BBCPE Hitbox Viewer by Dantarion!

  • CDqhcf9.pngDantarion (of SFV hitbox, Kenbot and more) has released a tool that takes all the scripts that makes up character data and converts it into hitboxes. Keep in mind that this is directly from the character scripts themselves, so some data may be hard to read, but the data is all there. He also promises similar data for Xrd-R and P4AU in the future!

User Feedback

Can we get actual data from BBCF yet?  it seem all the data in the wiki frame data are from BBCPEX now

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    • This is extremely usefull! Thanks for the work and the share!
    • Can someone make a Gif of Bedman's 6H?  I wanna see it!
    • i only update, no fork your request is possible. need draw function and increment a variable in endscene
    • The GG World Library is kinda vague about it, look up "Juzo Sano" and you'll see the connection.  Juzo Sano was one of the Japanese Bedman detonated. GGXtra Manga also hints that Mizuha had Gear-like powers too. lol that's not a Gear Mark, it's a Buddhist Mantra for Health and Well-being. THIS is a Gear Seal: You probably won't ever see a Gear Seal on the Japanese because their DNA was altered instead of a full Gear conversion.  Like a Mutation instead of the Gear Cell dubbing process.  The mutation is what made them sick though some adapted to it, like May, others did not. Baiken lost her arm and eye before the mutation happened to her body, so they won't grow back like Gear limbs usually might. Kum had to tune the Japanese to prevent further mutation as that triggered Information Flare chain reactions.