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  1. If you get a Warning, you get penalty point. If you get 3 points, you are automatically temp-banned for a week. 6 points is a 1 month ban. 9 points is a permanent ban. Warnings expire over time (varies depending on the type). Note that this is not the only way to get banned, if the staff considers the events to be extraordinary circumstances, then action may be taken sooner.


  2. Do not post links to any illegal downloads. Do not post links to music, movies, video games, torrents, or anything else. Anything that is on Youtube is okay.


  3. Do not post anything pornographic or otherwise work unsafe unless obviously tagged as NWS (Not Work Safe). Unless a thread contains NWS in the title, please Link (do not embed) any NWS material you happen to post. Do not use Attachments for any offensive material at all, as those get uploaded to the DL server.


  4. Do not post any NSFW (not safe for work) images or use it in your avatar or anything else, period.


  5. Do not troll or otherwise be an asshole. Keep the language clean and don't use derogatory terms that target ethnicity, gender, etc. Shittalking is encouraged in the Match Finder and Event Announcement boards, but don't go overboard!


  6. Please report spam bots and other problem posts when you see them. Don't reply to them please, that can only encourage them to come back.


  7. Do not post referral/affiliate links, period.


  8. Do not try to sell stuff unsolicited here, without permission. Incidental sales may be okay depending on the situation, but don't push your luck. Price gouging will not be tolerated, period.


  9. SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST A QUESTION! Chances are, your question has been answered somewhere before so you don't need to post a repeat post/thread about it. "I was lazy" is not an excuse. Try using Google first as well if your question is less specific to the site.


  10. Do not post image macros. Please. They wore out all of their ability to be funny a long time ago, and generally don't do anything but increase the level of stupidity in a thread. Dustloop is not an internet meme dumping zone so don't use it as one.


  11. Being a giant whiny crybaby or otherwise being insufferable about something stupid will get you banned because frankly, nobody wants to listen to you complain. Likewise goes for being thickheaded or making massive jumps to conclusions about shit.


  12. Don't try to make informed posts about something you are not informed about. That means, if you are a scrub, don't try and suggest strategies unless you've got someone/something serious to back them up. If you haven't even played a game, don't try to comment on it about anything. Questions are fine, spreading bad information or other stupidity is not.


  13. If you are going to start a combo thread, matchup thread, info thread, etc. you are expected to ACTIVELY MAINTAIN IT. Think of it as being a moderator for a very small forum. Before you consider starting such a thread, you should probably either have a steady stream of information about the game (Either be at or actively following loketests, or somesuch.) or be willing to pay close attention to the thread in case someone who does contributes some useful information. While this is obviously not an enforceable guideline per se, it's definitely something you should consider before starting such a thread.


  14. If a moderator is not doing his job properly or disobeying the rules below, you should PM one of the admins or supermods about the situation.


    For Moderators


  15. The Delete function should only be used for ORGANIZATIONAL purposes. If a thread is an informative thread and posts are a hindrance to organization or readability, you are welcome to delete them. In general, do not delete posts in discussion threads unless there is a serious problem (like pornography, links to illegal downloads, etc).


  16. Similar as above, only delete threads if they are a serious problem or are made by Spambots. If a thread is offtopic, you can move it elsewhere. If a thread is done or pointless, you should just lock it and let it go.


  17. If you delete someone's posts/thread, lock a thread, or do other similar actions, make sure the receiving person knows WHY that was done. PM them, or post in the thread, whatever works. Please also always fill in the 'reason' field even if it's just a brief 1 word explanation.


  18. Misinformation is a big problem lately. Stupid posts by stupid players should be corrected at minimum. Players who are repeatedly stupid can have their posts deleted or put up for a ban.


    Super Moderators


  19. Only hard-delete posts that really deserve it, like spam. Posts that are questionable should stay soft-deleted.


  20. Anti-Spam Tools are only to be used on Spambots, PERIOD. NEVER use this on legitimate users, even if you hate them or they deserve it.


  21. Bans are only to be handed out in serious situations and only after discussed with the rest of the mod team. Only exceptions are obvious spambots or any malicious users (people who post viruses, etc).