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[P4AU] Labrys Vs Yukari

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Please use this thread to discuss and contribute to this matchup. Information will be added to the main post as information comes. Keep in mind that strats will be changed as the game evolves.

The Neutral Game

Long Range: Your Tools vs Her Tools

Medium Range: Your Tools vs Her Tools

Close Quarters: Your Tools vs Her Tools


Your Offense:

His Offense:


Your Defense:

His Defense:

Gimmicks and Resets

Match Summary

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  • Priority is stopping orbs. Labrys’s persona normals are Level 4 projectiles, so use those to break the orbs.
    • Can block orb in air.
    • Alternatively, block arrow in the air provided there isn’t a bomb out. You may end up blocking but it's not going to be a gigantic detriment if arrow is blocked full-screen
    • Reminder: orb stays out even if you break the persona, which is why fighting it with another projectile is one route.
      • Can do things like 5A/2B > jump cancel to keep yourself safe. Orb will stay on screen but you will take a card and establish a threat for if Yukari throws out orbs too sparingly.
      • 2C is very good if they like to fly around after setting an orb. Requires a read and/or knowledge of player tendencies; loses to Yukari’s 236A (ground spiral arrow).
        • 2C will not eat all the active frames of 236A, so the trade isn’t entirely favourable.
      • 5C is an option if they prefer to play grounded.
  • Majority of the time: NEUTRAL TECH EVERYTHING.
    • “GIMMICK THE F*** OUT OF YOU”: the Yukari play style (particularly with bombs out).
    • Best option for avoiding stupid resets.
    • DP>Magarula = backteching puts you into air blocking Magarula, so neutral tech always. 
  • Air orb: RUN STRAIGHT FORWARD, go in, go ham (The braver if riskier way of handling it). If timed right, can also backdash if an arrow is shot through the orb and you can either make it whiff or end up IB'ing it.
  • 2B: not the best anti-air vs. Yukari; go for 5A.
    • Situationally, 2B is your friend. Not good when you’re chasing her down, good for calling out the air dash.
    • j.2B is going to prevent you from 2Bing. Run-under 5A will either clip her or put her in pressure.
    • Knockdown gimmick: j.D > j.A = catches upback with the j.A. LABRYS 2B BEATS THIS SET-UP CLEAN.
  • The pushback on Labrys’s moves means IB is not your friend; be very wary of IB DP from Yukari.
    • Jump-back j.B to bait throw and DP.
  • Bomb is annoying in neutral but she does need to cover the recovery; if she doesn’t cover it well, run in and punish.
  • Main takeaway: AWARENESS.
    • Yes, she can put stuff on the screen, but that doesn’t mean to never challenge her.
    • If you airblock any button, land and block low. She does not have a fast overhead (lol AoA). Double-jumping on air tech doesn’t work versus her due to the fact that you’re not baiting an anti-air and you’ll get hit by a bomb.
      • Delaying your landing just gives her time to set-up. The more time you’re in the air while she’s on the ground, the worse your life is going to be — you are not in an advantageous situation here.
      • At super-jump height, just IAD/airdash out. 
      • Superjump > airdash is more reliable for getting out due to her limited chasedown options (provided you don’t hit a button and let yourself get CH’d).
  • DP: never goes into knockdown; you can always air tech. Neutral ground tech allows you to punish an attempted j.A block string; if they try to punish that, vary and air tech to get out.
  • Pressure strings:
    • Typically based around stagger 5A, resets come from the orbs.
    • Her stagger isn’t that threatening; just recognize when throw is an option and choose your options accordingly.
      • You can tech regularly; her options against 1-7-1 aren’t tremendous.
      • To bait OSes, she needs to use an orb, which will hurt.
    • 5D: hugely plus on block, major reset button.
      • 5C/2C > 5D is a common thing.
      • 2C: jump-cancelable on block.
      • She has numerous jump options on block, but they aren’t hugely threatening.
    • j.C stuff: run-up 2B or 5A anti-air; the risk is Feather Arrow/j.236x.
      • j.C is typically the cross-up and get-out point. 
    • Yukari’s strength is that any random hit will convert hard, so your goal is to avoid being clipped as much as possible to save your HP.
  • Yukari’s defence:
    • DP: it does work versus Labrys, but does not give a knockdown.
    • IB>5A mash is effective due to her 5A being bigger than it appears and the high reward.
    • Gaps in strings: she can superjump j.2B out.
      • She’s guaranteed to get out if you give her leeway to do this and, worse, if you get hit, that’s a free combo.
      • She’ll hit the top of the screen and have a hitbox all the way down.
      • Your option is a preemptive 2C, which is likely to get you killed.
        • Better option: air-to-air.
        • However, air-to-air option has to be preemptive or after the j.2B, which means she can catch you.
    • Has same universal options as everyone: backdash is worrying only in meaty arrow okizeme or other strange situations with meaty throw; Labrys’s strings automatically punish backdashing. 
  • Hyper Feather Shoot super:
    • Projectile. Roll it at flash.
    • No combo without meter (100 meter for the OMC).
    • If she DPs with 100 meter, expect super > OMC.
    • Fatal Recovery.
    • Has almost no vertical hitbox; if you aren’t extending your hurt box downward, the lack of a vertical hotbox super will prevent it from clipping you.
  • MAGARULA (“knockoff Titano”):
    • Burst>Magarula or 236x>Magarula.
      • Roll the 236 at the right time (Rolls are frame 1 projectile invuln so you can time your roll pretty late, which is very important if they chose to use 236B).
      • Burst>Magarula is tight; you cannot do anything about this.
      • D Gears is a punish if she pops Magarula raw.
    • Blocking Magarula: you have to take the high-low.
      • If she’s in the air, you can narrow down your options — OS block the jump-in and empty-jump low.
        • IAD: 3-4 hits of the j.A.
          • j.A > j.2B whiff for a quick high-low obscured by the tornado.
        • Empty-jump AoA can hit and be faked out with a bomb toss.
      • If she autopilots the mix-up, Guard Cancel Roll out.
        • She can cover this. Before she starts the mix-up, look for an orb outside the pillar.
          • Air-turn orb is your clue that GCR is not your friend.
    • Pre-mix-up, you have quite a bit of time to mash IB and get meter for any reversal options and/or free meter.
    • Lowest possible jump height will allow you to airblock the tornado and prevent the bomb from hitting you.
    • SB Magarula: do not GCR.
      • GCA > OMC is a risk you can take if you have the meter and/or you need to get out.
      • Hard to judge the GCA use due to how much she can have out at any given time.

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