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  1. Arcana Heart 3 Kickstarter still going strong!

    chrome_2017-07-17_19-43-37.pngArcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!! is halfway through its Kickstarter campaign, and thanks to its passionate fans they've already reached their initial goal of $100,000, and will be porting the game to PC via Steam!

    But, like any good Kickstarter, EXAMU has added some exciting stretch goals in hopes of bringing in more funding, and we need your help to reach them!

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  2. Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late Beginner's Workshop

    With the Japanese release of Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late [uNIEL] imminent this evening (7/24/14) in Japan, there is sure to be a flood of interested players descending on various forums, wikis, and match vids looking for information so that they may better learn and understand the system and facets of this new IP.

    Luckily, the players at Japan's Akihabara Leisureland Arcade in Tokyo, Japan have put together an amazing clinic showcasing the intricacies of the title; breaking down various game systems for the beginner as well as delving into some pretty impressive advanced strategies and offensive/defensive option selects. Hit the jump to get more info as well as to check out the videos!

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  3. Guilty Gear Xrd I-no Tutorial Roundup!

    With Guilty Gear Xrd now available for both Japan as well as North America, plenty of videos and tech have come in for various characters.

    On the tutorial side of things, I-no, a character notorious for being extremely execution heavy and requiring demanding play has been broken down for beginners looking to try her out. Check out these community created I-no tutorials after the jump.

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  4. P4AU Evo Prep: Learning the Shab MU.

    With Evo approaching and a hit squad of Japanese players heading our way, the Persona community has its work cut out for it in the coming months. In order to improve match-up knowledge, I worked with BananaKen to create a quick (or perhaps lengthy?) overview of some of Shadow Labrys's nastiest set-ups and how to escape them.

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  5. Xrd REVELATOR New Character Revealed! 1st Loke Test This Weekend.

    While it's not the Bridget everyone wanted, it's the new character you've received!

  6. UNIEL [st] Chain Shifts to Japanese Arcades 7/23/15!

    Under Night In-birth: EXE Late [st] ( UNIEL [st] ) has been given an arcade release date of July 23rd 2015 by Arc System Works, complete with new introductory trailer and opening theme to accompany the arrival news.

    Check out the teaser video after the break.

  7. GGXrd Weekend Brief: JP 1.10 Loketest, Mr. Biscuits' JP Kamui Battle

    This weekend in the world of Guilty Gear sees the 2nd Loketest of the Xrd 1.10 update going down in Japan. You can find all of the details in the official Arc System Works change list PDF here, if you read Japanese. All new changes in the 2nd loketest are highlighted in red, and reversions have been crossed out. All other changes are carrying over from the 1st loketest. Hit the jump for info on how to find English translations.


  8. Latest Japan Lobby Footage from TSB's Mr. Biscuits

    This past weekend, Mr. Biscuits from TSB/TEC, in conjunction with Mikado's Satou (Satu) held an open Japanese lobby to tease some of the competition coming from Japan to EVO, and how there training has come so far. These are some great sets, so check them out after the break!

  9. Frosty Faustings VII Going Down This Weekend, 1/23-1/24 in Chicago

    The seventh installment of Frosty Faustings is getting set to kick off today at 8pm at The Crowne Plaza Chicago-Northbrook Hotel right outside of Chcago IL. Guilty Gear AC +R will be the first up to bat.

    Plenty of killers from a multitude of games will be congregating to compete tonight, and the competition could not be fiercer, with some of the best the Mid-West, Texas, and West Coast have to offer.

    Hit the jump for more info, including the stream schedule!

  10. BlazBits Indiegogo Campaign - Community Outreach Needed

    The makers that have brought you Guilty Bits and Airdash Academy are already setting their sights on their next endeavor...appropriately titled BlazBits. However, this undertaking will be on a massive scale the likes that Guilty Bits did not see, and will even be tailored to accommodate an international audience. In order to accomplish this, the team is asking for Your help to make this dream a reality.

    Click the jump to learn more about this exciting project.

  11. Blazblue Chrono Phantasma ver 2.0 Change List Videos

    The folks over at Famitsu have partnered with Arc System Works to bring you parts 1-3 of a video highlight series demonstrating the character changes in BBCP 2.0 for:

    1 - [Ragna, Jin, Noel, Rachel, Tao]

    2 - [Tager, Litchi, Arakune, Bang] and

    3 - [Carl, Hakumen, Tsubaki, Hazama]. Check out all of the vids after the jump.

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  12. Study the Past, Gain the Future: Dustloop Revamp Brainstorming

    The community responses to our outreach have been overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact that we need a new thread just for them.

    There is now a General Revamp Brainstorming thread to carry any discussion about the totality of Dustloop and how to improve it. Please drop by and give us your thoughts on how to increase community involvement at Dustloop, encourage discussion, bring in new players, and whatever else you think needs fixing here.

  13. Nage on Blue Bursting and Nervousness

    TENMA0105 translated Nage's thoughts on combating nervousness and utilizing blue burst effectively. He may be talking about GG, but it's good advice for FG players across the board.

