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BlazBlue Central Fiction coming to Europe in Q4 2016

kosmos badgirl
    PQube and Arc System Works are excited to announce that BlazBlue: Central Fiction is coming to Europe for the PS4 and PS3 in Q4 2016.  The official press release can be read below clicking on "Read More...".


Press Release:



PQube and Arc System Works are excited to announce that BlazBlue: Central Fiction is coming to Europe for the PS4 and PS3 in Q4 2016!

BlazBlue Central Fiction serves as the final chapter in the story of Ragna The Bloodedge and will add a brand new 40+ hour chapter in the story, re-worked Arcade Mode, new characters, new gameplay mechanics and rebalancing of the existing cast.

40+ hour story mode – A Brand New Chapter in the Saga. A massive story mode coupled with new modes and mechanics will keep you coming back for more!

30+ Characters – Compelling visual designs and creative combat mechanics dominate this cast of excellent characters.

60+ Stages – New locales and familiar stomping grounds are all rendered in 3D and offer a unique contrast to the intricately hand-drawn 2D fighter sprites.

Glorious 2D visuals – Insanely detailed 2D hand-drawn sprites coupled with astonishing 3D rendered backgrounds create a world unlike anything you’ve seen before!

New game mechanics – Massive Exceed Accel attacks to finish Overdrive mode with a bang, and Active Flow that will encourage aggressive play and increase your offensive power.

New Game Modes – Speed Star Mode and Alliance Mode

Stylish Type – Simplify the control scheme to let new players enter the fight without getting stuck on complicated input commands!

BlazBlue Central Fiction will bring the fight to Europe on PS4 and PS3 in Q4 2016!



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