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BlazBlue Central Fiction Adds Playable Mai Natsume

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    Famitsu has revealed that Mai Natsume, protagonist of BlazBlue spinoff mangas Remix Heart and Variable Heart, has joined BlazBlue Central Fiction's cast of characters as a DLC character.

    More info on Mai, as well as some news about BlazBlue Central Fiction's Network Modes, will revealed in this week's issue of Famitsu releasing this Thursday.

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    • That’s odd, because all other characters have their places of birth listed in their bios. Like Ky’s is France not Illyria, the place he’s currently living in. Why is different for Baiken? Yes, I know the disease was being kept in secret, it was stated very clear in the games. My point is, Japanese are not Gears, they become Gears after the disease kicks in, not before. Saying that Japanese have been Gears from the beginning would contradict a lot of stuff. You said “Baiken's recollection says she watched her family "burn" before her eyes, this jives with Gamma Ray being fired in 2074, and Baiken was a child at the time”. Then why all of Baiken bios say her family was killed during the crusades? Still no concrete evidence that Baiken is 100+
    • For those who missed the events leading up to Japan getting destroyed. Variable X are Japanese who became Antimatter Gears because of Information Flares set off by the Universal Will.
    • Interesting that old 6H had a wide lower hitbox, and yet I somehow managed to hit/crossup jumpers with it. 
    • Her "current" Homeland technically is the Dimensional Colony "Miyabi" (Miyabi is the largest of the Dimensional Colonies created for the refugees, specifically the Japanese during the Crusades.)  According to the information I've been able to gather, there are several Japanese Colonies, with Miyabi as the largest, located in the Himalayan region.  It's never stated how many other colonies there are or where the others are located.  In addition, due to the Japanese "International Treasure" status (which is actual a Racial Quarantine after Japan was destroyed and the Gear mutations were discovered), other people have envied the preferential treatment the Japanese got, though these don't know the truth. The residents of South Africa are Crusades refugees who never received Government Assistance of any kind, so Chipp Zanuff set up his "Eastern Chipp Kingdom" there to get the United Nations to recognize them and send aid. Only certain medical doctors and staff as well as the Conclave knew about the Japanese having Gear-like symptoms, and they kept it under wraps.  Doctor Faust was the first to recently stumble on the coverup when he treated May.  It's not a retcon or a contradiction, just a well-kept secret. Baiken and other Japanese survivors originally lived in Japan, but after Gamma Ray and the "Black Sunrise" events, they migrated to the Colonies sealed by the Zessen to protect them. Justice didn't start her rebellion until other nations began to retaliate against her Gear Plant in America.  From there, she waged her war primarily in Russia and Italy, increasing her army with every Gear Plant she ransacked.