  14. JP Player Diaries from EVO translated

    TENMA0105 translated the post-EVO thoughts of Woshigi, Rion, and Nage.

  15. Xrd 1.10 Zato IK Setups & Tension Building

    SnowMonkeySoFunky forwarded a video made by Mark of the Gear detailing Zato IK Setups and tension building.


  16. Blazblue Player Database

    Similar to the one created by ChosenNinja for Guilty Gear, a Blazblue Player Database is now available to help find players for matchup training.
    If you would like to add your player info, please fill out the form here
    The full list of players can be found here

    Read more below.

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  17. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Release Date

    Sega announced the release date for the West: October 6th, 2015.

    If you pre-order you get the OST too.

    Thanks to Bloo561 for the tip.

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  18. Practical Xrd 1.1 Slayer Combos From Pichy

    Pichy also included combo notations in the video description. How convenient!


  19. Streaming GGXX #Reload & Isuka Available on PC

    PC Cloud based gaming service out of Japan GameNow have recently announced that effective 7/9/14; Guilty Gear XX #Reload and Guilty Gear Isuka will be available for purchase and play.

    GameNow runs off of a monthly subscription, and for at the very least these 2 games are set at 450 yen (~$5.00 USD). Check the jump for more info regarding these two nostalgic titles, as well as the cloud based service model!

  20. Nesica x Live Arrives at Round 1 (UPDATED)

    One of the struggles with the AFGC scenes outside of Japan is that due to the focus on arcade releases, other scenes often do not get access to a game until months, if not almost a year after arcade release.

    However, Round 1 Arcade, a large arcade franchise in the United States, has announced that they have Nesica x Live cabinets at their location in Puente Hills, CA.


  21. Bullet Serpentine Assault Setups

    MechaMacGyver has a new BBCPEX video out displaying Bullet's Serpentine Assault Setups.

  22. GGAC+R Chipp Combos and Shenanigans by MTP

    Mad Tea Party has come up with quite the Chipp video showing off his potential with his new tools in +R. Get ready to see Chipp do amazing acrobatic feats like combos into and from shuriken and more alpha blades than you can count!


  23. GunFrame - Xrd Frame Data App for Android - on Google Play & Amazon App Store

    Looking to take your Guilty Gear Xrd frame data on the go? Don't want to sift through a clumsy mobile web browser to access the Japanese & Dustloop Xrd wikis on your mobile phone or tablet?

    Well then, Community Member AnBi2199 (Twitter: @AnBi2199) has developed a mobile app for Android Platforms deftly named: GunFrame.

    All that you need to know is contained after the jump, including a recent update which has added Leo Whitefang to the roster. It should be noted that as of this writing there are no immediate plans to develop the application for iOS platforms. iOS users can only hope that changes with a bit more exposure, including community input and assistance.

    Check out the jump for preview screenshots of the app, as well as a few developer's notes.


  24. Applications of XRD’ Mechanics V2.0

    Let's talk about XRD Mechanics -Update-

  25. The Reality of the "One Frame Jump", and Other Jumping Myths

    Let's take a moment to talk about One Frame Jumps.

    The fact is, what most of us understand One Frame Jumps to be simply isn't the case. Actually, a lot of what we know about the first few frames of jumping is wrong! Here I'll attempt to demonstrate how jumping really works, and how it impacts the game.

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    • thats not exactly true. while i most likely couldn't do it now given how damn rusty i am from not playing in over a year, i could easily (originally) get up into the 8000-10,000 range WITHOUT using her desperation ender. you don't need to use her oki to go into it you can go into it off of her strong since it knocks the opponent away far enough, you can go into it off of her over head since it's knockdown is long enough even if they quick recover, you CAN use a partner assist but i would only do that if i were desperate. i'm not saying that Chizuru's desperation is godly, but i disagree that it's trash. that spot is reserved for Rhiannon. it's merely a desperation that you HAVE to know what your doing or ya its going to be a waste of meter. when i can go into a basic string, then jump forward to keep it going into the corner, overhead them, hit them back into the corner, overhead them again, then slash and dash them 4 times and end with her desperation finisher from mid field i would think that would be worth 3 meter, and thats if i just want to go that route. again, though i realize it's not godly, but even my cousin who's very experienced with games such as BlazBlue, Arcana Hearts, Guilty Gear, UNIEL etc. thinks it's not a bad art in the very least.
    • So was anything announced at Arc Revo? I haven't seen a single article about the event.
    • Nope. Not a big fan of Rev2. Something about all the changes didn't jive with me.
    • I was rewatching Character Introduction #2 (Hazama, Rachel and Weiss) and I've noticed that Hazama uses his step dash and he doesn't have Ouroboros Meter this time around. Also, I've seen somewhere that you can use up to three/four Geoges at once with Rachel. And Weiss... well, the Ice Queen uses Glyphs for movement and projectiles (those circle things you all saw), so yeah, she will be strong These three specifically are the most OP in my opinion... yet.