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[Xrd] King Ky - Q&A/FAQ Thread

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Hello wanted to ask about a certain tech that involves using Big Stun Edge but taking a big (dash) step before doing it.

Its used after DP knock downs to get better frames. howww do u do it.

plus u can get more corner carry with that Dash into DP during greed sever combos




Do 2366+H

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When it comes to combo routes such as these


@ 0:40 and @ 2:38, does anyone have any suggestions on how to land the 5hs to get the wall slide more consistently? I've been trying to figure out the timing for a week, but it seems to be spacing dependent on how close 5d is to the opponent's hurtbox, from what I gathered, but even then I'm not sure that's the case. Was wondering if I could get some tips on that.

And if anyone knows any simpler corner dust combos that work on most, if not, all the medium weight characters. The one @ 2:28 has been giving me a hard time, especially on Johnny. 





Also wondering if anyone has any alternative corner grab combos for Leo and Johnny. Currently doing: grab>c.s>236d>2s>2hs(1)>623h>c.s>236d

But it only does 133, looking for alternative medium execution combo routes for those two.


Thanks once again guys

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