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[P4AU] Labrys Vs Yukiko

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Please use this thread to discuss and contribute to this matchup. Information will be added to the main post as information comes. Keep in mind that strats will be changed as the game evolves.

The Neutral Game

Long Range: Your Tools vs Her Tools

Medium Range: Your Tools vs Her Tools

Close Quarters: Your Tools vs Her Tools


Your Offense:

His Offense:


Your Defense:

His Defense:

Gimmicks and Resets

Match Summary

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  • if she sends out 2D in neutral you can 2B it and jump cancelarrow-10x10.png to keep yourarrow-10x10.png self safearrow-10x10.png while also taking a card from her
  • you can 5C her maragi to pop it midscreen
  • 5A>5B on block/meaty will outspace Yukiko's DP so abuse this
  • 5A>jump cancel on arrow meaty OSes Yukiko's DP, as well as sweeparrow-10x10.png>chain knuckle
  • If she super cancel's her DP into D agidyne, it will catch your 5A afterwards. She can also cancel into C Agidyne which you can block if you did 5A but will also be safe.

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