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On 12/12/2016 at 5:21 AM, epikku attaku said:

steam version needs to fix their ranked matches. instead of looking for anything it just says room not find.


You need to do the following:


Go to Ranked Match -> Setings

Change Waiting to "Room" and turn Standby Search "On"


This way, you'll create a room in ranked match and while waiting, it will look for someone to put you up against.

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i'm really disliking what they did with Ouka's crouching Strong. i mean i DO like how she can go back and forth with it now, but considering you now have to hold the button down, you can no longer use her thrusters to escape if they block it to go into other things as a back-up plan and the distance that she can move back isn't enough to get out of range from characters like Ignis and Sabre since it takes a slight amount of time before she actually starts to move back.

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