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[Xrd] Chipp vs Elphelt

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  • her S(f) is very dangerous when trying to apply rekka pressure to her - if she instant blocks the first rekka she can for example beat your 2D or even teleport attempt for a counterhit > bridal express knockdown or combo.
  • instant block bridal express whenever you can, elphelts like to do it after a S(f) if they expect a counter hit. You can punish bridal express (depending on the range) after an instant block with your 5P (your fastest normal), 2P or S© into any combo you like.
  • as drBread mentioned below this post, Elphelt wakes up very slowly, so make sure to delay your okizeme or you will get thrown since you will time your j.HS too early.
  • if she times her jump-in (S or HS, not sure which one) very late, it will beat out your 6P, so be careful when trying to last minute anti-air her.
  • since chipp wakes up very slowly, he cannot act between the grenade > rifle shot into grenade explosion unblockable setup like other characters can if they instant block, except if the Elphelt delays the setup somewhat. If the Elphelt player chooses to apply the setup as fast as possible however, you can reversal backdash on wakeup > YRC. This will have the effect that the grenade will fly through you and bounce off the wall, giving you time to jump out. I haven't fullly tested all options and what happens if she delays the setup, but the backdash YRC jump out is a thing.

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This matchup makes me cry.

Ground to Ground - Elphelt feels like Ky on steriods. Her pressure game is very strong and safe if played right. Her Bridal express is +on block with max range, try to grab her if she does it close because she will try to grab you. She has a sneaky 5k like Ky and Jam. Also an overhead and her 2hs gains ground and can be followed up so dont treat it like kys slide. Try to stay low because if she wiffs her HS you can alpha it.

Ground to Air - You can catch her with a well timed 6P or 2HS, but those are both risky on wiff and can be baited with bridal express. If you block bridal, she still has + frames on you and will start her crazy ground game. If you see bridal coming you can airgrab it.

Air to Air - Her air normals just out right stomp you. Her j.S is fast, spammable and has a hurtbox that surrounds her, I cant seem to beat it. Her j.HS is like the j.S but slower with more range. Her j.D has a huge horizontal hurtbox, but has landind recovery. I found if you see her jumping a lot, a good 22K FRC airgrab is your best bet.

Air to Ground - How many champagne bottles does this girl have!! It will beat out anything you drop in with, baiting it is hard too because she can spam it like sols 5k. Just don't jump in unless she is open or during tight oki.

Oki games - her oki is very strong, of you get forced blocking a berry just be patient and watch what she is up to. Once the berry is popped FD her pressure to get distance to jump out. If you try jumping after blocking berry and before it pops, she will probably be coming in with a j.HS to push you back in the corner.

As for your oki, she has very little to no defensive options, which is your only upper hand. But I noticed she wakesup later then most of the cast so you have to delay things like FDC 2k or you'll wiff and be grabbed. Crossups make it hard for her to wakeup super, and she gets owned by corner wall games.

Basically my best strategy so far is always end hitconferms in knockdown so you can get in and pressure on wakeup. Use 22K FRCS often to catch her throwing Berry's, jump spamming, etc. Do not try and beat her straight out in neutral, wait for her to make mistakes or leave herself open.

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