Nine the Phantom Overview from Famitsu


Keep in mind that Nine releases December 3 in japan, so expect a glut of first day impressions very soon!

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    • At the rate Arc has been going last couple of releases; a PC port release within a reasonable amount of time of the console release may not be so ridiculous.
    • Let's put it this way, I've been playing GG long before Roman Cancels were even INVENTED (GGX only had Red RCs back in the day and people were cool with that because of FD Cancels)! If there were something I liked the most about Guilty Gear, it'd be the Gears themselves.  The monsters are the real stars of the show, not the WAIFUS! Up to GGXrd, Sol really held back the 'monster' that was inside him, and now we finally get to see him for what he is. Justice in GG1 was a beast, Testament lived up to being a grim reaper LONG AFTER in to Accent Core, and his multi-hit normal attacks were nerfed and he was STILL STRONG. GGXX introduced Slayer and Zappa, iconic in their own ways, Isuka showed us A.B.A. and Leopaldon, and the spinoffs Judgement and Gig. GG2 Introduced a different 'kind' of Beast in Izuna, Paradigm, and Valentine, all three of which have made their mark on fans whether you remembered GG2 or not.  If it weren't for the first Valentine, we wouldn't have experienced the Heart wringers that came from Ramlethal and Elphelt's stories. Finally GGXrd.  It proves that even Humans can be monsters like Bedman and Ariels. No matter how hard you try to make me choose, I'll be adamant in saying I liked each and every game (even and especially Isuka, as I loved 4 on 4, I'd love an Isuka Mode or even Boost Mode to return, Bemups are great!).
    • ASW never got PC peeps hopes up. It was just Gematsu jumping the gun.
    • Unfortunately, this is not true for PC. PC will not be coming out same day as PS4/PS3. They said unknown release date at this time. Same article has confirmed this. I have a feeling best case scenario it's coming to PC same time as the US version for console or it's going to be delayed for a month from the US version. Sigh, Arc System Works. Getting PC peeps hopes up. Hopefully it's just a small wait.
    • Are the combo number sprites in any of these packs? Odd question but I'm needing numbers in that specific font for a project.