Nine the Phantom Overview from Famitsu


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    • thats not exactly true. while i most likely couldn't do it now given how damn rusty i am from not playing in over a year, i could easily (originally) get up into the 8000-10,000 range WITHOUT using her desperation ender. you don't need to use her oki to go into it you can go into it off of her strong since it knocks the opponent away far enough, you can go into it off of her over head since it's knockdown is long enough even if they quick recover, you CAN use a partner assist but i would only do that if i were desperate. i'm not saying that Chizuru's desperation is godly, but i disagree that it's trash. that spot is reserved for Rhiannon. it's merely a desperation that you HAVE to know what your doing or ya its going to be a waste of meter. when i can go into a basic string, then jump forward to keep it going into the corner, overhead them, hit them back into the corner, overhead them again, then slash and dash them 4 times and end with her desperation finisher from mid field i would think that would be worth 3 meter, and thats if i just want to go that route. again, though i realize it's not godly, but even my cousin who's very experienced with games such as BlazBlue, Arcana Hearts, Guilty Gear, UNIEL etc. thinks it's not a bad art in the very least.
    • So was anything announced at Arc Revo? I haven't seen a single article about the event.
    • Nope. Not a big fan of Rev2. Something about all the changes didn't jive with me.
    • I was rewatching Character Introduction #2 (Hazama, Rachel and Weiss) and I've noticed that Hazama uses his step dash and he doesn't have Ouroboros Meter this time around. Also, I've seen somewhere that you can use up to three/four Geoges at once with Rachel. And Weiss... well, the Ice Queen uses Glyphs for movement and projectiles (those circle things you all saw), so yeah, she will be strong These three specifically are the most OP in my opinion... yet.