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[Xrd] Leo Whitefang General Discussion

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Due to surprising circumstances we have been given the opportunity to see Second King Leo in action. Please discuss and speculate here.



-Command Normals:


F. :s: , then :p:

5 :h: , then :p:


Graviert Wurde(Projectile): :b: (charge) :f::s: or :h:

Eisen Sturm(Uppercut): :d: (charge) :u::s: or :h:

Kaltes Gestober Erst: :d::df::f::s:  followed by Zweit( :d::df::f::h: ) and Dritt( :d::db::b::s: )

Kaltes Gestober Zweit: :d::df::f::h:

Siegesparade: In air :d::df::f::h:

Brynhildr Stance: Hold :h:  or :f::h:

Stance Moves:

Kahn Schild: :du:

Kaltes Gestober Dritt: :d::db::b::s:

Blitzschlag: :d::db::b::h:

Cancel: :d: :d:


Stahl Wirbel: In Brynhildr Stance :f::df::d::db::b::f::s:

Leidenschaft Dirigent: :f::df::d::db::b::f::h:

-Instant Kill:

Windrad des Weltraum


Movelist and early impressions from Rsquared: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s447/sh/3e39e8b8-bc62-41ef-ae79-99e662b65109/873cc68c4a2e047a84124cdef7445d17


Finally, please avoid posting illegal footage of Leo I.E. official videos only( unless it's cool with the mods).

And remember: Leo is SUPER Important!

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Ways into Brynhildr Stance beside (hold) HS and 6+(hold)HS:

  • Normal Grab (Automatic)
  • Kaltes Gestober Zweit 236+HS (Automatic, inside and outside of rekka)
  • Siegesparade air 236+HS (Automatic)
  • Leidenschaft Dirigent hcb,f+(hold)HS



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Slightly off-topic but are there PSD templates available for the images used as headers for character threads? I'd like to make one for Leo if possible.


Also if we ever get the green-light for uploading the archived footage from the stream I've got all of it ready to go.



You fools didn't told me anything!! Anyway how is his gameplay?


Gameplay wise he has stance with an overhead/low and a counter that he can mixup off of, the dash in that stance also goes through your opponent as well.


He has a cross-up special (like Oni's slash thing or Wolverines berserker slash) that automatically puts him into the stance, but it's throwable.

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got my friend to test it for me.

looks like leo has 1.00 defense and takes 80% damage at 50% so presumably he has the same guts as pots according to therealbobman's data

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Movelist(Thanks to SoWL):

As much as I'd like to take credit here, all I did was repost pictures I found elsewhere. 

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the 17th color seems to be the best for all characters it's black with shining blue
his gameplay reminds me of sabertooth :) as for his challenges,they are easy compared to others.
if anyone needs anything tested you can contact me and i'll do it for you.

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I fought a Leo online today. I Recorded some of the gameplay. It's on my YouTube (xxOrdiinary). I didn't want to post it here because I saw a post earlier about no posting videos


Not able to find your channel, it shows up as not existing.

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try uploading on video hosting sites not youtube necessarly ; and you're lucky they didn't shutdown your chanel
Can I post links to leo's videos ?

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This kinda thing bothers me why shut down videos and channels of footage of this, they've announced the character so its not spoiling any story or hype building for the release of the character as they have officially shown footage, at this point its free advertising. However I do respect Arcs as a company and don't want this to come off as whiney.


Also Kanom id be interested to have a general idea of how you've obtained the character fully playable im not asking for details or trying to get it. Im just interested if its insider privileges or did you acquire this some other way?

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This kinda thing bothers me why shut down videos and channels of footage of this

Because he was obtained illegally so any video featuring Leo has pirated content. It doesnt matter if you just happen to play someone with the character footage of that is not permitted on youtube or streams.

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Went ahead and made Leo an ACTUAL Wiki page since all he had before was just a few sentences on the Dustloop wiki. (After all, a King only deserves the best. :)  )




Didn't do any of the frames obviously but will update them as time goes on, he's released, and we get more data. Feel free to look over the Wiki page and let me know if anything seems wrong.

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Fought against a Leo player online today. lol My impressions after 4 matches against him and rewatching the replays is that he's somewhat similar to X2 Ky. He seems very one dimensional and it's easy to adapt to his pressure game with a lot of his specials into stances leaving him negative on block. Granted this is day negative whatever Leo but this is just my early impressions of fighting against someone who's new to the character but knew enough to do his more 'advanced' combos. A couple of things to add to the notes posted earlier.


6P - Much like Ky's 6P this is Leo's go to anti-air against certain jump arcs. It's not too bad in block strings since he can jump cancel it. The hitbox is really good on this move and actually hits behind him. Really good to use against people who double jump and try to come straight down on you.

6K - Good range on it and is special cancelable on block. Not sure if he can link or chain anything on hit since the opponent used it as a poking tool.

3D - This looks exactly like Azrael's 3C from BBCP. He does a drop kick that causes a knockdown on hit. He can combo into it with his gatling strings and it feels like there's enough time to go for a meaty HS fireball like Ky. Probably could YRC the fireball after wards and get some sort of mix up.

2S - Leo does a horizontal swing with one of his weapons. The animation and range is very similar to Ky's 2S.

2HS - Leo swings upwards and is probably combo filler and a situational anti-air. It's slow on start up.

2K - This normal looks dumb from an aesthetics perspective but I can't really describe it well. It has good range on it and hits low.

Close 5K - Does a knee to the gut.

Close 5S - Headbutts the opponent.

Far S - He swings with one arm pointing his weapon towards the opponent. The range is mediocre and it looks a bit slow on start up.

j.S - Strangely it looks like a gut punch which is weird for an air normal. Looks like it's strictly combo filler.

j.HS - Leo extends both arms forward pointing his weapons horizontally. It's a pretty good air-to-air tool but a bit slow on start up. The hit box on it is nice though.

j.K - Good horizontal hit box and decent start up but not as active as j.HS. Probably a good reactive air-to-air tool like Ky's j.K but probably not as godlk as Ky's.


Back Throw - He has the option to transition into Brynhildr Stance. Might be possible off of a forward throw as well. 




[4]6S/HS: If Leo is hit after the fireball is out the fireball will immediately disappear. The hitbox on the HS version is pretty good. You can't normal jump over it. 

236S: Safe on block but leaves you pretty negative. You basically cancel into 236HS or RC it because you give your opponent free pressure after wards.

236HS: It's a cross over like MvC3 Wolverine's Berserker Slash but with much slower start up. I was able to up back and avoid it altogether when my opponent tried to do a block string into it but you can definitely Blitz Shield this. It looks like you might be able to link into Brynhildr 5K on hit but not really sure. It's really easy to react to even with 4-6f of online delay and leaves Leo minus on block.

j.236HS: Looks like it should be used as a juggle ender. It automatically brings the opponent down to the ground and does a follow up attack that forces a re-stand on the opponent and puts Leo in Brynhildr stance unless my opponent was holding HS to get into the stance.


Brynhildr Stance Normals:


5K - Hits low

5S - Projects an orange cross. Really good hitbox on this normal.

5D - Creates a huge shield that I guess is a parry but it didn't appear to be active that long. It looks like it leaves Leo in a counter hit state. The opponent used this after finshing a corner combo into j.236HS. He was trying to bait out button mashing but I didn't push any buttons against him immediately so didn't see what the parry looked like. 



632146HS - Is invincible on start up or at least projectile invincible since it went through my Sword deployed normals (Ramlethal).  


I didn't get to see j.P or 5P at all so not sure what it does in neutral and Brynhildr stance.

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