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Applications of XRD’ Mechanics V2.0

  • Let's talk about XRD Mechanics -Update-

Updated content from community feedback in Red.

Let's start by noting some unique universal changes I have (re)discovered.


No more throw breaks

This rule mitigates the one sided confrontations of awkward misplaced heavy slashes. An awesome update for unique matchups like Bridget vs RoboKy and your patience vs Jam's unthrowable normal. To beat throws you need to counter poke, use throw invulnerability, backdash, jump or use invincibility. There are still loads of options available. A much needed design change IMO.

No more SB canceling air dashes

I believe this only hurts Chipp Okizeme & May shenanigans. Not a big deal with Chipp's new oki tools anyways. Wonder how it may impact Bridget's FD movement options…

Cannot YRC/RC landing recovery frames

Just a weirdo detail I’ve encountered in training mode.

What have you noticed? Here's a wiki link to increase your knowledge base.



By now everyone is becoming comfortable with basic uses of the new Roman Cancel and Blitz Shield systems.

- High risk/High reward scenarios can be relatively safe with YRC. I'm feeling like this enables Slayer/Bedman play. Always out of reach begging for counter hits. Pilebunker counter-hit; Win. Pilebunker whiff; not so bad. Having moves with invincibility be YRC-Locked shows Team Red put some time into design. I don't particularly want a game all about inexpensive low-risk Volcanic Vipers.

- We now have the ability to cancel all grabs for 50 meter. Great news for a few, huge nerf for others. Buri loves it but Johnny is hurting for example. Unfortunate for characters who rely on additional resources to deal damage.



I've been playing this game for about a month and I truly enjoy it. Now that I'm beyond the basic gameplay of my character, I have been spending my time analyzing current match videos. So I would like to continue this by listing unique scenarios, talking about the confrontation and finally linking these timestamps.

- Safejump YRC to punish backdash

The concept is you safe jump for your okizeme and then quickly input a YRC (be between 25-49% meter). If they did a reversal w/ an overdrive or a confrontationals move, you will be in blockstun & the YRC is negated. If they did a reversal w/ an escape option the YRC would activate allowing you enough time to punish their movement. I tried a bit in training mode w/ May and could not find a real strong application. Any good setups for other characters?

-Using YRC to punish big whiffs/burst at midscreen when opponent has >25% meter.

Good application I don’t see come up often.

- OptionSelect a Command Grab w/ a YRC

This technique relies on the fact that you cannot Roman cancel the first few animation frame of a command grab. For each command grab executed, you are required to input a quick RC. If the command grab is success the RC will be neglected. If the command grab is unsuccessful, YRC grants the player an opportunity to react to the situation. The answer is usually an air throw. No footage, but Potemkin can do this too.







- Option Select a grab w/ a normal ghosted. 6HS+Attack~confirm

This technique is not exclusive to XRD. However I do see it under utilize. This is covered in mission mode! I want to take a moment and show people the strength of this tool. The exact details to execute is strictly characters dependent. The concept is based on button priority and normal grabs not having a whiff animation. By inputting 6HS plus any attack button weaker than HS, that 6+unique button will execute during any unsuccessful grab. Now you can ghost-input sequential chains or a special to help you confirm if the 6+ unique attack does connect.

Sol Example: 66, 4P+K, 6K+HS~6P, Confirm. A successful grab is a success. An unsuccessful grab turns into a chain of K, 6P, most likely confirming a ground to air combo in contrast to a whiffed 4HS or 6HS.




- Reacting to opponents Burst w/ a YRC (while you are mid-combo)

Sometimes we have a hard read on the opponent but not much opportunity to call out a burst during our damage routes. (No jump cancel, Reverse chain etc. ) because the YRC restriction is dependent on the opponent state we now have the ability to YRC as soon as the enemy burst. If you are making a hard read you can execute any attack then quickly YRC. For example, most heavy attacks can become burst safe within these new parameters.




- YRC's as offensive momentum

The new cancel system offers a “slow” casted on the opponent. Often times, this tool is strong enough to keep your corner advantage or your momentum going long enough to break the opponents guard. It’s better if you can disjoint an attack, but not necessary.




- YRC Okizeme

YRC has 6 startup frames then 18f of superflash; freeze frames. Immediately after the freeze your opponent is in a “slow” state. By offensively using YRC on the opponents wake up you are moving their reversal window and altering the timing of their wakeup. Yes, they can still reversal wake up, but in application it is very tough and overall unreliable. If the 18f window overlaps their inputs, the execution is super challenging to complete. Also, you can no longer negative edge reversals! It’s better if you can disjoint an attack, but not necessary.





