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[Xrd] Sin Video Thread

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2015/8/16 Mikado stream


Kabegiwa no DC(Sin)


Hohiko(Ramlethal), NOB(Sol), Kisshi(Bedman), Nakamura(Millia), Hase(Slayer), K(Sol), Taka(Slayer)

(part 2)

Kabegiwa no DC(Sin)


Takehara(Ramlethal), Chappu(Chipp), Endou(Chipp), Karinchu(Millia), 2rio(I-No)


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XrdR : Mikado 3on3 9/15

Hiroki (Sin) vs Buppunko (Millia)
Hiroki(Sin) vs Keiichi(Venom)
Hiroki (Sin) vs Moga(Slayer)
Hiroki(Sin) vs Jonio(Jhonny)
Hiroki(Sin) vs Sosou?(Ky)

XrdR A-cho 2015/9/21 High Dan Char Showdown

Svampen(Jack-O) vs Kabegiwa no DC(Sin)
U-zen(I-no) vs Kabegiwa no DC(Sin)(1) (2)


Thanks guys for your contribution to the video thread by the way :  Just a heads up, if the info is available and you have the time to do so,  could you present your video posts this way :

Xrd Sign or Xrd Revelator > name of the arcade/online matches/tournament > date

and then put your video in this format

["url=insert link here"] P1(char) vs P2(char)["/url"] and remove all the "


this is not mandatory, of course, it's just to make it easier to keep the first post up-to-date !

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oh btw, i asked mac if he could fix the links on pages 5 & 6 since those weren't updated into the first post and he finished doing so like 2 days ago now the entirety of the thread should be back up and working

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OK linking tons of footage from Mikado Revelator freeplay sessions and others : didn't include the tourneys because timestamping them is annoy... because Rody will upload them xD !
 I probably won't do this all the time, but I'll periodically put some to  provide some  footage of Sin against newcomers !

R Mikado Freeplay 09/26

Sin vs Teresa(Jam)(first round is cut) (2) (3) (4)  (5) (6) (7) (8)
Sin vs Gonzaburou(Faust)(1) (2)  (3)

09/28 MAXIMHERO Karinchu vs the World

Karinchu(Johnny) vs TAD(Sin)

R Mikado Freeplay 09/30

Etarou(Sin) vs Umecha(Jam)(1) (2) (3)
Tarou(Potemkin) vs Etarou(Sin)

 R Mikado Freeplay 10/01

RRLR LLRL(Sin) vs Nyowa (Jack-O)(first round is cut)
Kotake(Sin) vs TORI(Jack-O)(1) (2) (3)(4)
Kotake(Sin) vs Millia(1) (2)

R Mikado Freeplay 10/03
J.T(Sin) vs Mugen(Sol)(1) (2)

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The idea behind this is that you're setting them up in a situation where they have to take a 3-4 way mix-up. The set-up is also kind of hard to reversal out of unless you've been in it before.

Option 1: Throw

-Can't mash out

-back dash/Jump is beat by throw OS

-Can YRC for added punish on back dash/jump (great vs Slayer Back dash cancels)

-Loses to reversal

Option 2: j.H Overhead

-Beats mashing

-Loses back dash (Can be PRC'd to keep on pressure)

-Loses to reversal

Option 3: 2D Low

-Recovers fast enough to catch back dashes (YRC if you want to be sure to catch backdash)

-Can't be mashed/thrown/jumped

-Loses to reversal

Option 4: Hawk Baker

-Must delay the hawk baker to catch buttons or clash with reversals

-Catches jumps 

-Loses to backdashes (Some backdashes have to be delayed or they get caught by hawk baker if done too early)

-RRC Hawk Baker on non CH if you want a big combo




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Sin's usual video batch, I surely forgot some but this should keep you busy already
GGXrd R Mikado/Freeplay tournament 15/11/10
GGXrd R Mikado Freeplay/Tournament 15/11/16
GGxrd R Mikado Freeplay/Tournament 15/11/17
APM Club Sega D-1 tournament
Sega Nakajima D-1 tournament

G(Potemkin) vs Kabegiwa no DC(Sin)

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America represent !

Uploading some footage of a few US players (if players aren't ok with this, please notify me and I will remove the links ASAP) with some Dogura mixed in

 GGXrd NLBC 145 (2015)
A3Religion(Sin) vs DrunkenChicken(Ramlethal)

Defend the North 2015
OnetruNicoMaki(Zato) vs A3Religion(Sin)

 GGxrd NLBC 147 (2015)
Marvisto(Sin) vs True Shine(Potemkin)

GGXrd CEOtaku 2015

Kazunoko(Sol) vs faultydefense(Sin)
faultydefense(Sin) vs ElvenShadow(Faust)
faultydefense(Sin) vs dot_Nova(Potemkin)
faultydefense(Sin) vs Kazunoko(Sol)(LF)
Dogura(Sin) vs Elvenshadow(Faust)
Dogura(Sin) vs Kazunoko(Sol)(WF)
Dogura(Sin) vs Kazunoko(Sol)(GF)



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DC's netplay session ! lots of good players here too !

Xrd Netplay [2016/12/2015]
[2016/12/2015] DC(Sin) vs Slayer

[2016/12/2015]DC(Sin) vs Zato

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