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Adachi Changes for 2.0

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Hey Red, didn't think anyone would ask me about this lol let alone so much so I'm sorry I didn't get back to you for a while. 

- The gunshot changes were really great; there's less advantage on block (as you know I imagine) but they still feel pretty safe to end a blockstring with. As for how the cancels work; you can cancel gunshot into any special including itself but you can only cancel it into itself once. So basically yes, gunshot > gunshot > stance is something you can do. I was doing it to a rise at round 1 a few times. You can also cancel into DP off them (its also important to note that I THINK SB gunshot > DP is a complete blockstring unless IB'd. I could be wrong, but this string actually combos on hit and no one was able to DP when I did it at round 1). 

Other fun things to note about gunshots is you can do them anytime in a combo, 214A > 214A > 236A~A will just work so that's fun. There IS a problem I ran into though; if you have awakening mode and meter for mandala its incredibly easy to accidently cancel into mandala. I honestly haven't worked out a way to prevent that yet lol. 


- Unfotunately the SB tackle > stance > D megidola I'm pretty sure doesn't work, at least I don't think it does. Its funny you mention this cause I was messing around seeing what gimmicky kinda fun I can have. What I did manage to find though was SB tackle > SB stance > megidola D works consistently. A bit of a tight link but I managed to get it. Its up to you on whether or not something like that is worth it, but at least we don't need to one more cancel to have fun with putting megidola in the middle of our combos.


- Evil smile got some nice buffs! For one, magatsu izanagi recovers waaaaay faster which I think makes it less awful in neutral. One of the biggest problems I always had with evil smile in neutral was magatsu took his sweet time to get out of there which left him really open to getting broken and losing a card but now he leaves the screen pretty quickly. Adachi himself also recovers faster, so getting a safejump after a fear setup on certain variations feels pretty loose in timing if your used to playing on the nesica stick. 

Not to mention, SB evil smile also has even faster recovery. Adachi can move incredibly quickly after using it which makes it as silly as it looks to use in a blockstring, especially since it hits crouchers now. Something I like doing is SB Evil smile > Regular throw. Adachi's throw meter gain buff ignores the SP gain cool down from using meter so even if you SB evil smile and THEN throw them you will still gain the meter from that throw. 

Its also great for using after gunshot! I want to thank you way back in the day red for making that mixup video that showed evil smile beats short hop for whatever reason. I was using this in my matches lol. Gunshot > Gunshot is not a complete string so you do have to watch out for short hop, but you can really deter that by mixing up between SB evil smile / stance > 5C / DP cancel / run up 5A and stuff. 


- Since you mentioned DP I'll add some notes about DP I found. The counter hit on it got nerfed yeah, we no longer get the followup but I actually think this is ok cause more or less everyone lost combos off DP ch. Instead what we did get was a guaranteed knockdown in the corner no matter what the hitstate is (non counter hit, counter hit, etc.) and I'm pretty sure we can safejump after the DP hits. I've seen other adachi's do this even to mitsuru DP which is pretty fast startup. Midscreen it throws them to far away to get a meaty or anything, it kinda puts them in neutral but you CAN sneak an SB gunshot in if you want. Either way, I actually prefer this over 1.1's current DP, cause the startup of our DP is so slow I'd very often not get a ch anyways and then they can just airtech any way they want. I prefer the knockdown here. 

Also one last note regarding DP, its a slightly better starter it seems. If you you do it in the corner and heatriser cancel, you get a decent combo. DP(2) > Heatriser B > 2C > hop > J. C > 2B > J. 2C > J. 2D totally works and does about 2.8 k. Since it costs less blue health to, doing a safejump after almost guarantees you'll get your blue health back along with that heatriser buff so its a really nice change I feel. 


- SB smasher got nerfed a little hard I feel unfortunately, its a lot slower so I never hit anyone with it on wake up. I ALMOST hit a rise in neutral with it, its fast enough I feel to where it can beat some things in neutral and it can beat some blockstrings. But I wouldn't rely on it and I didn't manage to do it. Atom Smasher D is still great for anti-super though, it still beats just about any super that gets thrown at you. 

I found out it was a better starter while I was messing around in training mode lol. 5B > 2C linking after is awesome! I need to see to what extent this changes our combo options, cause if its a better starter it should go without saying that it must be a great fatal starter right? With mandala's new emphasis on fear for every knockdown, I wonder what kind of fatal punishes we can get with it. I'll try to look into that next time I go. 


- I'll make one last bit here for other miscellaneous things I noted. 

Some of the patch notes are inaccurate. AoA definately has faster startup, I would actually use this as a mixup tool now, especially in the corner; easy fear setup. Feels on par with Marie's AoA in terms of how fast it is. 

There's a mistake in the 2.0 notes that also mentions J. C inflicts fears on hit with mandala buff. This is unfortunately not true, it only poisons on strike. This made me very sad as I thought this would've easily made up for losing CH slide state. On one hand, something the patch notes neglected to mention was 5C(2) fears in mandala mode so pretty much any confirmation we get in mandala mode gives us a meterless fear knockdown to work with. 

The throw buff is sooooo good. It feels so nice having a throw I can abuse now instead of constantly having to megidola people. This did however come at the cost of megidola getting nerfed. All versions feel like they have slightly longer recovery, especially D version so don't expect to NOT get punished if you get it read. C and SB version still recover relatively quick but they definately both have longer recovery than they do in 1.1 

Also this could all be in my mind but I swear J. C was beating things I wouldn't normally beat, the invul startup I didn't think would effect things too much but it feels like I can wait for people to whiff an air normal and just tag them for free now. I definately like J. C more lol.

2B damage got DEMOLISHED, which saddens me a great deal =/. This is probably the nerf that annoys me the most cause Its almost impossible to break 4K now meterlessly off 2B ch. I didn't think just taking away 200 damage would nerf it this bad, there's definately something more to it. My meterless 4,313 damage corner combo off ch 2B has been reduced to like barely 3.8k. I wouldn't mind that much if our 2B wasn't so risky to throw out compared to most 2B's. 

5D / J. D is a LOT better now. It gives barely any meter so its not such a double edged sword anymore. Its worth using if you earn the space to use it or if they're trying to setup something with a lot of recovery like marie throwing presents or naoto traps, etc. Also its better as an oki since adachi's high/low game has been improved. 

SB heatriser is AMAZING. They made this super air untechable, period. It does not matter how much proration there is on the combo. Gives adachi a very flexible super ender outside of awakening if he has the meter to spare. You can do a really long combo then use it to setup whatever you want next. Hit them with fear or a 5D oki. 



Anyways that's all I've got so far, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask red. 

Edited by VexedPB414
I accidently said that C and SB megidola have more startup, this is not true. All versions of megidola have the same startup as 1.1, I'm just sure that C and SB have slightly more recovery. Neither of them are as bad as D version in recovery though.

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