- YRC splitting an air dash to beat Anti-Airs

Because of the 6F stop and the “slow” casted during a YRC you may now be victorious in air to ground confrontations which you would traditionally have lost. The opponents execution may be “eaten” by the stop frames, or the opponents animation will be sooner than expected. This is good for stuffing 6Ps as their upper-body invulnerability may not be on the frame when you interact.





- BlitzShield vs Projectiles to gain Invinc frames

Seems there is a unique property to the Blitz system which provides invincibility frames to the defender. This is useful in a scenario where the blitz blowback does not connect against the opponent . Now we have a unique way to deal w/ disjointed offense, Blitz~Throw. I can foresee this very useful against Eddie & Elphet & Gunflame.

Comment from Circuitous: This is covered in Mission Mode but not in great detail. I think it works like Potemkin’s F.D.B. - if you reflect a projectile, you go into a 22f recovery animation that is fully strike invuln. Not sure on BS frame data but I imagine it’s similar. Enough to get through multi-hitting projectiles like Leo’s.


- New “burst safe” routes after a Roman Cancel

The RC system now includes a duration of slowdown against your opponent. This equates to burst having longer startup frames just after your cancel. Some animations are now burst-safe (after a roman cancel) while in previous iterations of Gear, they were considered ideal spots to burst. May’s contribution is RC, Air Dash… what new routes are for your character?




- OptionSelect offensive YRC's

This is a super strong tool, used for offense routes which include links or long durations between hits. When your meter is between 25-49%, you can execute a YRC on hit/block and it only activates when the opponent burst. This can be starting or late in a combo! Brainstorming about Ky, I can think of (4) routes this is useful. 6K ~YRC Split Ciel ~YRC Greed Sever ~YRC VaporThrust ~YRC. Which spots work well for your characters offense? on block or hit?







- Early meter expense for sweet spot of OS-YRC

This tactic relies on combining the last two examples. starting an offense w/ significant meter, it may be advantageous for you to do an early overdrive (may be burst safe) or RC (may have a burst safe route) to setup your OS-YRC route. Making the entirety of damage dealt much more burst resistant




- Backdash, YRC for Instant Overhead Attacks


- Using YRC to gain Invuln frames from Overdrives

Some Overdrives have invuln frames before the startup animation. It’s possible with Heavenly Pot Buster and Ride the Lightning to YRC them before the startup, granting the invuln frames, but not the meter cost of the Overdrive.

Proof of concept video from VR_Raiden: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vK-oQijE5Q

Big ups to GoldenRody and Neojimbe for the video management, as always, thank you guys!

Big THANK YOU to my friends for the proofreading, //JAIS, AlphaKami, Legendary_Circuitous, Ailerus.

Enjoying this iteration,


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Good Stuff!  FYI though you never could FDC with Chipp during an Airdash, you had to slash-back cancel it.  Should definitely mention OTG Bursts, where you burst and you retain your OTG properties so the opponent can't really get a full punish.  Backdash YRC has other applications, like Chipp can backdash YRC Elphelt's Corner unblockables and jump out.

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- Backdash, YRC for Instant Overhead Attacks

Is this a Millia exclusive tactics? It’s a sweet tool. 

its not, ramlethal can do it too, im pretty sure somebody did a list of which chars could do this trick (iirc like half of them if not more) and which ones could combo out of it; not sure where it is though

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In Circuitous' note on BS invul, it is most definitely not that invincible.  You can not blitz shield multi hitting projectiles, I have tested Ky's CSE and Leos projectile, and both of those are no gos. As well as blitzshielding a Ram sword on wake up and getting hit by her almost simultaneous attack.  

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In Circuitous' note on BS invul, it is most definitely not that invincible.  You can not blitz shield multi hitting projectiles, I have tested Ky's CSE and Leos projectile, and both of those are no gos. As well as blitzshielding a Ram sword on wake up and getting hit by her almost simultaneous attack.  


I've gotten through Leo's S projectile with it. I was at least able to Buster him with it still on my character. Again, not sure on the frame data, but it's a thing.

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I'd love to know the timing for YRC from Overdrive startups... sounds like it could potentially eat a ton of Tension but not???  More info on this please.

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You can also use YRC to OS your retaliation after a successful Blitz Shield, in case your opponent attempts a Blitz Shield Return. Makes for guaranteed damage after a successful Blitz, as long as you have the right amount of meter.

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