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[October 18th 2014] - Force Break Monthly #1 (AH3LM, P4U2, UNIEL) Kearny, NJ

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Here we are! Get hype, Tri-State, cause we're bringing the hype to Hudson County, New Jersey with the first ever Force Break Monthly!

Gamer's Edge
498 Kearny Avenue
Kearny, New Jersey 07032

NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED. Gamer's Edge has food and drink available for purchase.

Equipment Needed: We need FULL SETUPS. TVs and PS3s. 7 in total.

This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) event!

Venue Fee = $5
*NOTE:* If you contribute a setup (AND WE USE IT), your Venue Fee gets waived, courtesy of Gamer's Edge Management.

Top 3/8 stream times will be subject to change based on available time.

Speaking of streams: twitch.tv/radioinfluencedotcom is where it's gonna be streamed at!

Payout = 70/20/10


Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!
4pm Start Time
$5 Entry
Double Elimination

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
4:30pm Start Time
$5 Entry
Double Elimination
Boss Mode Characters are Prohibited

Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late
5:30pm Start Time
$5 Entry
Double Elimination
Waldstein Infinite is Prohibited

Please report the result of your matches to me (GetSelious) as soon as they are done. Tournament Brackets will be available on Challonge: http://fbmonthly.challonge.com/

If you will be late to the venue, please call the store: (201) 955-0100 (after 3pm)

Let's make this one a success, and bring your best!


Please follow us on Facebook for more updates for our event. Also check out our event page.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/forcebreaktourneys 


Event Page: www.facebook.com/events/719425908130907/

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ill try my best. its far drive but no verrazano bridge toll is enticing.

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Glad I found this, I'll be coming out for persona.

By the way, I can bring my PS3 with P4U and UNiEL installed, but I don't have a TV/monitor to bring.

It's all good, bruh. I'll bring a spare 19 inch monitor.

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UNIEL & AH3LM did not take place due to lack of interest.

Persona 4 Ultimax Top 8:

1) Grover
2) Justice
3) Umai
4) Sodelic
5) GetSelious
5) HeavyGarbage
7) NavigatorBowman


7) IDontEvenPlayThisGame

BBCP 3v3 Waseda was added last minute. Results:

Team Top Secret Anime (Sodelic, Umai & GreatFernMan) - 2
Team WindexTastesLikeGlassCleaner (HeavyGarbage, Grover & Justice) - 1

1st Set:

Umai vs. HeavyGarbage 1 - 0

Umai  vs. Grover 0 - 1 

Sodelic vs. Grover 1 - 0

Sodelic vs. Justice 1 - 0

2nd Set:

GREATFERNMAN vs. Justice 0 - 1

Umai v. Justice 1 - 0


Umai v. HeavyGarbage 1 - 0

Umai v. Grover 0 - 1

Sodelic v. Grover 1 - 0

Final Set:

Sodelic v. Grover 1 - 0

Sodelic v. HeavyGarbage 1 - 0

Sodelic v. Justice 1 - 0

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