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[P4AU] Labrys Vs Yu

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Please use this thread to discuss and contribute to this matchup. Information will be added to the main post as information comes. Keep in mind that strats will be changed as the game evolves.

The Neutral Game

Long Range: Your Tools vs His Tools

Medium Range: Your Tools vs His Tools

Close Quarters: Your Tools vs His Tools


Your Offense:

His Offense:


Your Defense:

His Defense:

Gimmicks and Resets

Match Summary

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  • Huge problems in neutral if given space, can't afford to give breathingarrow-10x10.png room. Don't have to move forward constantly, but don't let him push you back at all.
  • Neutral tools:
    • 5A: Huge deceptive range, when doing run up 5A the range is slightly smaller than Labrys sweeparrow-10x10.png in roughly the same amount of frames
    • 5B: Huge range vertically and horizontally, but chest attribute.
    • 2B: Not as good as 5B but still very strong, especially as an anti-air vs Labrys
    • 5C: Functions the same as 5B except not chest and (slightly) less cancelarrow-10x10.png options. Also smaller horizontally but bigger vertically.
    • j.2B: The infamous button. Unreactable if mixed into other options properly and done off iad. Not as much of a problem for Labrys if she pushes him back. Can run under it and 5A him.
    • Air backdash Zio: Really strong CH starter, one of the main reasons you can't let him have space. Much faster than it lets on, and can AA Lab's iad angles so it's hard to directly answer if you're not calling it out with chain knuckle or using 5C at the appropriate range.
  • Mixup
    • 5A stagger/throw mixup: constant threat, answers a lot of Labrys's options without specifically trying to addressarrow-10x10.png any of them. Usually try to wait for the bigger commitment like throw/throw tech bait to attempt answers, or at least try to do them as late as possible.
    • Jumping out or rolling may be yourarrow-10x10.png safest bet in certain situations. GCA is very risky unless the Narukami commits to a special, and DP is very difficult to actually not die for. If your DPs clash, press 2B. Bull super is a non-factor, Narukami can cancel into DP and get out scott-free. Gears is functional but can be OS blocked with his 5A and he can beat it with cross slash or super jump j.D if he hard baits it.
    • Can jump cancel 5A on block but that's it so if he does want to abuse jump cancel stuff it's gonna be limited to early on in the string
    • Safejump off 214C (midscreen) can be OS mashed if you time the 5A with the same time you'd be in blockstun from the j.B. 5A will AA if he airdashes and win if he does empty jump 2A or throw
    • Safejump off 236A (corner) can also be OS mashed the same way since the knockdown isn't very plus
    • Safejump off 214B (corner) cannot be OS mashed. Knockdown is too plus.
    • If he ever tries to 5D in the middle of a pressure string you can jump out, but if timed late you will still take the blockstun in the air.
    • If he tries to reset pressure off of 236A (rekka) he's minus afterwards, so if you know for a fact he's going to leave a large gap you can risk jumping out or mashing.
    • D Zio is a common pressure reset tool that's extremely plus and difficult to see and mash.
    • Get used to j.B>SB Lion
    • This is overlooking all the basic things like raging lion and command grab
  • Defensive options
    • 5A: 5framesmashthatalldayfam
    • 5B/2B: can be used to address bigger gaps, can be mashed in between 5B>5C and will win if timed properly
    • DP: Straight forward, it's a good DP, can be cancelled into Issen>OMB/OMC if the resources are availablearrow-10x10.png. 2B punish OSes any super cancel.
    • Ziodyne: highly unlikely to be used but it still may happen. No real threat unless they have 100 meter
    • Cross Slash: The Classic. Just roll>5A to punish.
  • Buttons to use:
    • 5A: bulldog him with this normal. Anti-airs, breaks his persona on 5C, faster than 5B so if you're close enough you'll still winarrow-10x10.png
    • Sweeparrow-10x10.png This is more for larger spacings and you can guarantee 5B, but it's also a pretty strong button in general
    • 5C: Good for midrange, avoid if he has the meter for slide since it will low-profile 5C

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