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BlazBlue Central Fiction Releases on October 6th in Japan

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    The console version of BlazBlue Central Fiction has been confirmed for an October 6th 2016 release in Japan. First print copies include a product code for Es. The limited edition will include a soundtrack, Memorial Book and a new Nendoroid Petit of Noel Vermillion. More details on Es's battle style are expected to revealed in Thursday's issue of Famitsu.

    Source: Famitsu.

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On 6/17/2016 at 2:50 AM, DeXTeR said:

Someone please explain what is Amazon's limited offer?


The offer is just a DLC code for the "My Room" mode, a "Men's Stuffed Toy" set. (Unless that's possibly referring to Platinum's stuffed toy items or plushies.)

Guess we'll find out later.

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Good question, would the japanese release have english menu options, or if i buy it I'm just going to have to hold that for now. I really want the limited edition thou

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