BBCF: Naoto and Hibiki Showcase

  • Arc System Works and 4Gamer have published a video where they show off the two new characters Naoto and Hibiki. Even though it's all in Japanese, there's still a lot to be learned about how these characters work.

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    • In P4U the auto-combo system gave everyone a unique normal string (normals that could only be done in the auto-combo and no inputs exist to use them outside of it i.e. Narukami's 5AAA must be preformed by doing 5A > 5AA > 5AAA) that usually consisted of three attacks though some characters have more. Additional light attack inputs would result in a special attack (for Narukami it was his air light Raging Lion special) and after that a super if you had the meter for one (again for Narukami it was light Ziodyne). This auto combo could be used on it's own for those who don't know how to combo, but, unlike the auto-combo system of BB or even the recent Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite, this auto-combo could be used within other combos. Here is an example from P4AU with Narukami, with brackets showing where the auto combo is: (In corner) (Fatal Counter): Heavy Raging Lion > [5A > 5AA > 5AAA > Air Light Raging Lion] > 5A > 5C > 2C > Heavy Raging Lion > Cross Slash. I like the idea that the auto-combo is a tool for players of all skill levels rather than just a crutch for inexperienced players. Also, no walking? Will this hurt footsies and spacing with characters who need micro-adjustment (like my boi Hakumen)? What about characters who can't run in the first place (also like my boi Hakumen)?
    • P4A and CF does have autocombos, however, in CF case, only in Stylish mode
    • Well, UNIEL does have auto-combos, but I haven't played P4A or BB:CF to compare one to another.  How are P4A's and BB's different?  One is not just spamming the same button?
    • AFAIK, I've heard that the game will have autocombos and you don't walk, just dash, apparently (may be wrong about the second one)
    • So is anyone in this forum going to the New York Comic Con? I'm sure we would all like to get some info on the game's mechanics as soon as possible and having someone with experience playing Arc System Works fighters would result in the most accurate analysis of how the game will play. I wonder which game's system mechanics will be most dominant. If I had to guess my money would be on blazblue seeing as it is in the title. I imagine it will use the four button layout of light, medium, heavy, and drive (or its equivalent). Personally, I hope P4A's auto-combo system returns here. It was way better implemented than BB's stylish system IMO. Did UNIEL have something similar?