BBCF and GGXRD Exhibitions From Japanese Arcades This Weekend!

  • Following last week's exhibition matches, Majinobama is helping bring another set of exhibitions this weekend with English commentary.

    First is a FT7 in GGXrd Revelator featuring top Venom player, Satou 310 (@310_progressive) Vs. a mystery competitor. This exhibition will take place on 4/16/2016 at roughly 5:00 PM JST on with commentary by Majinobama

    Second is a BBCF FT5 double header! These two matches will pit two elite Kantou region players vs top ranked users of the new characters, Izanami and Nine the Phantom! The first will be Dora (Bang) vs Fumi (Nine), with the second match being Ryo (Litchi) vs Shima (Izanami). These matches will be streamed on Sunday afternoon 4/17/2016 at approx 12:10~ PM JST (USA Sat Night!). Stream will be on with commentary by Guymam.

be sure to subscribe to these channels if you haven't already!

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    • There's still a decent sized community for this game and we discuss all sorts of information about it on the discord server here:

      You can also use it to meet up with people to play online either through PSN or Steam.

      See you there!
    • Is anyone still alive here?   Does anyone still play this slow behemoth of a character? o.0
    • I'm from Houston if anyone is up one day
    • Central Hachiouji 29.01.2018 ゴンザレス(NA) vs なのおか(BU) のす(TK) vs 戦争屋(LT) りょーた(ES) vs EGO(TK) 蛸野(SU) vs ばたこ(JI) + R-2(TE) vs ナカシマ(LT) + ナカシマ(LT) vs あぐろ(ES) + あきら(MA) vs まぶかぷ(RE) + ナカシマ(LT) vs カザト(AR) + ばたこ(JI) vs 戦争屋(LT) + 服部(SU) vs からさわ(HK) + りょーた(ES) vs まぶかぷ(RE) + 蛸野(SU) vs EGO(TK) Central Hachiouji 03.02.2018 コレル(IZ) vs ハヤシ(KG) ゴンザレス(NA) vs マリリン(RG) 杉山(VL) vs ハヤシ(KG) + ゴンザレス(NA) vs はむ(RC) + みずき(CR) vs はむ(RC) + みずき(CR) vs 杉山(VL) + ロズト(VL) vs 杉山(VL) Gamechariot 03.02.2018 + GWB216 マイスターvsまち + GWB217 NAKK vs あぼん Central Hachiouji 05.02.2018 + シキ(IN) vs ゴンザレス(NA) + 8C(ES) vs 千尋(HZ) + カザト(AR) vs シキ(IN) + 服部(SU) vs みなづき(PL) + カザト(AR) vs ベンガル(MK) + みずき(CR) vs まぶかぷ(RE) ベンガル(MK) vs バレル(TG) Central Hachiouji 08.02.2018
      23th rank limited
      Intrasquad Central Hachiouji 09.02.2018 Singles Gamechariot 10.02.2018 Gamechariot 11.02.2018 GWB218 カイドーvsまち GWB218ex カイドーvsまち 麦。(KO) VS まち(MK) 麦。(MA) VS まち(MK) Central Hachiouji 12.02.2018 + 蛸野(SU) vs 杉山(VL) + iwasi(Λ) vs tetsu(RG) + tetsu(RG) vs らしる(KG) + ハヤシ(KG) vs 戦争屋(LT) + いなぎ(AM) vs 杉山(VL) + ちろる(KK) vs 蛸野(SU) A-Cho 12.02.2018 177ranbat
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      casuals: Namco Phoedra P&D Sano 10.03.2018 MAXIM HERO 11.03.2018 FPWARれっどトッシー(ハザマ) VS ねぎし(ハクメン) Athena Nipponbashi 11.03.2018 Intrasquad Game Amipara Castle 11.03.2018 Taito Station Mizonokuchi 11.03.2018 <<<BBBR2018 qualifier>>> Athena Nipponbashi 13.03.2018 Yu Magical 14.03.2018 Athena Nipponbashi 15.03.2018 Yu Magical 17.03.2018 Ikebukuro GIGO 19.03.2018 Console vers. CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming 19.02.2018 WF LF GF Poropiccho stream 22.02.2018 JP replays 24.02.2018 CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming 26.02.2018 WF LF GF CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming 05.03.2018 Poropiccho stream 08.03.2018 CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming 12.03.2018 WF LF GF Kao!TV 16.03.2018
    • The Rev 2.10 patch has been out on Steam for a while, and my thoughts on Axl changes  are so far really positive. 2H lost its stagger, but in turn gained special cancel. Normal hit connects to Rensen at all ranges (as long as the second hit connects). On counterhit the the second hit sometimes whiffs (especially on lightweights and jumpers), but that is a small price to pay for a fullscreen low poke that hitconfirms easily into meterless damage + knockdown. And while Rensen is obviously great on hit, it's also good on block, resulting in huge pushback, and the 6H/5D and other special moves can be used for a variety of legit options (as opposed to before where you only had a fifty-fifty between doing nothing for -4 or going for +20F startup overheads) .
      The startup is also now slower, but in ranges where you have to worry about that you should be using 2P in the first place, not to mention it makes frametraps with 3P > 2H and cS > 2H (possibly as late cancel) more effective. There are less gatlings into it than before, but its a fair tradeoff for 2H being so much stronger. 214P now combos on succesful counter, but recovers slightly slower on whiff. Unless you were using this move for taunting to distract the opponent, it's a huge buff, making the reward for a proper reaction or read way better. It's actually really good as an antiair in some situations; it was already good against really strong moves like Chipp jD or Ram sword jH, but now with the combo reward you might want to use it for any kind of antiair situations, though it still requires the opponent to make the first move and good execution to pull the command in time (ie. picking a right antiair for the correct situation is more relevant than before). 2363214H (ie. "Rensen-super") was modified to be punishable more easily (startup of second part was made slower, hitboxes modified) , so using it carelessly is now riskier. The hitbox modifications made it easier to connect more hits in some combos, but on the other hand harder in some combos; in long bomber loops into super finish it was easier to get 1-3 more than before even on light characters, but on Venom the very BnB-ish combo cS > 5H > 2D > 2363214H ´whiffs one hit (ie. the combo has 9 hits instead of the usual 10, though I'm not 100% if that's how it worked on Venom before as well). It might be more useful as a round finisher now, but without heavy labbing it's hard to tell the difference. Overall, these changes made Axl stronger. They weren't anything revolutionary that would turn around bad matchups into good, but were solid buffs for his existing strenghts. Combined with new Rev2 jump normals (which really helped is floaty air game), I think Axl has become much more complete as a character when compared to -Sign- 1.10 and Rev1 times. While there are still characters that you might want to pick for objectively stronger overall properties and toolset while being strong in the long range as well (ie. Johnny), his niche of "strong long range moves + unorthodox complementary tools" feels really fun to use now. Personally, at this point I would rather have fixes for small Axl problems and nerfs for the obvious S-tiers than any new big changes for Axl. The last missing piece that would truly feel great would be the holy Rashousen feint, but honestly the 2H changes were more than enough to satisfy me for now.