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[P4AU] Labrys Vs Ken

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Please use this thread to discuss and contribute to this matchup. Information will be added to the main post as information comes. Keep in mind that strats will be changed as the game evolves.

The Neutral Game

Long Range: Your Tools vs His Tools

Medium Range: Your Tools vs His Tools

Close Quarters: Your Tools vs His Tools


Your Offense:

His Offense:


Your Defense:

His Defense:

Gimmicks and Resets

Match Summary

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  • pop dat doge
  • 5B, spear pull, and 5C are all chest, 5C is important cause the chest attribute will make your Sweep whiff
  • 5AA>5AAA on the dog so you get to gravedigger Ken from half screen
  • any blockstring into 2C>hop j.2B has a gap but if Ken tries to DP it'll be blocked, can abuse this for axe level gain
  • OS punish his DP with 5B>backdash on the dog followed by 2B punish

These are the basic notes, in addition you should note the following:

  • j.B becomes a very strong button if the Ken plays too passively or relies too heavy on the dog.
  • if Ken does the dog wheel in neutral to cover your air approach (214C), you can 2B it and jump cancel to keep yourself safe
  • Sweep in general is a pretty strong button vs Ken in his ground approach or even a non-aggressive air approach because of how difficult a button it is to whiff punish for him. Very strong to also catch the dog if Ken gets reliant on 2C.

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