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[P4AU] Aigis Combo Thread

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Forgot to update and say that I have midscreen orgia fatals now. And I kinda have a non orgia one too. Sorry :p

Edit: Also was more of thinking of fatal punish not so much as 2C fatal. But thanks bro

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Stolen from Setsuo:


Corner: whatever decent starter > 5C > delay  2B > 5B > jc > k.B > jc > j.B > j.2C > hover cancel and hold 4 > j.B > j.236C


Land form the megido, walk backwards for like 2 frames, you can almost not see it, then do 214A. It's gonna hit meatie or force them to block anyways, then you get a free 5C or whatever the hell you want into absolute safe pressure. 

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just a public service announcement that when doing any 5C > j.C >hover cancel > j.C orgia combo routes against teddie to take a slight step forward before the 5C.

his air hurt box is beary strange and this will help the j.C connect

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do these all still work in the latest patch on ps3? also can someone explain how to do the mortar loops i've heard about. I can't seem to combo off the first j214A

EDIT: i figured out the mortar loop stuff. I'm dumb lol. I was trying to normal airdash instead of orgia dash 

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I'm not sure how many people know about this or how useful/optimal this is but I've been trying to find OMB routes off of the first hit of SB Goddess Shield as a punish to certain things. I started looking into this when I had troubles dealing with Narukami doing DP > Ziodyne(lol I know). You can get around 6K (7K in the corner or more if you get a fatal.) and you can use it as a mode change route as well.


Here's a few combos I got off of it. It's not too hard to do (If it's worth doing at all.) Please let me know if I messed up anywhere or if you have feedback on this. I'm sorry if I did. This is my first time posting something like this. :




  • 236236CD (First shield hit) > OMB > 22B > 66/ jump > j.C > j.236CD > 214A > j.B > jc > j.B > j.C > j.236D [5.6K -100 meter] (6K if you add D spear at the end of 214A and just do jump > 236D during the spear hits. Also you need to do SB mode change if the OMB whiffs which it will if you are not point blank when you do the super.)



  • 236236CD (First shield hit) > OMB > 222C > 236236C [3.8K or 3.6K if OMB whiffs.] ( Possibly unburstable or hard to burst? Also works in corner with D shield and you can do 5C instead of 222C in both cases but it lowers the damage a bit if you go for 5C.)






  • 236236CD (First shield hit)  > OMB > j.C > j.236CD > 214A > j.B > jc > j.B > j.C > j.236D [5.6K  -100 meter] (During j.236CD you may want to walk back/forward a bit so you don’t get Gatling gun instead of radical cannon.)



  • 236236CD (First shield hit) > OMB > 5C > 214214D > jump > j.236CD > 214A > j.B > j.c > j.B > j.C > j.236D [6.7K or 6.1K if OMB whiffs -150 meter.]



  • FC 236236CD (First shield hit) > OMB whiff > sj > j.C > {j.214A/B > j.2AC}x7 > 236CD >214A/B > 214214D > jump > 236D  [8.3K -150 meter.] (The mortar loop timing may vary vs certain characters. I did this particular combo on Kanji)



  • FC 236236CD (First shield hit) > OMB > sj > j.C > {j.214A/B > j.2AC}x7 > j.236CD >214A/B > 214214D > jump > j.236D  [9.1K  -150 meter.]


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Aigis has the ability to self-awaken with 50 meter from most common confirms at low life just before awakening (around 45% health mark). The main idea is demonstrated by Mui in this video. This kind of route is good since it gives you a ton of blue life, corner carry, knockdown and decent damage (not to mention you get your 50 meter back from the awakening bonus). Here are a couple of combos I've found give you the most bang for your buck (1.1 of course :P):

(at least 50 Meter required)


Orgia mode

2AB > j.B > 2A > 5C > j.C(2) > j.236D > 2B > sj > j.B > j.C(1) > j.BD > j.236236C    4.5k
2AB > j.B > 2B > j.C(2) > j.236D > 2A > 5B > sj >j.C(2) > j.BD > j.236236C    4.3k

j.A/j.B > 5AA > jc > j.C(2) > j.236D > 2A/2B > 5B > sj > j.B > j.C(1) > j.BD > j.236236C   3.4/3.5k

2A > (2A) > 5B/2B > 2AB > 236C > 214A > sj > j.B > j.C(1) > j.BD > j.236236C  2.9~3.1k


Corner to corner variation (75 meter)

2AB > j.B > 2A > 5C > j.C(2) > j.236CD > j.214A > [6] > j.B > j.C(1) > j.BD > j.236236C   4.8k

2AB > j.B > 2B > j.C(2) > j.236CD > j.214A > [6] > j.B > j.C(1) > j.BD > j.236236C   4.6k

j.A/j.B > 5AA > jc > j.C(2)> j.236CD> j.214A > [6]> j.B  > j.BD > j.236236C  3.7/3.8k



(5A > 2A / 2A >2A) > 5AAA > 66 > j.B/ j.C(1) > j.BD > j.236236C   1.9~2.1k

IAD /rising j.B (catching jump startup) > j.C(2) > sj > j.A(3) > j.B > j.2B > 5A/2A/2B > 5B > sj > j.C(2) > BD > 236236C   2.9~3.1k



depending on proration left and spacing it is possible to extend the combo with 50 more meter; If you get the wall bounce after 236236C while facing the corner you can DP super cancel 236236C once more for more blue life and damage, but it is VERY situational and the timing can be odd, If you mess up you will wiff either DP or charging star super which is extremely not cool but it is an option.

I hope this is helpful!




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