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[P4AU] Rise Video Thread

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Welcome to the Rise Video thread. All footage concerning Rise can be posted here in this thread and will be compiled into this opening post.


- Video discussions should take place in the gameplay discussion thread. This thread is only for posting videos

- Listings starting with a [N] are Netplay videos.

Notable Players

Guides, Tutorials and Demonstrations



Combo Movies





Collapsed: vs Aigis :


Collapsed: vs Akihiko Sanada :


Collapsed: vs Chie Satonaka :


Collapsed: vs Elizabeth:


Collapsed: vs Junpei Iori:


Collapsed: vs Kanji Tatsumi :

Ken Amada

Collapsed: vs Ken Amada:


Collapsed: vs Labrys:


Collapsed: vs Margaret:


Collapsed: vs Marie:


Collapsed: vs Minazuki :


Collapsed: vs Mitsuru Kirijo:


Collapsed: vs Naoto Shirogane:


Collapsed: vs Rise Kujikawa:


Collapsed: vs Shadow Labrys :


Collapsed: vs Sho :


Collapsed: vs Teddie :


Collapsed: vs Tohru Adachi:


Collapsed: vs Yosuke Hanamura :


Collapsed: vs Yu Narukami:


Collapsed: vs Yukari Takeba:


Collapsed: vs Yukiko Amagi:

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Sorry, im a beginner... is there a notation for any of these? Are they practical? I'm just looking for BNBs for corner and midscreen :(


Check out the combo thread. There's plenty of combos in there you can use.

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Dz's Rise from kokama cup, uploaded : 09/18/2014, September, the 18th 2014


Vs Sho(persona) (럽폭도): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNiFRq9hK5s

Vs Kanji (Tehakan): http://youtu.be/DPLIkR0quTs?t=11m52s

Vs Mitsuru (Trapcard): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsFkrEqUqnU

Vs Akihiko (IN3): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys2KqkViKKM

Vs Labrys (예천): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwo7xVhxIZQ

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(Rise) Kyono Vs (Narukami) Hama



(Rise) Die-Chan Vs (Adachi) Pet




【P4U2】肉屋(ミナヅキ) vs 憂にゃん(りせ) ガチ

(Rise) Unisan Vs (Minazuki) Okusan

part1 http://t.co/ozxiojkZw4

Part2 http://t.co/K6LNh6KPqV

Part3 http://t.co/PHgGUewzwK

Part 4 http://t.co/UOrcbDJzVp


(Rise) Trois Vs (Adachi) Asura


2v2 PSN JP journey

(Rise) Novice Vs (Narukami) Shikki


I will edit the post with the rest of the 2v2 tourney later

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