You get 7 frames of invincibility on the special move.

Example - Mappa is performed with 236K. To BDC the mappa, the notation is 442367K.

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I was testing Slayer's normals and here's a complete list of which normals gatling into which other normals. Links are not included. These don't all combo, but they are still gatlings nonetheless. 5P {5D/6P} 5K {5D/6P/6K} c.S {f.S/5D} f.S 5D 5H {5D/2D} 2P {5D/6P} 2K {5D/6P/2S/2H/2D} (restricted timing) 2S {5D/6K/6H/2H/2D} (restricted timing) j.P {j.P/j.K} j.K j.2K j.S j.2K j.H j.2K j.D j.2K I tested these pretty exhaustively, but it's possible that I may have missed a couple here and there. In addition, here's a list of all normals that can directly cancel into specials and supers (not including moves like 5K which can be jump-canceled and then special-canceled): c.S f.S 5H 2S j.K j.S j.H j.D Anyway, this probably isn't too useful, but I figured it'd just be nice to have as a reference. =X

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Tonight in training I was just testing Slayer, I'm new to guilty. I was able to BBUx3, 214P/K-D for 226 dmg(on ky to clarify, I don't personally know if his defense is 1.0). The timing was tough for the last hit, too late and it only does 9 dmg IIRC. I did it from the starting position, holding back between BBU's. Anyway, hadn't seen that posted and thought I'd share.

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You shouldn't do that combo. I think you can get 226 or more just off 1 BBU and a good combo. Either way, this should be in the combo thread. You should look there. There is lots of good stuff.

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(corner) D → TK DHD → land → Homing Jump → DHD

  • Note: For some reason, it's hard to do on Testament.

I just tried that in training against Axl. I managed to land both the DHDs as 2-hit DHDs. I'M SCARED.

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