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    • An illustration of Ragna, which will be given to people who'll participate in a "Hina-Matsura Cup" on 3rd March (which is BTW also his Birthday)    
    • Episode 7 is now available: There is also a voting for the next merchandise, until 2nd March:   Last but not least: BlazBlue GIF Line sticker!     
    • Vanguard: Chapter 0 Vanguard Returns In 2016, Vanguard debuted and became an on-going growth of success in providing SoCal with a new event to compete in. Aimed at drawing in new players to break the ice with seasoned players & competition, Vanguard returns on March 4 to level up the local SoCal communities. The first Vanguard will be the precursor to the full-fledged series starting in April, in which details are currently being finalized. We cannot say much at this time but when we reveal what you will be playing for (besides regional bragging rights and prizes), you will be hyped. While Street Fighter V will remain the primary game for Vanguard, we are looking at adding a couple of more games as a test run for future Vanguard events. We are happy to announce that we will be having Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- and Super Street Fighter II Turbo at Vanguard. Our friends at ST Revival will be helping us with ST at the event.   Location Vanguard: Chapter 0 will be hosted at PlayLIVE Nation in Fullerton, CA, located at 581 N Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831, USA   Parking Parking is conveniently located in the same building as PlayLIVE Nation and can be accessed through the Commonwealth entrance, between 85C Bakery and WaBa Grill. When you exit the parking structure, mention that you are with PlayLIVE Nation and you won't have to pay for parking!   Tame the Noms There are several places to eat around PlayLIVE Nation. There are a handful of places in the same building as the venue. For more options, please visit this Google Maps link for an overview.   Schedule (Tentative) 10am: Doors, Registration, and Check-in Opens 11:30am: Registration Cut-off, seeding begins 12pm - 2pm: Pools Wave 1, all games 2pm - 4pm: Pools Wave 2, all games 4pm - 6pm: Semi Finals, all games 6pm - 7pm: Top 4, Game 1 7pm - 8pm: Top 4, Game 2 8pm - 9pm: Top 4, Game 3   Viewing Party We are also looking at having Cen-Cal Standoff on some of the TVs so you don't miss any of the action while competing at Vanguard.   Follow Us Vanguard on Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook:   Read some history about Level Up Please read this great article by Craig Alphonse:
    • Ive been wanting to check that out as and a friend. That must mean you are close to us ...were trying to find more offline community peeps to play with :<
    • Kinda late to the party, but recently had the chance to watch this. Unfortunately, I don't know the players by their names (forgive me) but any match with the Hilda player & the Yuzuriha player were a joy to watch. Their matches in general were always tactful (certainly the Yuzu ones), so I actually found myself rooting for both players (but mostly Yuzu haha). It goes without saying that some of the other matches were equally great. In particular the Nanase player vs the Vatista match. A lot of respect going on there! Blue & Red Waldstein man fell short. Wish there were more Mika players! ...But I still have trouble appreciating Hilda as a character though. She`s incredibly 50/50 with her moves, as the player has displayed, & also has access to gimmick wakeups. Mind you, it seemed like some people didn`t quite know how to deal with it, & seeing him skillfully pull off everything still put a smile on my face ohohoho-   Hey, thanks for sharing man. Definitely some good matches in here, if anybody else is curious. Alright back to Nioh!