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[P4AU] Tohru Adachi Video Thread

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As mentioned by mixedmethods in the P4U2 Evo 2015 Prep, most of the 1.1 video threads are not fully updated and that is a problem needing fixing. Since Antiquarian isn't currently active on the Adachi forums, I've decided to organize the video thread here. For the time being, I am posting here with the videos putted up here but I would create a new thread soon enough if we need one. It is also a mess right now, but that will get fixed in the future.




  • If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just link the video along with the time that CHARACTER appears in the video, and I'll update this post with that video. If a suitable title for the video is available please list with it.
  • Listings are going new to old, and with the CHARACTER players name on the left side always.
  • Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. This thread is for posting of videos only.

Notable Players
  • Name 1 [??th Dan]

    Twitter: @???

  • Name 2 [??th Dan]

    Twitter: @???

  • Name 3 [??th Dan]

    Twitter: @???

  • Name 4 [??th Dan]

    Twitter: @???

Misc Videos


[08/28/14] P4U2 1.1 - Adachi Play Video Vol. 01 [Day 1 Adachi matches V.S. Various Characters]


Collapsed: Tutorial Videos:

[09/04/14] Cross-Up Side Swap Corner Combo [j.C Starter]
[09/06/14] Midscreen Unblockable by Abelcru


Collapsed: Combo Videos:

Match Videos

Vs. :ballAI:

Collapsed: Versus Aigis:

[09/07/14] Feel (Adachi) vs Aigis https://www.youtube....UZc6hP8#t=7m13s

[09/09/14] Asura (Adachi) vs Aigis 


[09/09/14] Asura (Adachi) vs Aigis


Vs. :ballAK:

Collapsed: Versus Akihiko:

[08/28/14] Adachi vs Akihiko 


Damouso Vs Musui (Akihiko) (FT10):


Vs. :ballCHIE:

Collapsed: Versus Chie:

[00/00/2014] Player 1 (XX) Vs. Player 2 (XX) [Notes]

Vs. :ballEL:

Vs.  :ballJU:

Collapsed: Versus Junpei:

[00/00/2014] Player 1 (XX) Vs. Player 2 (XX) [Notes]

Vs.  :ballKA2:

Collapsed: Versus Kanji:

[08/28/14] Adachi vs Kanji


[09/09/14]  Asura (Adachi) vs Shadow Kanji


[09/09/14] Asura (Adachi) vs Shadow Kanji


[P4U2] Pet (Kanji) Vs Damosou (Adachi)


Vs.  :ballKE:

Collapsed: Versus Ken & Koromaru:

[P4U2] Pet (Adachi) Vs Dai-chan(Ken)


Vs. :ballLB:

Collapsed: Versus Labrys:

[08/28/14] Adachi vs Labrys 



Vs.  :ballMG:


Vs.  :ballMA:

Collapsed: Versus Marie:


Vs.  :ballPSHO:

Collapsed: Versus Minazuki:

[08/28/14] Okusan (Minazuki/Adachi) VS Damosu (Adachi) [JP PSN]

[09/07/14] Feel (Adachi) vs Minazuki https://www.youtube....rUZc6hP8#t=4m9s

Vs. :ballMT:

Collapsed: Versus Mitsuru:

Vs. :ballNA:

Collapsed: Versus Naoto:


Vs.  :ballRI:

Collapsed: Versus Rise:

[00/00/2014] Player 1 (XX) Vs. Player 2 (XX) [Notes]

Vs. :ballSLB:

Collapsed: Versus Shadow Labrys:

Vs.  :ballSHO:

Collapsed: Versus Sho:

Okusan Vs ikura_ns (Sho):


Vs. :ballTD:

Collapsed: Versus Teddie:

[08/28/14] Adachi vs Teddie


[P4U2] Pet (Adachi) Vs MAD (Teddie)


Vs.  :ballAD:

Collapsed: Versus Adachi:

Vs. :ballYO:

Collapsed: Versus Yosuke:

Pet vs SAIYO (Yosuke)(FT10)


Vs. :ballYU:

Collapsed: Versus Yu Narukami:

[8/28/14] Damosu (Adachi) vs Shikki (Narukami)
[8/28/14] Damosu (Adachi) vs Shikki (Narukami)
[8/28/14] Damosu (Adachi) vs Shikki (Narukami)

[14/10/2014] Pet (Narukami) Vs Nakiri (Adachi)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Kaichou (Adachi) Vs Domomo (Narukami):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcDihQGDtt0 …

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RJzCfXfphI …

Vs.  :ballYUK:

Collapsed: Versus Yukari:

Vs. :ballYK:

Collapsed: Versus Yukiko:

[08/28/14] Adachi vs Yukiko 




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From TeamEXE


S.Mitsuru vs. Adachi - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=7979

S.Kanji vs. Adachi - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=8157

S.Mitsuru vs. Adachi - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=8375

Adachi vs. Marie - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=8619

Adachi vs. Marie - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=8834

Adachi vs. Teddie - https://youtu.be/M7tUgsvpNUI?t=17637

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2 hours ago, TastyPancakez said:



anyways these are routes in 2.0 that end combos with evil smile. not that we'l ever get 2.0 of course

It's on youtube now : 

A lot of good stuff in this video with pretty good fear setups, even though the FC combos in the end are less likely. I like the new route of IABD J.C even if it costs damage, that fear setup seems like it can be really strong even if execution looks a bit harder than his regular stuff. 

I hope we get it at some point.

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Hey guys, I'm kind of lurker on this site. Thought I'd post something for once. Most of the 2.0 setups actually work in 1.1 and I thought I'd make a video demonstrating that. Have a look if you care to. 


I apologize for the music being a bit loud or any other criticisms you might have. This is the first video I've ever edited. 

Update: I added combo notations and notes for each combo in the description of the video. 

Edited by VexedPB414

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