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BlazBlue Central Fiction 2.0 Patch Notes


With the announcement of Jubei, BlazBlue is also officially getting a new patch, which is dubbed Central Fiction 2.0. Much like with Guilty Gear Rev 2, Arc System Works has compiled all of the major changes with every character into a .pdf file located in this link. You might already be aware that this file is entirely in Japanese, so members of the BlazBlue community have banded together to translate these changes all throughout Twitter. The changes have been compiled into a single Google document, which can be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sQpDd_HQRLYoVE5pLHDhvKcUzMjdbJtKajc-mV8J_1U/edit

Special thanks to the following translators:

  • @HiagoXYZ
  • @RideTheIcening
  • @superscience890
  • @kasouinshelter
  • @gookie_monster
  • @vlionmagnusv
  • @vibratingsheep
  • @orochifame96
  • @kikered
  • @iw2ma
  • @onizato_1
  • @greatfernman

Edited by KayEff

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Give Susanoo another low-hitting attack (2A)!

I'm liking the patch, but I wish Guard cancel Overdrives would leave. I also don't like Active Flow activating from just going into Overdrive. There's supposed to be a risk/reward part to using such a resource. 

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8 hours ago, Quinn197 said:

Clicking the link gives me a "Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist" error.

link has been fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Sort of wish we got actual numerical details about each change. A lot of the changes sound really nice, but probably won't mean much if the changes are really small, so the patch notes as written are particularly vague. 

That said, Noel's body invul on 4D from 1F and jump cancel-able 6As on block is super welcome. 

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On 7/23/2017 at 6:05 PM, Arcus Diabolus said:

Sort of wish we got actual numerical details about each change. A lot of the changes sound really nice, but probably won't mean much if the changes are really small, so the patch notes as written are particularly vague. 

That said, Noel's body invul on 4D from 1F and jump cancel-able 6As on block is super welcome. 

Yeah. No idea WHY these changes (or no changes) were made.

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